Simultaneously edit in more than one location in the editor If you've ever ran into a case where you wanted to quickly change variable names or multiple loop conditions - you can use Multi-Edit to set virtual carets that all behave the same.

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2013, 2012
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by The Schray | September 04 2014

Fantastic and useful extension.

by Jos Balcaen | September 03 2014

by Duane Newman | June 04 2014

Very useful utility that has had regular updates. Thanks!

by Jérémie corpinot | April 23 2014

Hello, thank you very much for this addon,
it's very useful and a must have feature for VS.
I do not understand why every text editor donesn't have it.

by hydrantus | November 30 2013

Comming from sublime editor, this was the most missing feature. But it is still not there.

I am still missing the possibility to create the multiselect by holding ctrl+alt and pressing down/up arrow to create a new caret(s) right below/above my current caret(s).

It is really easy to add and really important to have. Once you get use to this you can't write a code without it :-)

Ala Shiban December 06 2013
| Edit |

Hey Hydrantus, I'd be more than happy to take a pull request :) the code is open sourced

by Yannick Lauzier | November 17 2013

Thank you very much for this extension, I love that! :-)

by huyvq | November 03 2013

great plugin :)
hope it will have multiple selections feature soon!

by mjvh80_ | August 01 2013

Way too buggy to be worth it. Dragging selections causes text to be entered multiple times, sometimes shows up randomly where it is not intended.

by Softlion | July 16 2013

There is a bug when you select a zone (alt+clic) and then delete the zone (DEL key). The zone is deleted, but the first character of each line after the zone is also deleted.

Plz correct it.

Ala Shiban September 10 2013
| Edit |

Just posted an update to the vsix that should fix this

by Geir Sagberg | July 02 2013

Excellent work! Now all I need is support for multiple selection :) Any plans for this?

Ala Shiban July 03 2013
| Edit |

That's something I'd love to see in the extension - Feel like digging into the source and chipping in ;)? (Link is on the Description page)

by Psycho Robotico | May 31 2013

Cool add-in but unfortunately it doesn't seem work for VB code

Ala Shiban June 29 2013
| Edit |

Fixed in 1.5+ Let us know if it works well!

by Alexander Bochkarev | May 08 2013

Very helpful, very... You should improve it to eclipse like refrectoring then it wold be the awesomest extension!

Ala Shiban June 07 2013
| Edit |

Got a video clip somewhere?

by Juan Carlos Ruiz Pacheco | May 03 2013

by Mooscape | April 26 2013

It needs pasting capability added to it to be really perfect.
Apart from that, it is an excellent plugin and it should be made as an integral part of Visual Studio.
Great Job!

Ala Shiban May 16 2013
| Edit |

Pasting is now supported in 1.3+

by Stubbs2000 | April 09 2013

This is just what VS needs as a standard feature. Thanks!

by Vrane | April 01 2013

powerful :)

by DMartin | March 25 2013

Didn't realize how much I used this until I found myself constantly alt-clicking on a new install and constantly being frustrated. This little extension packs a big feature into such a simple action.

Ala Shiban June 07 2013
| Edit |

When do you find yourself using this the most?

by pulver | March 11 2013

This plugin slows my VS so much it is unusable.

The plugin is pretty useless when you can't copy-paste and even select in multi mode.

by Monomachus | March 10 2013

Great plugin.

It's not managing AutoCompletion.
Example when I want to change the class in multiple sentences, and autocomplete shows up, I press Enter, and the change is made only in one place the other locations are not affected.

Ala Shiban March 10 2013
| Edit |

Yes, I'm hoping to find a way to make autocompletion work. I'm looking for the API that updates me about AutoCompletion being triggered.

