Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity

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Write and debug your Unity 3D games inside Microsoft Visual Studio.

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by ollydbg | Sun 5:14 AM

vs tools for unity is pretty good.But there is a Bug:
with vs tools for unity,asynchronous socket callbacks do not work.
please fix this bug.
it waste me a lot of time.

Sebastien Lebreton at 9:25 AM
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Yes it is a bug on Unity3D side (so that you should also reproduce your issue with MonoDevelop). Hopefully this is now fixed, you just have to wait for their fixed release.

Check this:

by Freddedonna | Wed 9:16 PM

Didn't have any issues with the extension itself yet, but it reset ALL my VS settings (language, color, etc) upon installation.

Sebastien Lebreton Fri 7:31 AM
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Sounds very strange, we only rebuild extension cache during install.Please Open an issue on Connect so that we can investigate.

by sebi86 | September 11 2014

As already mentioned in previous comments, version 1.9.0 has serious debugging issues. Unity crashes after a changed script is attached to Unity. When can the upcoming version 1.9.1 be expected?

Sebastien Lebreton Fri 7:23 AM
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I do not have an exact date to give, but it should be very soon.

by Ocean68 Studio | September 04 2014

Version 1.9.0 works well with Unity 4.5.2 but it is impossible to debug with Unity 4.5.3
Hopefully get an update soon.

This tool is great!!!

by Dave Voyles - MSFT | August 31 2014

Thank goodness it's finally free!

by thormond | August 27 2014

It has one severe bug: if you do some changes in your code, do Ctrl+S and then press "Attach to Unity" before alt tabbing to Unity first and waiting for the compiler spinner to finish - it will crash the Unity process (very annoying when debugging something in Start() or Awake() since you have to launch debugger before hitting play button), can we expect some fix so it either prevents you from hitting "Attach to Unity" or initiates compilation process and waits for it to finish? (preferably the second option)

Sebastien Lebreton September 15 2014
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This is fixed in the upcoming 1.9.1 release.

by antonov.3d | August 20 2014

Have VS2013 Express and unity4.5.2
upon installing/reinstalling im getting
"VS not found", what i should do?

Sebastien Lebreton August 21 2014
| Edit |

VSTU does not support VS Express edition

by bernieman | August 18 2014

I am changing my rating from 1 to 5. I'm sorry about the rant below. The issue I was having was due to the fact that I had missed a step in the VSTU 1.9 migration. I forgot to import the Visual Studio 2013 tools asset.

My apologies. Hopefully this post may help the next guy who may have missed the same step.

========== original post =============
I followed the steps suggested in description, UnityVS 1.8 to VSTU 1.9 migration.
I removed all .*proj and *.sln files and started Unity after that.

But its does'nt work. Two project keep failing

I also tried using the function Generate project files. No luck.

The visual Studio migration report contains two errors, in both cases the error is :
"The application which this project type is based on was not found."

I'd love to give this product a higher rating since I love the idea of a troublefree seamless integration between Unity and Visual Studio. But that's not the way it looks at the moment.

by tgraupmann | August 12 2014

Unfortunately, after I installed the latest, it made it not possible to open projects in VS 2013 Pro. After uninstalling I could open VS 2013 projects again. The previous UnityVS installers worked fine.

The extension cache seems to take a while for the installer, and it appears to cause instability.

Sebastien Lebreton August 19 2014
| Edit |

We fixed this issue in the upcoming 1.9.1 installer. It seems that the installation failed to recreate the Visual Studio extension cache. We saw this happen if there was a stray devenv.exe process.

Try to do this:
- Make sure that you do not have any Visual Studio instance running
- Properly remove VSTU 2013, using Control Panel, Programs and Features
- Reinstall VSTU 2013

If you still encounter issues, repair your Visual Studio Installation using Control Panel, Programs and Features: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Modify, Repair. Then if you haven't yet upgraded to Update 3, you should try to.


by plonkman | August 11 2014

Good tool.

Works pretty well, although, as another reviewer has mentioned, Unity will hang (not responding) quite a lot when VS is connecting.

I have to add that I'm not particularly happy that I'd bought this just before it went "free" though.

I like this tool, but I have to give it 1 star for the hanging on connection.

Sebastien Lebreton August 19 2014
| Edit |

We fixed a handshake timeout issue between Unity in VSTU in the upcoming 1.9.1 release. It should fix this.


by Trojan.Rn | August 11 2014

it works well on vs2013

by Justin Cho | August 09 2014

It is for VS 2012

by Twilek | August 07 2014

The 1.8.2 is worked, the 1.9.0 not working ..
When i try to attach to unity process the unity still working (not responding) 9 out of 10 times.

