EF 4.x POCO Entity Generator for C#


A project item to generate a strongly-typed ObjectContext class and persistence ignorant entity classes. Use this template when working with an EF 4.x release.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by jpeng74 | January 31 2013


by Exe.Cute | November 01 2012

by Pedro Scelza Melo | June 26 2012

by Dragan Radovac | April 14 2012

Cool !

by r3drogo | January 29 2012


by Celiker | January 25 2012

Very Nice...

by Tamer Oz | January 02 2012

Good job. Now our dao or domain objects are plain

by abatishchev | December 06 2011

by Santhosh Sivarajan- | November 08 2011

Good job guys!

by Daniel Cheida | November 06 2011

by Esref Durna | July 21 2011

using it.

by andrei15 | July 01 2011

by Santimacnet | May 08 2011


by ah53h53h | May 06 2011

by Pascal Batzli Jr | February 04 2011

by Erling Ervik | January 20 2011

by J. Lucas | December 12 2010

by Monsignor | December 03 2010

by BerekT | November 24 2010

by mattd73uk | September 15 2010

This is brilliant. I was about to write a T4 that did this myself, and stumbled onto this. Course I'm working on the assumption it'll be updated, but is in fact what should be built into EF: developers should have the option of the "heavy" domain classes or POCO classes when generating the EDM. So no issue is big enough for me to give it less than 5 stars.

runxc1's criticism seems to come from not really understanding what the EDM is. The edmx file consists primarily of three XML documents that describe the db, the model, and the mapping between them. This is essential and isn't going anywhere - it is used by the Entity Framework to work out what in the db maps to what in code. What this template does is strip out the painfully polluted domain class definitions that were generated in the edmx.cs file, and replace them with the lovely unpoluted equivalents.

Well done Diego, excellent job. Any idea of when this'll be a a standard option in EF?

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