The original Visual Studio fart app

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by Kryštof Laryš | November 19 2013

Makes my development really funny. :-) Great extension.

by sjnaughton | October 27 2013

Very juvenile but wonderful at the same time :)

by WayneYe | September 12 2013

After using it for a while, I start like build errors, wahahaha

by moorehojer | June 17 2013

Great extension. Brings attention to the errors in a very inmature geeky way :-) Gotta love it

by Scott Koon | May 23 2013

Works great. It does need a console runner or MS Test task so that we can hook up speakers to the build server and set off a big wet one if the build fails.

by kipus0ep | May 21 2013

Funny add-on :P

by Ala Shiban | May 14 2013

by ColinBowern | May 12 2013

I was hoping for smell-o-vision to stink out colleagues when they broke the build. Maybe in v2?

Mads Kristensen May 13 2013
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Sounds like a great idea!

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