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Powerful Visual Studio code editor visualizer (C#, VB, C++)

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by JeremyTang | December 14 2011

Hi Michael, great job with the tool - I have tried many alternatives and nothing compares.

My problem that I'm currently facing is related to performance issues. I have fairly large files, which necessitates the code map in the first place. However, I'm finding that I have to wait for it to literally freeze as I'm typing. Cutting and pasting large sections of code is problematic. I'm using this tool in conjunction with CodeRush. Perhaps there's a competing threads for the same resource? I find when I disable Code Map, it's fast and responsive again.

My question is, are there any settings that will improve performance?

** UPDATE - I found that disabling the highlight code addon part has increased performance significantly (again this is with using CodeRush).

** UPDATE 2 - last update on Dec 3rd, I believe has a memory leak (probably resource related), as now I'm consistently having windows complain that VStudio is low on memory.

*** UPDATE 3 - Looks good Michael, no problems so far!

by 晓钧 | December 11 2011


by Salarian | December 09 2011

by VacheVolante | December 04 2011

Good job! :)

by 40sEngineer | December 04 2011

So frustrating, recent updates introduce more crashes than it's worth.
Please do more testing before releasing!

Michael Kiss [AxTools] December 04 2011
| Edit |

I'd appreciate more details on this if possible please. If you can contact me (mikeATaxtoolsDOTcom) that would be the best way to do it. Thank you.

by Anousha.m | December 02 2011

great plugin! I fell in love with it using the trial version. I use it in combination with Re-sharper! Great tool for navigation! Great customer service as well!

by dotNetDR_ | November 23 2011

Can I using like that
VB Language
Function Foo() As Integer
' #Region "Name"
' { some code }
' #End
End Function

Sub Foo()
' #Region "Name"
' { some code }
' #End
End Sub

In VB.NET Function & Sub ??
Can you help me?Support It?


by SkyHawkTech | November 22 2011

by Santhosh Sivarajan- | November 08 2011

Good job!

by Daniel Cheida | November 06 2011

by Steef-Jan Wiggers | November 03 2011

by Aidiakapi | November 02 2011

It's a great extension that severely speeds up my development, especially when working with code from others.

There are downsides though:
- The performance. You might look into speeding up the scanning, perhaps caching stuff. I dunno how you're doing it now, but it can definitely go a lot faster with some extra optimization. Large files are a nightmare.
- Bit glitchy, for example, I don't have the VS10x tab at the top of visual studio anymore xD, it just one day disappeared. And sometimes it gets out of sync (especially with collapsing).
- Price, even though it's not necessarily too expensive, it might just be out of budget for some people. Sadly this includes me too.

And let's end this review with some upsides:
- The user interface is simply the best! People here have mentioned alternatives, but imho none can match this UI. Their parsers might be faster, their UI stinks compared to this.
- Recognize structure quickly! I don't know about your screen, but my little screen mostly won't even show me 2 or 3 complete methods, so it's kinda difficult to get a good overview of the structure of projects. This visualizer then makes it easier to see what is related and what isn't.

by SungMin Yun | November 02 2011

i want to make two thing

first. bookmark always closed when first time open source and then click and open
if this program have that option plz. tell me about
i want to always open bookmark when first time open source

Two. Region in Region can't remember color label
#region OutSide
public void YesIts_Good() { }
#region Inside
public void ItCantRemember_ColorLabel(){} <--------------------

that mathod can't remember color label state when close and reopen

Michael Kiss [AxTools] November 08 2011
| Edit |

Thank you for taking the time to detail these issues, I will have a look!

UPDATE: Both issues solved as per version 2.38.

by Morten Mertner | October 28 2011

This is a fabulous extension and well worthy of 5 stars. It's quite slow on larger files, so I've disabled it for files with more than 2000 lines, which fortunately is an option.

This extension now costs $40. That probably makes it a pass for people that have R# (as it has a similar window, albeit less elegant), but other people should still seriously consider it.

by Saâd HAFFAR | October 09 2011

It helps me !! Thanks

by Kat M | October 08 2011

I am still having issues with Visual Studio restarting when using the Code Map and the intellisense launches. This issue appeared to have been fixed in comments a while back, but I am still having the problem and I do have the latest installed. I just got a new hard drive and had the issue on both the old and the new hard drive. I am using Visual Studio 2010, vb, and the only other extensions I use are Enterprise Library 5, Productivity Power Tools, Visual Studio Color Theme Editor and the VS10x Method Block Highlighter. I have disabled everything else and it only happens when I enable the Code Map. Any ideas?

Michael Kiss [AxTools] October 31 2011
| Edit |

Hi, please contact me by email (supportATaxtoolsDOTcom) and I will send you a test build.

[Edit] Oct 31: Please confirm you experience the same problems with version 2.36.

by Dave Rathbone | October 07 2011

Good idea poor from a crash point of view.
If you detach page to work on another monitor watch out it will crash!
Also on a large program your PC is reduced to a snail!

Now with crash when you come to edit any line ver 2.33

David Rathbone

Michael Kiss [AxTools] November 08 2011
| Edit |

Oct 9: Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce any of these two crashes, i.e. when detaching a code window to another monitor - tested in a dual monitor system, and when editing any line (!).

If anybody else experiences any of these problems, please be so kind and contact me (supportATaxtoolsDOTcom). Thank you!

[Edit] Nov 8: Still waiting for others to confirm these eventual issues...

by Shahin Pirooz | October 05 2011

Great tool? Slows down launch and file opens a bit, but well worth it. Should have been part of VS to start MS!

by gordonml | September 30 2011

A reasonably useful tool which makes it easy to navigate my code. I'm just a (poor) student right now so I don't have the money to buy a license, so for that reason I'll be uninstalling it. You have every right to charge for a tool which you have spent over a year developing. I'd be inclined to agree however that the license is a little costly for the functionality, but people must be paying it or you'd lower it. Thanks for the good times anyway ;) (Rating reflects value for money)

by Jan Lindell | September 27 2011

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