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Sitecore Rocks makes Sitecore developers happy. Directly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, Sitecore Rocks provides a fast and streamlined development experience with tools that developers are used to.

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by Divamatrix | June 10 2013

Please explain where the documentation for this actually lives at? I can not seem to get it to do anything and all I'd like is some documentation. The Sitecore rocks wiki is amazingly void of anything even remotely useful at all. Is there something I'm missing?

Among the other many, many steps, I have walked through just to get it to connect, which I could write a book on, the one thing I really wanted to do was to generate entities from my templates. Every single time I try to choose "generate class" (there are 2 of them, by the way), it throws an error. It would be really helpful if I even know what I was doing in trying to generate classes from my templates?

JakobChristensen June 10 2013
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Hi Divamatrix

Sorry to hear that.

Sitecore Rocks is currently in CTP which is why there is no documentation or official support from Sitecore.

Please post a screenshot to the exception, that you get, in the Sitecore Rocks SDN Forum, and I will see, if I can fix it.

John West has a nice blog series:

Trevor Campbell also has a nice series:

by Tony Bolton | June 04 2013

Really good - thanks!!

by Gorhal | January 18 2013

by kdeenanauth | April 05 2012

Great extension for Sitecore developers

by kodexe | September 16 2011

Didn't work on my Commodore 64.

by AndreasBergstrom | June 23 2011

by Commodore73 | June 20 2011

I wrote some blog posts introducing Sitecore Rocks. I definitely give it five stars.

by Ronani | June 16 2011

After dreamcore 2011 I am ashamed I didn't used it a lot :-) Ronald

by LarreLandin | June 13 2011

by GurliGebis | June 10 2011

Works great and makes developing for Sitecore alot easier and faster!

by GuitarRich | June 09 2011

Love the new features demo'd at DreamcoreEU

by Eldblom | May 24 2011

Exciting! Looks very promising - especially with the plug-in possibilities.

by JJRocks | May 19 2011

by pbering | January 27 2011

- 0.6.5 now with plugin repository, very nice!
- 0.7.2 is greatly enhanced, if you havn't tried it yet, now is the time!

by JigsP | December 14 2010

Awesome plugin. Thanks

by Hessner | December 07 2010

by Mr Tamas Varga | November 11 2010

Couple of years ago I wanted to do the same extension, but I think it is better that Sitecore is doing this. ;-) Thanks!

