Snippetizer is a Visual Studio extension which allows the user to create and edit snippets with minimal knowledge of the underlying snippet technology and syntax.

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by Roger Mustang Villela | September 07 2014

Include in the next update of VS, please!!! :)
Very useful!!
I´m a Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++ (always using VC++),
and I have to create groups of blocks of code to my samples and this kind of
tool helps a lot.


Roger Villela
Technical Educator for Windows Internals and C++.

by Jim Piller | August 05 2014

I really love this little add in. I never really used snippets before and now I have so many places I realized I could've been using it! I can't wait to build a whole library! 5 stars from me!

by Andrea Dottor [MVP] | June 30 2014

Great extension! A lot of time saved

by Netkukac | June 20 2014

Very good!

by Matthias Friedrich | June 05 2014

by manit77 | May 09 2014

Does not work in CSHTML designer.

If it doesn't support HTML/JavaScript/CSS3 then it is useless to me.

by Piotr Witek | February 26 2014

Missing feature to create snippets in HTML/CSHTML files, also in the CSS/LESS files would be awsome.

by Jazzy | February 14 2014

It seems interesting with basic features and the way you edit is really nice, however the Snippet Designer seems to work better for me.
I got invalid snippet file when I tried to edit an existing snippet. I had to reedit it in Snippet Designer to get it back working.

I think with a little more work it could be a good alternative.

by Daniel Mackay | January 16 2014

The creation of snippets is great, however the using them could be improved. Would be much better if you could give the snippet could appear in intellisense (similar to resharper). However this would need to be scoped to the relavent files. Also, this seems to only work with C#. e.g. I cannot create a snippet for HTML.

by KKBruce | December 17 2013

This is awesome!!

by mr marky mark | December 06 2013

Great extension to simplify snippet creation. Editing is similar to Visual Studio 2013s new "Peek Definition", with context options under the peek area. The design is good. It does have a couple of bugs but it's easy enough to clean up the created snippet in a text editor if needbe.

by DigitalJustin | November 04 2013

Before even trying its functionality, I noticed with it enabled it was capturing the escape key that I would use to close the Peek Window.

by Stefan Wimmer (Bobbl) | October 24 2013

Die Bedienung ist ein bisschen gewöhnungsbedürftig aber unterm Strich eine sehr gute und vor allem nützliche Erweiterung!

by Mads Kristensen | October 01 2013

This is awesome!!

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  • Invalid Language
    1 Posts | Last post May 09, 2014
    • I can get the snippets to save okay, but once I edit one and save it, I can no longer EDIT that file because it has changed the language element from "BASIC" to "VB", which causes an error on loading for EDIT.  I can still INSERT the snippet though. 
  • not able to use Escape to close the peek definition window after installing this
    1 Posts | Last post March 14, 2014
    • as title; hope this is the correct channel to report issue.
  • No command "Insert snippet" at popup menu
    1 Posts | Last post February 17, 2014
    • No command "Insert snippet" at popup menu
  • Conflict with Escape key with Peek functionality
    2 Posts | Last post February 17, 2014
    • as in subject, unable to use Esc key from Peek window
    • Seconded. When using Peek to look at a file in the project, Esc doesn't work to close the Peek window. If the file is not in the project, e.g. generated from metadata, it closes just fine.
  • "Snippet Definition", "Create Snippet", "Edit Snippet" does not work
    1 Posts | Last post January 27, 2014
    • Clicking on "Snipping Definition" does not bring up a view. "Create Snippet" and "Edit Snippet" does not work either.
      Any ideas?
      Cheers Harry
  • Failed
    3 Posts | Last post January 16, 2014
    • Saved. Successfully downloaded. While running it after download, the installation failed.
      Currently, I am using VS Express 2013 with windows & blend.
    • @Aswini, Express doesn't support extensions
    • @Ala Shiban, Express does support extensions but is limited to extensions that are written by Microsoft and approved by Microsoft for use in an Express edition.
      For instance, I am able to install NuGet Package Manager extension and Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Library for Javascript extension into my copy of Visual Studio 2012.
  • action bar follow editor window
    1 Posts | Last post December 17, 2013
    • If snippet code is long, Let action bar follow editor windows [up | down] ^^
  • Can't create snippets for css files
    3 Posts | Last post December 05, 2013
    • Seems that the extension only works on code files but not in CSS or razor files. Any workaround?
      BTW: I already tried by creating the snippet manually and adding it to my code snippets under the CSS directory but still are not showing when I try to use them.
      Thanks - Javier
    • Hey Javier, we'll look into it - I'll keep you posted
    • Hey Javier, can you try this out on the new version? We just posted an update
  • Code Language "Basic" must be "VB"
    7 Posts | Last post December 05, 2013
    • Creating and saving a snippet in VB-Editor writes "Basic" as Code Language attribute. Must be "VB" instead.
    • If you hit the Set Properties button you can set the language. We'll look into pre-populating that field with the language being used. Thanks for the tip!
    • When I create a snippet in a C++ file, the language is set to "C/C++", but it looks like it should be "cpp" so that it can be viewed with the snippets manager. Also, I don't see a property for setting the language in the properties section. But I like to tool! 
      How can functions be used in C++ snippets?
    • Try writing in the function as you'd expect, it should be picked up by the snippet system. as for the cpp problem, we'll try and fix it up and put an update in (Thanks for noticing!)
    • @Ala Shiban:
      Where can I set the language? In the "Snippet Definition" tool window there only are the fields:
      Title, Author, Description, Type, Key Words, Help Url, Shortcut, Snippet Fields ..., Snippet References ..., Snippet Imports ...
      But no Language field.
    • @Harald - We're looking into fixing that - I think right now the easiest is to manually change things in the outputted XMLs as a workaround
    • Hey @Harald, can you look into this one again? We just posted an update
  • How to edit a snippet?
    3 Posts | Last post October 05, 2013
    • How to edit a snippet?
    • Right click an empty line, and select 'Edit Snippet'. Eventually we're hoping to have snippet tooltips show an 'Edit' link for quick editing
    • Ah, ok.
      But now, when trying to open a VB-Snippet I'm getting an error message:
      "Error: parse error in the XML.  Original error : Illigal XML Snippet: incorrect Kind attribute"
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