Please reopen the 1.8.2 download link.

Nice name, nice icons :) but please switch back the oldest version thanks!

Sebastien Lebreton August 19 2014
| Edit |

We fixed a handshake timeout issue between Unity in VSTU in the upcoming 1.9.1 release. It should fix this.


by Zyxil | August 05 2014

Unity debugging "just works". There are a few bits that don't work as advertised, but nothing that causes any heartache.

by Aevir | August 02 2014

An excellent tool, highly recommended for Unity developers.

by East Ash | August 01 2014


by Wendelin Reich | July 31 2014

Ahh... the intermediate window works!

by ahersee | July 31 2014

This paid for it's self in saved time when it was formally sold as UnityVS, a great buy. Now it's free from Microsoft everyone should give it a go. I develop on a Mac but now run Unity in a virtual machine just so that I can use Visual Studio and this plugin. Absolutely fantastic!

I must spend some time to work out if there's a way to setup the project on a shared drive so I can run Unity native on the Mac and visual studio in the VM.... or hopefully there's a guide somewhere for such a setup.

by Jamie Hales | July 30 2014

Absolutely fantastic, loving the new additions/bugfixes, seems much much more stable now!

by forour | July 30 2014

I have a problem.
UnityVS still generates *.unityproj file. But VSTU doesn't support this proj file.
And VS just reports error about "UnityVS.UnityScript.targets".

If I delete this unityproj file, I can stil use unityvs.
But, UnityVS will generates proj file again, so I must delete this proj file repeatedly.

Please Tell me what to do.

(I'm not english native speaker.)

Sebastien Lebreton July 30 2014
| Edit |


If you are migrating an existing UnityVS 1.8 solution, we recommend that you:

- Delete the UnityVS .sln and .*proj files from the root folder of your Unity project.
- Import the new Visual Studio Tools for Unity package into your Unity project as shown in the documentation.

Your new solution will be automatically generated.

Given your issue, i think your just forgot to reimport the new VSTU package.