by vip32 | March 05 2013

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  • alt drag conflict with default behavior
    4 Posts | Last post September 10, 2013
    • when i alt drag over a couple of lines i have the following problem:
      all my actions are executed twice
      this is probably because visual studio supports the same feature.
      Can anyone confirm this bug?
    • I'm also getting the same bug.
    • I just submitted a patch to fix this
    • I just uploaded a new version with Xavier's fixes
  • Installation issue
    1 Posts | Last post August 02, 2013
    • I'm getting a popup: "The extension manifest is invalid."
      windows 7
      VS 2012 Ultimate Update 3
  • Installation Issue
    1 Posts | Last post August 01, 2013
    • VSIX Installer - Error
      "This extension is already installed to all available products"
      Windows 7
      Visual Studio 2012 Pro Update 3
  • Multiple select?
    1 Posts | Last post July 03, 2013
    • First of all, thanks a lot for your great work on this plugin :)
      In Sublime Text, I can hold Ctrl, select multiple texts, and start typing to overwrite all instances at once. 
      1. Is this possible with MultiEditing plugin? If so, how?
      2. If not, any plans to implement this?
      Thanks again for the awesome plugin :)
  • Upgraded to Windows 8 and now JavaScript files aren't working
    13 Posts | Last post June 29, 2013
    • Great tool Ala!
      I've been using it ever since V1.0 and I love it! But now I got a new computer with Windows 8 on it and now for some reason MultiEditing only works in C# files. Have you had anyone else with this problem? 
      I uninstalled all other extensions to see if that was breaking it and I was still seeing the same behavior. 
    • Mmmm, nop - I can ask around and look into why this might be happening. I just open sourced the code, so you can try and debug it:
    • I can confirm the issue.  I am also having issues on file types other than CS.  JS, CSS, VB files don't seem to work.  I doubt this has anything to do with it, but I'm on Windows 7 x64.  I'm using VS 2012.2.
    • Thanks Ala, I'll take a look at the source and try to figure out what's wrong. If I can find it and fix it, I'll make a pull request.
    • Thanks John! That'll be awesome
    • So a friend of mine had version 1.2 installed and after upgrading to 1.3 the extension stopped working in all files except for C#. So that is the most likely culprit right now.
      I downloaded the source and through the debugger I saw that on the C# text editor was getting the left mouse click events. The other files were however receiving the other commands correctly.
      TBH I'm not 100% sure how the Exec function ties into the text editors events. It seems like everything gets wired up properly except for the left click event.
      Any ideas?
    • Hey John - Didn't have enough time to look into it yet. Keep me posted if you discover something before I do
    • Having same issue as John, only works in C# bits. Any way I can help debug this?
    • Source code is available here:
    • This tool is just what I have been looking for for AGES. Who knows how many hours of tedious nonsense I would have saved myself from if VS had ever had this functionality. Unfortunately, I am also running into the problem where it will only work with C# files. Are there any known tweaks/fixes for this problem yet? I mainly work with C++ and would love to be able to use it with that.
    • I looked into the issue and it seems to be a command routing issue (something is getting before me in processing the events)
      I'm trying to figure out if there's a workaround.
      As for saving time with the functionality - I'd love us to build stuff when their missing. (That's why I posted the source)
      I work on the Editor and we have exciting stuff coming, but in most cases, there'll always be a feature someone needs - and in that case - Build and share <3
      I'll keep trying to figure out a way around the bug
    • their -> they're :)
    • Alright folks! We have support for all languages thanks to Xavier Poinas! Enjoy 1.5+
  • VB Autocompletion
    2 Posts | Last post May 22, 2013
    • Hi Ala Shiban.
      First of all, the tool is very good and should be a std feature of the editor.
      I have found a little problem related to the interaction of the Visual Basic editor Autocompletion features with your tool.
      If you could check it for the next releases it would be great!
      Here and example:
      1. Start
      2. Select the end of the 3 rows and start typing "databindings...."
      3. The result:
      thank you very much
    • Would love to get some help here:
  • Paste support
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2013
    • Great tool; simple and fast.
      One suggestion is adding support for paste.
      Most of the times I already copied the text I want to insert on multi locations defined by your tool. But when pasting (Ctrl V or right-click paste) it will only only insert on the last location.
      Oh and there's no link to here in the Extensions window in VS.
      Keep up the great work.
    • Pasting is now supported on 1.3+
  • Sublime - Ctrl+d
    2 Posts | Last post April 08, 2013
    • Great idea though selecting with the mouse is a bit slow.
      Please take a look at Sublimetext - it's very easy to select with Ctrl+d and split a selection with ctrl+shift+l.
      Could you add something similar?
    • Hey Chris, I'll try getting around to it - I'm planning on open-sourcing my code so people can learn and contribute to it.
  • The extension manifest is invalid
    3 Posts | Last post March 06, 2013
    • When I try to install this Addon I keep getting an error that says "The extension manifest is invalid", I have Visual Studio 2012 Premium :\
    • ok it worked fine when I installed it from inside Visual Studio, but when I press download here and double-click on it, it gives that error.
    • Ok I figure it out, it's because of a problem I have with the Visual Studio version selector (I have VS 2010's version selector even though I have VS 2012 installed!), you can safetly ignore this :)
  • Is it possible to add SyncEdit mode?
    6 Posts | Last post March 01, 2013
      It is more intuitive to automatically select items instead of asking users to manually select.
    • Hey Lex - I want the MultiEdit extension to do one thing really well (I still have to polish it more), and nothing else. My guess is that SyncEdit is doable , it could be a good exercise for you to write your own extension (and share it with the world)
      I'm writing a tutorial on how to create extensions like MultiEdit, would that be interesting for you?
    • Yes the tutorial would be nice. 
    • Such a tutorial would be very welcome
    • A tutorial would be very interesting. 
    • Check out - It's still being modified and tuned (comments would be great). The implementation for this extension is very different, but this gives an idea on how to create editor extensions
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