PdbProject for Visual Studio 2013

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Adds support to convert .pdb files to projects.

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by richard.bailey | January 17 2014

I would love to see option to have directories preserved as project folders. Have a dozen or more files with the same name is confusing. (Like pch header files)

by twilk | November 13 2013

This tool is awesome. I also work on a large project built using makefiles and having IntelliSense greatly improves my productivity. Thanks for the VS2013 version.

by Entrian Solutions - Richie Hindle | November 08 2013

PdbProject is a great idea, and works very well. We have a large portable C/C++ project which is built using our own build system, on Windows and on other platforms. We've always used Visual Studio as our debugger on Windows, and with PdbProject we now also have the Solution tree, F12 etc. as well - fantastic!

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  • Two versions in the gallery
    1 Posts | Last post November 08, 2013
    • I see there are two separate versions of PdbProject here in the Visual Studio Gallery, one for VS 2012 and one for VS 2013.  It would be useful to change their titles to reflect that difference - at first glance, it's not clear what the difference is.  (Or ideally merge them, but I guess you've already considered that! :-) )