Concurrency Visualizer for Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft Free

Visualizes execution history and profiles applications

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by JamesPa | April 14 2014

One of the best extensions for Visual Studio, easy to use and super powerful, why on earth this is not part of the package by default, I do not know...

by Szymon Wybranski | January 16 2014

Can't live without it.

by rickmolloy | November 03 2013

by chksr | October 30 2013

This is one of my most-used extensions for each new version - and it is not prominently present in VS2013? A decision I cannot understand.

by Kerem Kat | September 30 2013

It is pretty hard to find out that concurrency visualizer is removed from VS2013 Preview and onwards.

Cosmetic: VS2013 dark theme is almost unusable with black text on dark gray background.

by DanielMoth | July 11 2013

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  • Installation of Concurrency Visualizer Fails in VS2013
    1 Posts | Last post April 17, 2014
    • Hello,
      i want to use the concurrency visualizer in VS2013 Pro.
      The installation of the VSIX fails with the "ArgumentException" out of Range.
      What is going wrong?
      The Visual Studio is running on a virtual machine with win7 enterprise x86.
      The installation with the online-function in VS fails just the same.
      Here is a part of the install-logfile:
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 	Supported Products : 
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 		Microsoft.VisualStudio.Ultimate
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 			Version : [12.0]
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 		Microsoft.VisualStudio.Premium
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 			Version : [12.0]
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 		Microsoft.VisualStudio.Pro
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 			Version : [12.0]
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 	References      : 
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - 
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - Searching for applicable products...
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - Found installed product - Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013
      4/15/2014 9:17:23 AM - System.ArgumentException: Der Wert liegt außerhalb des erwarteten Bereichs.
         bei System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)
         bei Microsoft.VisualStudio.Settings.ExternalSettingsManager.GetScopePaths(String applicationPath, String suffixOrName, String vsVersion, Boolean isLogged, Boolean isForIsolatedApplication)
         bei Microsoft.VisualStudio.Settings.ExternalSettingsManager.CreateForApplication(String applicationPath)
         bei VSIXInstaller.App.GetExtensionManager(SupportedVSSKU sku)
         bei VSIXInstaller.App.GetExtensionManagerForApplicableSKU(SupportedVSSKU supportedSKU, IInstallableExtension installableExtension, List`1 applicableSKUs)
         bei VSIXInstaller.App.InitializeInstall()
         bei System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvoke()
         bei System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
      Thank you for your Help!
  • Where is concvi_standalonecollection ?
    2 Posts | Last post January 17, 2014
    • I want to be able to able to run this on machines without VS but the extension does not have concvi_standalonecollection. 
    • The standalone collection tools are now available here:
  • VS2013 RTM Issue
    2 Posts | Last post October 20, 2013
    • Hi, unfortunately this extension does not load. It fails with the following error:
      SetSite failed for package [Codealike.Client.VisualStudio.CodealikePackage...
      Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.ExtensibilityHosting...
      Any ideas?
    • Damn, I'm so sorry... I posted this Q on the wrong extension! My apologies... please delete.