by Edgesmash | November 01 2010

by ttomsen2010 | October 22 2010

very nice, how much

by burningice | October 19 2010

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  • Missing required component?
    6 Posts | Last post Thu 12:06 PM
    • Hi.  I just installed latest version and am now getting a message from VS2013 every time I launch it.  I have had previous versions of this product before now, and never had this issue.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the tool several times today to try to rectify the situation (assuming it is an issue on my system.)  The message I am receiving is "The Sitecore Template Wizard is not installed, and adding new Visual Studio items which also creates Sitecore items will not work correctly.  Do you want to install it now?..."  If I cancel, VS2013 opens fine.  If I click OK, VS2013 goes off into NeverNever land and does not return, does not appear to be doing anything (No CPU or network activity) and the process tree has to be killed to stop the process.  Can you please point out to me what I need to install to remove this message from occuring every time I enter VS2013?
    • Same problem here with me.
    • Hi
      Sorry to hear this - others are having the same issue. There are some tips and tricks in the SDN thread:
      If you cannot access SDN, let me know and I will post the info here.
    • Doesn't help. I manually copied the dll but dialog still opens up.
    • Hi NavalKishore
      The next version is due in a week or two. Hopefully it will fix the issue for you.
    • Joost Hollander's solution worked for me from the link provided.  I also was installed in a nonstandard location.
  • Editing items -
    9 Posts | Last post Wed 5:45 AM
    • After this update I can't doubleclick items to edit them.
      Context menu doesn't work either.
      Using VS 12.0.30110.00.
      Components have been updated.
    • didn't change anything.
    • Hi Thorbeck
      That is odd. What version of the CMS are you using?
    • Hi Thorbeck
      Had some other reports of this - just to be sure, are you running VS 2013 and  not 2012?
    • Sitecore 7.1 rev. 140130.
      Visual Studio Premium 2013 Version 12.0.30110.00 Update 1.
      Using Hard Rock Webservice.
      These are Sitecore MVC projects.
    • Hi Thorbeck
      Version 1.2.5 is out - it should be fixed in this version.
    • Jepp, nå rocker sitecore igjen.
      Takk takk.
    • Doesn't help. I manually copied the dll but dialog still opens up.
    • Hi NavalKishore
      Other repots of this was caused by having port numbers (or other 'illegal' charaters) in the name of the site.
      It has been fixed in the next version.
      Could you please confirm, if this is the issue you are having?
  • Automate Anti Package
    2 Posts | Last post February 20, 2014
    • Hey guys, 
      I was wondering if anyone has ever automated the anti-package creation of Sitecore Rocks?  I have a CI build of a rather large Sitecore project and I would like to add creating an anti-package as part of the process.  
      Thanks in advance,
    • Hi Xavier
      That is an interesting question. It is not designed for that, but you might be able to hack it.
      You can call the Hard Rock Web Service's execute method with the typename set to "Packages.CreateAntiPackage". This method accepts the filename of the package to create an anti-package for.
      Fire up Reflector and have a look at the class Sitecore.Rocks.Server.Requests.Packages.CreateAntiPackage in the Sitecore.Rocks.Server assembly.
      Possibly you can rip out all the code to create your own assembly.
  • Limited Tools menu for non-local Sitecore connections
    2 Posts | Last post January 22, 2014
    • Anyone know why the Tools menu on nodes under a non-locally hosted Sitecore connection would not contain all the items typically available?
      I am specifically looking for the Query Analyzer tool; for non-local connections  the Tools menu only contains the section containing 'Sites' thru 'Validation', Recycle Bin, and Switch Language.
      Thanks for any help.
    • Hi csmall2gsu
      You are probably using the Good Old Web Service which does not support all features. However to use the Hard Rock Web Service, you need physical access to install additional assemblies in the website. This is for security reasons.
  • Is there any chance this will be released for Visual Studio Express?
    2 Posts | Last post January 22, 2014
    • We use Sitecore at work and in trying to keep with the cutting edge I've been attempting to learn SPEAK, however the logs show that only Ultimate and Pro versions of Visual Studio are supported. I try to leave my computer at work for security reasons and can't practice while at home because of this limitation.
    • Hi KeithBall
      Only Visual Studio Ultimate, Pro and Premium editions supports extensions, other editions like Express do not. 
  • connection problems
    4 Posts | Last post December 16, 2013
    • Hello Jakob, 
      Love the idea of Sitecore Rocks but cant seem to connect to local instance. Keep getting the "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority 'localhost'. Remote certificate invalid..."
      Here's my setup..
      1. local sitecore instance setup in local IIS using :80 & :443. 443 Uses self-signed cert.
      2. Content is displayed by just going to http://localhost. Stage is displayed by going to https://localhost/sitecore/login.
      3. DB's are remote.
      Data provider: Hard Rock Web Service
      Host name: localhost OR https://localhost
      User name: smu\XXXXXXXX
      Password: XXXXX
      Location: C:\localdev\sitecore\Website
      Any ideas why I cant connect? Is a self-signed cert not enough to authorize connection?
    • I have the same problem. Would love to hear a reply to it.
    • Hi
      I am no security expert.
      I have a clean machine - no weird stuff from our IT department, and it works.
      Remote database should be no problem.
      Does it work, if you have no certificates installed (I have no idea if is possible to set up, once you do have certificates on your machine).
      What happens if you request the /sitecore/shell/webservice/service2.asmx page directly?
