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The famous Visual Studio code editor visualizer (C#, VB, C++)

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by adentum | January 17 2012

Love the latest tooltip addition, definitely deserves a 5 now. It would've gotten a 6 if it were free though.
On my notebook I have it docked right and on autohide and I quickly bring it into view with Ctrl+Shift+X for an overview of the code. Can't wait to do the same for bad old javascript

by Tcomsn | January 12 2012

better if it's free but is a good work anyway. keep going!

by TejasJ | January 10 2012

Very nice...

by wvd_vegt | December 28 2011

Just GREAT (got no other words for it)!

by Bickus | December 28 2011

Updating to 2.43 version on VS2010 caused VS error on menus opening, button presses:
System.Windows.Documents.Hyperlink is not a Visual or Visual3D

Had to run in safemode and uninstall codemap.

It's good that you add new functions, but overall quality gets lower and lower. Please freeze new features and make codemap stable, not alpha.

UPD: Thank you for response and sorry for a little aggressive comment.

Michael Kiss [AxTools] December 28 2011
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My pleasure :-)

by ikzh | December 25 2011


安装过程一切都顺利,但是我无法代开.vb 文件了,每当我双击.vb文件,就会有一个msgbox告诉我:"没有用于'.....form1.vb'的编辑器,确保已安装文件类型(.vb)的应用程序"
我尝试了 devenv /resetuserdata (重置用户数据) ,禁用插件等方法,可是仍然不奏效.

Michael Kiss [AxTools] December 28 2011
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Used google translate to try and understand your message. The problem you accuse is not related to Code Map.

by Medroidfan | December 22 2011

Had the same error as well:
System.Windows.Documents.Hyperlink is not a Visual or Visual3D
BUt after two restarts of VS it worked again.

Anyway I'm sad that this extension is not free anymore. So I will look for an alternative...

Michael Kiss [AxTools] December 22 2011
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When did it happen? What was the dialog caption (i.e. was CodeMap complaining, or VS)? Any stack trace in the message? Being interested in a product is something more than just downloading it for free.

*UPDATE: Seems to be a VS / .NET Fwk issue when the last selected item was a hyperlink (like the "Visit" and "Close" hyperlinks in the "What's new" baloon). Anyway, workaround found, update coming soon.

**UPDATE 2: Version 2.44 available with the problem fixed.

by JeremyTang | December 14 2011

Hi Michael, great job with the tool - I have tried many alternatives and nothing compares.

My problem that I'm currently facing is related to performance issues. I have fairly large files, which necessitates the code map in the first place. However, I'm finding that I have to wait for it to literally freeze as I'm typing. Cutting and pasting large sections of code is problematic. I'm using this tool in conjunction with CodeRush. Perhaps there's a competing threads for the same resource? I find when I disable Code Map, it's fast and responsive again.

My question is, are there any settings that will improve performance?

** UPDATE - I found that disabling the highlight code addon part has increased performance significantly (again this is with using CodeRush).

** UPDATE 2 - last update on Dec 3rd, I believe has a memory leak (probably resource related), as now I'm consistently having windows complain that VStudio is low on memory.

*** UPDATE 3 - Looks good Michael, no problems so far!

by 晓钧 | December 11 2011


by Salarian | December 09 2011

by VacheVolante | December 04 2011

Good job! :)

by 40sEngineer | December 04 2011

So frustrating, recent updates introduce more crashes than it's worth.
Please do more testing before releasing!

Michael Kiss [AxTools] December 04 2011
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I'd appreciate more details on this if possible please. If you can contact me (mikeATaxtoolsDOTcom) that would be the best way to do it. Thank you.

by Anousha.m | December 02 2011

great plugin! I fell in love with it using the trial version. I use it in combination with Re-sharper! Great tool for navigation! Great customer service as well!

by dotNetDR_ | November 23 2011

Can I using like that
VB Language
Function Foo() As Integer
' #Region "Name"
' { some code }
' #End
End Function

Sub Foo()
' #Region "Name"
' { some code }
' #End
End Sub

In VB.NET Function & Sub ??
Can you help me?Support It?


by SkyHawkTech | November 22 2011

by Santhosh Sivarajan- | November 08 2011

Good job!

by Daniel Cheida | November 06 2011

by Steef-Jan Wiggers | November 03 2011

by Aidiakapi | November 02 2011

It's a great extension that severely speeds up my development, especially when working with code from others.

There are downsides though:
- The performance. You might look into speeding up the scanning, perhaps caching stuff. I dunno how you're doing it now, but it can definitely go a lot faster with some extra optimization. Large files are a nightmare.
- Bit glitchy, for example, I don't have the VS10x tab at the top of visual studio anymore xD, it just one day disappeared. And sometimes it gets out of sync (especially with collapsing).
- Price, even though it's not necessarily too expensive, it might just be out of budget for some people. Sadly this includes me too.

And let's end this review with some upsides:
- The user interface is simply the best! People here have mentioned alternatives, but imho none can match this UI. Their parsers might be faster, their UI stinks compared to this.
- Recognize structure quickly! I don't know about your screen, but my little screen mostly won't even show me 2 or 3 complete methods, so it's kinda difficult to get a good overview of the structure of projects. This visualizer then makes it easier to see what is related and what isn't.

by SungMin Yun | November 02 2011

i want to make two thing

first. bookmark always closed when first time open source and then click and open
if this program have that option plz. tell me about
i want to always open bookmark when first time open source

Two. Region in Region can't remember color label
#region OutSide
public void YesIts_Good() { }
#region Inside
public void ItCantRemember_ColorLabel(){} <--------------------

that mathod can't remember color label state when close and reopen

Michael Kiss [AxTools] November 08 2011
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Thank you for taking the time to detail these issues, I will have a look!

UPDATE: Both issues solved as per version 2.38.

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