Sebastien Lebreton

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  • Breakpoints no longer working in Unity 4.60b17?
    2 Posts | Last post 9:29 AM
    • UnityVS ( worked great with Unity 4.5, but after upgrading to Unity 4.6, breakpoints are no longer working?
      Any idea/suggestion how to resolve this?
      Debugging in VS was one of the features I liked most about UnityVS
    • Upcoming 1.9.1 will work as expected with stable 4.x and 4.6 beta
  • Open file from Unity
    2 Posts | Last post 9:28 AM
    • Slight bug in UnityVS, it's not a showstopper but a tad annoying nonetheless.
      If I create a new script file from Unity (or do anything on the Unity side that forces a recompile), and then double-click to open the file in VS, it will first open the file, then detect that the project has been modified and wants me to reopen it, then afterwards the file I just opened becomes sort of... weird. As if it doesn't think the file is actually part of the solution (making any edits will display the full filepath in the file tab, and sometimes it will constantly show an asterisk in the title even when saving, as if there are unsaved changes to the file).
    • Please Open an issue on Connect so that we can track and investigate this.
  • Connect to Unity from a VM
    4 Posts | Last post Fri 7:40 AM
    • I am attempting a setup that I think is not atypical for Unity developers: connecting the Mac version of Unity (4.5) to Visual Studio Ultimate running in a Parallels virtual machine. I believe people had some success with this configuration using the old SourceTree plugin, but I am not having much luck. Specifically, I can get the plugin to:
      • See my Unity instance
      • Start debugging against my Unity instance (F5, connection bar turns orange)
      However, as soon as I start the game in my Unity editor:
      • Only one or two log statements make it to the Visual Studio console (the exact number is unpredictable)
      • Breakpoints never trigger
      • I usually see multiple thread disconnection messages appear immediately in the console ("The thread 0x[Address] has exited with code 0 (0x0)").
      Note that the plugin does not ever explicitly disconnect from Unity (bar remains orange); practically, though, it appears to lose the connection as soon as the game starts up.
      Could the developer please comment on this? Even a clear statement that this VM setup -- which I know was considered at least experimentally supported by Syntax Tree -- is no longer expected to work would be helpful.  More optimistically though, since this configuration is one that I'm sure many Unity devs with iOS projects would love to use, if there is any way that it can be made to work that would be awesome.
      Thanks very much.
    • +bump.
      I have the same exact issue and configuration. I primarily develop on the Mac for iOS support. If this configuration could be made to work correctly it would be fantastic!
    • I was able to get it to work!
      After trying several different things I found that in Parallels instead of opening the solution from the "Home" network mapped drive I actually used the "Mac Disk" drive which Parallels mounts. This drive is not a mapped network location but instead appears as a physically connected drive. I'm running Windows 7 with Parallels Desktop 10.0.2.
      I don't know why this would make a difference (it certainly doesn't seem to have changed the loaded modules) but it does cause the breakpoints to hit. 
      I will, however, note that for the console logging I also noticed that if the Log statement doesn't change then it will only be recorded once in the VS console. I added a Random.Range(0F,100F) to the log statement and this caused it to be output consistently.
      Hope this helps!
    • We still consider this as an experimental support. We fixed a lot of issues regarding debugger connection and breakpoints binding. We made several tests with Unity 4.5.4 (4.5.x releases contains some important bug fixes about debugging) and all is working as expected with a Mac and the upcoming 1.9.1 release.
  • Default namespace?
    5 Posts | Last post September 12, 2014
    • Is there a way to prevent Unity from clearing the Default namespace field found in the Project Menu -> [ProjectName] Properties...?
    • Looking at the UnityVS.Unity.CSharp.csproj, this keeps getting stripped out.
    • Hi Garth,
      You can interact with how Visual Studio Tools for Unity generates project files by using the Unity style callback ProjectFileGeneration.
      Have a look here:
    • Thanks for the link! For anyone else who finds this message, here's the two lines I added to the link provided by Sebastien.
      XElement namespaceElement = document.Descendants("{}RootNamespace").Single();
      namespaceElement.Value = "TicToc.ProductName";
    • Thanks for the example Garth!
      also place the ProjectFileHook.cs in an "Editor" subdirectory
  • How to get it to support unity4.6
    3 Posts | Last post September 09, 2014
    • It's does't work well with unity4.6 
      warning:    UnityVS.GarenRunV0.8.sln   can't find
      How to get it to support unity4.6
    • I solve the problem by deleting the Library file in the project file as well as the files *.csproj and *.sln
    • This is now fixed in the upcoming 1.9.1. As a workaround, remove UnityAssemblies subfolder in Library, then open the VSTU configuration window, click OK, then regenerate project files.
  • Changelog
    2 Posts | Last post September 09, 2014
    • Can you please post change logs with new versions? 
      Also, how do I determine what version I have installed?
    • The changelog is here :
      You can check your version in Visual Studio, Tools menu, Extensions and updates
  • UnityVS in 4.6beta
    3 Posts | Last post September 09, 2014
    • I used UnityVS in Untiy 4.5 without problems. After upgrading to Unity 4.6b the UnityVS plugin does not generate correctly the visual studio project files. I un-installed UnityVS and re-installed, but same problem. The issue is that the plugin seems to be adding in the .proj a lot of new <None Include> tags, and the problem comes from two of those tags been added as empty:
          <None Include="" />
          <None Include="" />
      Visual studio fails to load the project then, I need to delete these 2 tags manually, but as soon as I close the visual studio, and reopen it via Unity, the tags are added again, and then again I need to manually edit the .proj file to load the project.
    • I solve the problem by deleting the Library file in the project file as well as the files *.csproj and *.sln
    • This is now fixed in the upcoming 1.9.1. As a workaround, remove UnityAssemblies subfolder in Library, then open the VSTU configuration window, click OK, then regenerate project files.
  • New VS instance every time?
    3 Posts | Last post September 09, 2014
    • Am I doing something wrong?  Every time I double click a script in Unity, I get a new instance of VS.  In the past, I thought it used the existing instance?
    • Same problem here - are you using Unity5?
    • I'm using the 4.6b17 release.
  • Unity v5
    1 Posts | Last post August 29, 2014
    • When can we expect support for V5?  Horrible going back to mono :(
  • UnityVS & Parallels
    4 Posts | Last post August 27, 2014
    • Hi,
      I'm running Unity 4.6 Beta on Mac and VS 2013 Pro on a Parallels desktop. I am able to see the Unity console in Visual Studio, I am able to attach VS to the Unity process, but unfortunately my breakpoints are not working. Is this cross-platform setup currently supported? Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated.
    • The issue has been resolved. Thank you.
    • Hi ManBearPig,
      How did you solve the problem? I have exactly the same issue as yours.
    • Hello, i work exactly like you guys and i'm having the same problem, plus Debug.Log only display the first time on VS... can you share how did u resolve this?
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