Web Essentials 2012


Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers.

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by Callander | June 26 2013

CSS and javascript bundle feature is so simple, yet so great.

by mhasling | June 21 2013

by sjnaughton | June 20 2013

Love it can't live without it now

by LEllingsen | June 18 2013

Most valuable extension I have for VS2012. Excellent additions for CSS, HTML and JavaScript, as well as LESS and TypeScript

by KatarzynaBP | June 05 2013

Pointless...wanted to check reviews to decide if I want to install it, but you need to leave review first to view other reviews!!!

by Jacco M | May 18 2013

Great tool. Esspecialy Less support! Thanks!

by D. Chatterjee | May 17 2013

I try to download this but an error shows "The extension manifest is Invalid"

by Fduch | May 14 2013

This "thing" pollutes the context menu for the non-web projects by adding a top menu item where the "Build" item used to be.

Why do some developers think that their shiny gizmo needs to jump at the user at every click?


by christensen.rob | May 10 2013

Love this extension!

by Allco | May 07 2013

GREAT, simplesmente, GREAT!!!!!

by EdSF1 | May 01 2013

Pretty awesome! Particularly cool with TypeScript!

by casper_wilkes | April 21 2013

Love this extension!

by Sebastian Hösl | April 18 2013

Absolutely essential for web-development in Visual Studio!

by WPCoder | April 07 2013

Unfortunately, it causes crashes nearly every time I start to debug the web project. I've tried the latest version and have the latest update to VS 2012. (When this is installed, can't debug, and VS2012 crashes, when it's not, everything works smoothly).

by Marcel Raad | April 05 2013

by GlobeCoder | March 31 2013

In theory this plugin would easily earn 5 stars, but it seems there are some issues with the js bundle plugin/minifier and JSHint.
Two things:
1.) The minified version doesn't seem to work all the time (I mean it might be something I could fix if I would "optimize" the JS code a bit more, but for small web project I just want something that works out of the box). One thing it "broke", e.g. was the jQuery plugin jTruncate.
2.) While it seem to compress better than YUI, Google Closure Compiler seems to make a better job even with the Simple optimzations. So maybe Web Essentials could use GCC and allow a new preference, something like "advanced=true" to achieve even better minification.
3.) And possibly the most important thing: JSHint should become more customizable. E.g. there is this other VS Extension JSLint that imo does a much better job (though I don't really want another VS extension installed): You can set your custom namespaces, it is possible to check a single file on save (much better than checking all files on build, which can get really annoying if you work on big JS projects).
Anyway, thanks for this quite helpful extension and up the good work.

by Altuğ Duygulu | March 27 2013

Good extension. Thanks.

by Lyamine | March 14 2013

so nice

by RichardKeller | March 08 2013

Very useful extension!
It helps productivity a lot and turn viable to use LESS in Visual Studio.
I'm looking forward for sass full integration too.

by Anita Malmö | March 07 2013

I've installed Web Essentials 2012 and Web Tools 2012.2 Update.

In my VS2k12, I don't see Web Essentials as in this picture

What gives? Can anybody advise?

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  • Minify CSS
    1 Posts | Last post Tue 12:48 PM
    • On CSS minify, should there be an option to remove empty selectors?
  • Less compiling after Publish???
    1 Posts | Last post September 10, 2014
    • So, after clicking one-click publishing, I see this in my output put window in VS2012: 
      ========== Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 1 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
      ========== Publish: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========
      9/10/2014 3:15:40 PM: ImportMixins.less compiled
      9/10/2014 3:15:40 PM: rs-ui-tabs-from-bulleted-list.less compiled
      9/10/2014 3:15:40 PM: ImportVariables.less compiled
      9/10/2014 3:15:40 PM: variables.less compiled
      9/10/2014 3:15:40 PM: rs-custom-controls.less compiled
      This appears to me to be compiling LESS files after publishing my site.
      Is there a way to ensure compilation before publishing other than doing a manual build prior to hitting publish?
  • SCSS: unparsable compilation error:
    2 Posts | Last post July 31, 2014
    •  SCSS: Compiling style.scss
       SCSS: unparsable compilation error: 
      but no indication of the line # in the file. any help?
    • I am having this issue now as well. I have one site.scss file that imports various other partials. It was working fine until a few days ago when (seemingly) at random they started failing to compile on save. Now the partials require the other partials to be imported into them before they will compile. I've triple-checked my @import flow and it is perfect! Sassmeister and other compilers have no issue.
      Specifically, I get the "unparsable compilation error" as well as meaningless "(X)101" errors in the Error List. No line numbers or suggestions to be found.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • V2.2.7 fails to install on VS2013wU2
    1 Posts | Last post July 23, 2014
    • Complains that this version of product is not supported... 
  • Web Essentials context menu on .js files
    1 Posts | Last post June 19, 2014
    • Why is it when I right click some statndard js files, in the web essentials context menu everything but "Run JSHint" and "Run JSCS" is grayed out and cannot be used?
  • Create Image Sprite
    2 Posts | Last post June 19, 2014
    • Hello,
      I just installed this extension looking for this awesome functionality. Unfortunately, I can not create a image sprite from my images. The option directly does not appears at context menu. I don't know how to enable it. Am I forgetting any step after installing the extension?
      I am working with VS Professional 2012 (Update 4), and ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools 2013.1.
      Thank you so much for your time and efforts!
    • Hi again,
      After tweeting about this to Mads Kristensen, he has responded that the functionality I am looking for, is only available in WE2012.
  • Javascript Minifier
    1 Posts | Last post June 10, 2014
    • First off, great tool you are providing.  Have made my network footprint as small as possible.
      First problem i noticed was that when i enabled JS Minification, the *.map files were getting 404 responses.  After review of the *.min.js file i noticed that the Mapping URL line did not include the folder directory they were located.
      //# sourceMappingURL=app.utility.min.js.map
      Had to add the folder to the 'sourceMappingURL' in order to not get the 404:
      //# sourceMappingURL=Scripts/app.events.min.js.map
      Not sure if its possible but might be well worth looking into it for 2013, if not 2012 update.
  • JSHint options not working
    1 Posts | Last post June 03, 2014
    • I am using VS2012 and web essentials 3.7.  I can't get the jshint options at the start of a file to work.  Example:
      /* jshint jquery:true, sub:true, eqeqeq:false */
      var something;
      function X() {
          something = "cheese";
          if (something == "cheese") {
              return false;
      I get a JSHint warning in my window about the double equals, even though eqeqeq is false.  Pasting this into the online jshint validator works fine.
  • Toggle Razor Syntax
    2 Posts | Last post May 19, 2014
    • Toggling Razor syntax would be beneficial for designers. Designers can hide Razor syntax and developers can show syntax. 
      If Razor syntax is hidden the site can still compile and display.
    • I was thinking this being a Web Essential new tool. A toggle button within Visual Studio.
  • How do you transpile .coffee to .js?
    1 Posts | Last post May 16, 2014
    • I have a .coffee file and I save but I don't see the .js compiled window nor are any .js files created?
      When I compile the solution I see these:
      5/16/2014 2:55:52 PM: Compiling CoffeeScript...
      5/16/2014 2:55:52 PM: Compiling CoffeeScript...
      but NO .js files are created.  Where do I look?  How do I get it to actually WRITE the files to the filesystem?
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