Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one place. Shows all resources of a solution and let's you edit the strings and their localizations in a well-arranged data grid.

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by Cybrosys | at 8:46 AM

It displays the wrong flags when the resx-filename only contain "en" instead of "en-US". My Norwegian (.no.resx) resx-file has USA's flag and my Swedish (.sv.resx) resx-file has Finland's flag.

by Amir Mahmoodi | Sun 3:03 PM

by Davide Trevisan | Fri 10:52 AM

by eneskaragedik | August 21 2014

by JastaCZ | July 25 2014

Very nice tool that saves a lot of time, so far no problems, thank you.

by Kai Posadowsky | June 24 2014

Tom has done a good work and he was very helpful in my case of a problem.
So my thumbs up for ResXManager.

by Stietz | June 20 2014

This extension may not have many bells and whistles, but from the many free text resource managers I've tried, this one is easily the best for what it does. It may need some work here and there, but the dev is really responsive and usually fixes things within days.

by RomanSaxsys | June 11 2014

Really good extension. One remark: When i use the filter and search for a word which does not exists it always deselect all resource files. Thats annoying!

TomEnglert June 14 2014
| Edit |

I'm not sure which of the filters you are talking about.
If you feel something is not working as expected, please create an issue at

by krlzlx | June 10 2014

Great extension. Saves a lot of time!
Crash when deleting key fixed.

by zjerry | June 09 2014

A must have !!!

by drewex | June 05 2014

Was good, Turned bad, The most recent update on this causes huge problem with delete. I created a file added 5-10 items. worked great. But then when i realized i had few extra items i tried to delete. Some reason it decided to multiple items even tho they were not selected.

Have to redo half of the files. Not using it anymore.


by Hardy | June 04 2014

Nice tool, but too buggy.

I can experience numerous crashes in VS2013. For example when I want to delete an entry cross language in the grid, it crashed entire VS2013. When I want to add a new entry cross multiple languages in the grid, it crashed the entire VS2013.

TomEnglert June 08 2014
| Edit |

Finally found a way to reproduce this. V should fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

by _Henk | June 02 2014

by el.marchewko | May 16 2014

Nice and very handy. Suggestion: Add more export Options like XML, JSON that would be nice.

TomEnglert May 19 2014
| Edit |

Resx files are already XML - what kind of schema are you thinking of?

by Philip Lee | May 15 2014

Very useful. It's going to save me a lot of time.

by ThomasLeemann | March 23 2014

Very helpful Extension. Great job! Should be included in VS.
Would be nice if there is an option to export/import only the selected resources. If there are many resource files, the xslx file gets overloaded with sheets.

TomEnglert March 27 2014
| Edit |

by i-j-b | March 14 2014

Excellent tool

by gretr0 | March 01 2014

Superb extension. I use it on every project that needs localization! Keep it up !

by PhiSch | February 11 2014

Very good! But I'd appreciate a built in translator.

TomEnglert February 15 2014
| Edit |

It's open source - feel free to contribute.

by PompeyPaul | January 29 2014

Very good. But do you really need to update it quite so often?

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  • Export only selected languages
    2 Posts | Last post August 26, 2014
    • Could 'export selected' only export the currently selected columns?
    • There is already a feature request for that, should be in one of the next releases:
  • Problem with export
    1 Posts | Last post February 05, 2014
    • Hi,
      i receive an error when try to export a file.
      "Precondizione non riuscita. text != null"
      And however could be possible to export only the selected file instead the enire one?
      Thank you
  • Font Size..
    1 Posts | Last post December 12, 2013
    • Hi.. Would be possible to increase the font size pls?? on a 27" monitor the characters are really small.. :) and i'm getting old.. 
  • Where to post ideas or report bugs?
    1 Posts | Last post April 17, 2013
    • Ideas:
  • 2010 SP1
    2 Posts | Last post April 17, 2013
    • I've started evaluating this tool for my colleagues and I to use. However, I encountered something a little funny with it - or perhaps related to it.
      At least one of our solutions doesn't seem to work with the tool - the resource files are not found. The only thing different between this solution and the ones I've tried where it works (wonderfully!) is that this solution was created in Visual Studio 2010 *SP1* and the others with the RTM version. I also note (since it seems important) that the display of properties on the .resx file mentions that a custom tool was used - which I thought was the default one: ResXFileCodeGenerator
      Is there any thing to these observations? Otherwise, what would prevent ResXManager from working on these files?
    • Continued on