      Are you running as Windows Administrator? If not, try that.
      Are you using Active Directory to login into Sitecore?
    • Follow up: What happens if you use the Good Old Web Service?
  • Adding SPEAK components to a project
    2 Posts | Last post December 12, 2013
    • I'm using Sitecore Rocks with VS.NET 2012 and am following the YouTube Sitecore SPEAK series -
      When I add a SPEAK component to a MVC 4 project I am not prompted to select where to place the rendering as in the video.
      Am I missing something obvious?
    • I simply forgot to connect the website project to the Sitecore Connection in VS. Right click on the web project, select Sitecore -> Connect to Sitecore Explorer Connection.
      Working fine now.
  • Query Analyzer Multiple Selection and Publish
    3 Posts | Last post December 12, 2013
    • Hello,
      While using the new Sitecore Rocks (, I ran a query that returned several records. In the results pane I selected all of the rows and then used the context menu (I tried commandy also) to publish all the items. The problem is that only the active (selected) row item is published. For example, I Ctrl+A or Shift+Click to select all, then right-click the first row and do Publish Item, only the first row is published. This also did not work in, but I believe this used to work in previous version(s).
      I then tried the "publish web from /sitecore/..." query command to publish the items, but this query resulted in all items in the result pane and their descendants to be published (which I did not want).
      Is there something I need to do differently to publish all items that are selected in the results pane?
      Is is possible to provide the ability to set whether I want to publish items or items + subitems in the query analyzer publish command?
    • Hi Jose
      Sorry, I cannot reproduce this. I can select multiple items in the Query Analyzer, click Publish Item and the Job Viewer shows a number of publishing tasks.
      >Is is possible to provide the ability to set whether I want to publish items or items + subitems in the query analyzer publish command?
      No, not yet - I will add this to my wish list.
    • Jakob,
      I see what my issue is now and how to reproduce. The issue for me is that I have two publishing targets, "stage" and a "prod". If I run a query and do:
      select all rows > right-click > Tools > Publishing > Publish Item
      it does work as expected, although this publishes to both "stage" and "prod" when I only wanted to publish to "stage". So to publish only to "stage" I did:
      select all rows > right-click > Tools > Publishing > Advanced Publishing > Where: = "stage" > click Publish
      This second use case is where only the item that was right-clicked on is published.
  • Sitecore Rocks Breaks in Windows 8.1?
    8 Posts | Last post December 11, 2013
    • I'm currently running the Windows 8 update to 8.1 and experiencing a fair amount of difficulty in getting Sitecore Rocks to work properly.  The extension works fine until I try to create a new Sitecore connection.  It promptly locks up Visual Studio to the point of not responding.  I've tried various means of debugging the issue, but each has turned into a wild goose chase.  I've uninstalled all my other extensions figuring it was a conflict to no avail.
      Finally, I tried installing the standalone Sitecore Rocks for Windows, and this exhibited the same behavior (trying to create a new connection, the program stops responding). Has this at all been tested on 8.1, and could that be the issue?  I'd love to get a chance to use this tool.
    • Hi theAryeh
      Hmm... So the connnection dialog basically crashes in Windows 8.1. This sounds like a Xaml issue, I have to work around. I have not heard of a similar issue before, but I will have a look.
    • Same issue here. Win 8.1, VS2012 and VS2013, Sitecore Rocks crashe (stops responding and locks up the whole IDE) when trying to open Sitecore Explorer.
      Is there a temp workaround for this?
    • Just realized my previous reply was rather short. Reinstalling the extension, stopping the IIS and disconnecting all connections (wired and wireless) did not help. I have VS2010, VS2012, and VS2013 installed on the machine (with vs2010 being rarely used). The extension is crashing in VS2012 and VS 2013 (vs2010 has not yet been tested). 
    • Hi Vasiliy
      I have some difficulties reproducing this. 
      Could you try 2 things for me: 
      - Run either Visual Studio as Administor or the Sitecore Rocks Windows as administrator. 
      - Try installing IIS 6 Management Compatibility in "Turn Windows features on or off". 
      I have added an option to Sitecore Rocks to disable IIS Integration, but it is a work around. 
    • Hi Jakob,
      Looks like installing the vsix from this page and running Visual Studio as Administrator did the trick! Do you know what access rights it might be missing when run in regular mode? 
      Also another thing, if the Sitecore Explorer window has been left opened while running it as administrator, and the visual studio is closed and reopened as a context user, the IDE will fail to load. To fix that, you have to run it as an admin and close the sitecore explorer window (running the IDE not as an Administrator is sometimes required for installing extensions and updates).
    • Hi Vasiliy
      Gah, this is complicated...
      I was able to reproduce an exception which said "Insufficient permissions" which is utterly unhelpful.
      So no, I do not know (yet) which permission is required.
    • Hi
      Sitecore Rocks 1.1.0 contains a work around, that will disable IIS Integration on Windows 8.1.
  • Package options
    2 Posts | Last post December 11, 2013
    • In the *.package file there are some options which I can't seem to edit in Visual Studio.
      Do these option work if set properly?
      If so, what do I have to enter to implement the various merge modes?
    • Hi Thorbeck
      These options along with the more dynamic options are not supported by Rocks since they require SheerUI to get user confirmations.
      If you need these options, you need to use the web client.
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