Advanced JavaScript outlining


Provides additional outlining for JavaScript editor

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by JayeshK | August 20 2014

Just downloaded it, exactly what I was looking for! 5 stars for now.

by Carlos Enrique Mosquera | June 25 2014

Looks like can't outline with jQuery ready notation in Razor page like

$(function () {
//some other functions

It's possible fix this?

by sunilursmb | February 01 2014

by Admiral_Snyder | November 09 2013

the problem with regions not showing the title (#region falsely) seems to be connected with "web essentials 2013", another addin. I had to deactivate that and to reactivate it, and now it works again.

by Vadim Milichev | November 08 2013

First of all, the very helpful thing I use everyday. Thank you.

With the latest update (1.0.2 11/2/2013) regions stopped display captions. Previously the following

// #region Fakes

when collapsed looked as
[+] Fakes

Now it looks as
[+] Region
and I have to expand every one to find what's inside.

Please fix.


by bar10dr | August 19 2013

This addon does exactly what it says, nothing more - nothing less, in other words; its perfect. A tiny annoyance is that it seems to not insert the region clamps until you manually save the file but I can live with that :)

by AnuragAcharya | June 20 2013

Great work! Works perfectly with VS 2012. This is exactly what I was looking for.

by Michael Obermeyer | June 03 2013

I wanted a light-weight extension that did exactly this. Thanks!

by Andrea Cassone | March 22 2013


by TimidWriter | February 18 2013

Perfect. It makes parsing through the code a lot easier. It should be standard.

by 陈剑 | December 13 2012

JSEnhancements for VS2010 is a very cool tool.
I hope it is still good for VS2012

by Michael.M.193 | November 23 2012

it's a good tool for web developer, wish it will be batter;

by Rex Miller | November 01 2012

Regions are so helpful when grappling with those JavaScript… ahem… “libraries” you wrote so long ago, and this plugin provides 'em for js files. It's just what I was looking for.

by Dan-1234 | October 22 2012

I'm not really sure how collapsible JSON isn't in Visual Studio 2012 out of the box... Thanks so much for making the VS 2012 JavaScript editor usable!

by The GAFF | October 09 2012

by mercwizo | July 20 2012

Very usefull extension. Thx

by Domenic Denicola | April 26 2012

The icon is so perfect on so many levels.

by Midnight | April 06 2012


by Skybladev2 | April 02 2012

Did not try it yet, but this is very cool tool.

Bender Bending Rodriguez April 02 2012
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Oh you little sycophant

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  • Should this / Can this have #regions collapsed by default?
    3 Posts | Last post January 06, 2014
    • In VS2010 I ran the old version of this plugin and I'm sure my JS was collapsed by default. Which made my code very easy to navigate.
      However in VS2012 with this plugin my code is not collapsed by default.
      Any way this can be achieved?
    • No works fine with MVC and notation ASP... Functions not collapse!
    • For example:
      url: '<%: Url.Action("Action")%>'
      To be more specific... not collpase when exists calls ajax using "<%: %>".