VIM emulation layer for Visual Studio

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by ovalsquare | Fri 12:17 AM


by Pål Fossmo | April 10 2014

by byte1918 | April 06 2014

It's the first extension I install in Visual Studio. It's a must have if you ever liked working with VIM. Thank. Awesome!

by mwbrady68 | April 05 2014

by James Hart - LegacyTech | April 01 2014

Well done Jared! Now I feel right at home - you saved me a lot of frustration.

by inkadnb | March 20 2014

Wonderful plugin, look no further, this is THE VIM extension for Visual Studio.

Where can I send a donation?

by MDUnicorn | March 19 2014

Nice icon! This wonderful plugin needed it!

by moorejk | March 17 2014

It's been a long time since I used VI. It's the one thing I always found missing when using Visual Studio since I switched to Windows development back in 1995. It is so nice to get the power of VI back and to have it in Visual Studio is a bonus! Thanks so much!

by JumpingJeff | March 04 2014

Essential for me. One of the first things I download to customize Visual Studio.

by PaulOldridge | March 02 2014

Thank you! Now I can develop in Visual Studio 2013.

by Chubyone | February 24 2014

The Best way to learn vim from an old Visual Studio User, without losing your old habits & IDE's prefered features.

Thanks for your job.

by TomasDeml | February 15 2014

Once you make the effort to abandon the mouse and get used to vim, you will never want to go back!

by jakobschmid | February 11 2014

by Ricardo Kuchimpos | January 22 2014

Works perfectly!

by Brian Gianforcaro [MSFT] | January 15 2014

by peaeater | January 13 2014

It's a good vi plugin, and you can't beat free. However, I have used both VsVim and ViEmu, and I get noticeably better performance from ViEmu. In VS 2013 on my machine, VsVim ( lags and pauses enough that it's a constant distraction. ViEmu has had no such issues.

JaredPar MSFT January 14 2014
| Edit |

Could you elaborate on the scenarios where you see performance issues?

by falanh | January 12 2014

by Kazark | January 07 2014

This is a very good extension. It is not only actively maintained, but new features are continually adding, bringing it ever closer to Vim's behavior. Jared Parsons is very active in responding to issues submitted on the Github page and he works to prioritize the features according to what the users are most needing. I wouldn't use Visual Studio without it if I could possibly help it. This makes my job better every day.

by EricMutta | January 06 2014

This extension is beyond words! Here is what I love:

1) it's mostly complete - there a few commands missing here and there but you will never find yourself cursing at VsVim.

2) it plays nice with other extensions - Jared actually seems to go out of his way to make sure VsVim doesn't break or isn't broken by other extensions. I use the Refactor from Developer Express - the two play beautifully together.

3) it can be turned off temporarily - this, strange as it may seem, is probably the most important feature there is. If something goes horribly wrong, being able to turn off VsVim for a few seconds saves the day.

4) Jared's support is second-to-none - I don't think the man sleeps or knows the meaning of the word. Look at the Q&A page - every question is answered, every bug logged, pretty much every feature suggestion accepted and due to be implemented.

5) it's free - it shouldn't be, not with the kind of effort it takes to make such a high quality, super advanced and uber useful extension, but it's free. I feel guilty using it without paying, but it's free and always will be.

Only thing I hate is the feeling of VS2012 when VsVim isn't installed!

Thank you Jared!

by Bruno Miguelz | December 26 2013

This is the best. A must have for me... Thank you!

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  • Can not find this extension from Visual Studio 2003
    5 Posts | Last post March 03, 2014
    • Hello,
      Visual Studio is new to me. While I searched "VsVim" through Visual studio 2013 by using Tools/Extensions and Updates/online, no result was returned. 
      Any suggestion ?
    • if you're experiencing troubles finding the extension in the gallery you can still download it from here (via the pink download-button) and install it.
    • @Tao are you running Visual Studio Express?  
    • @JaredPar MSFT  so how could i run vsvim on visual studio express?  or it will not work?
    • Unfortunately you can't run VsVim, or any other extension, on Visual Studio Express.  Microsoft locks out any extensions in the Express SKUs and there is unfortunately nothing I can do to work around the limitation.  
  • VsVim is so cool.
    2 Posts | Last post February 28, 2014
    • Click esc will change to command mode twice. (keydown, keyup)
      This is bothering me.
      Sorry for my sorry English.
    • Can you try explaining a bit more what is going on here?  It's unclear what is going wrong.  Can you go through the key sequence you execute and exactly what VsVim is doing incorrcectly? 
  • VS' convert-tabs-to-spaces setting not honoured
    2 Posts | Last post February 22, 2014
    • VS has the option to replace tabs with a configurable number of spaces (Tools>Options>Text Editor>All Languages>Tabs, also configurable per file type). VsVim doesn't seem to honour this setting. Any chance of getting this included?
    • VsVim does support honoring this.  It just prefers settings from the _vimrc file over the Visual Studio default if it finds a _vimrc.  Here is a link that details how to get VsVim to respect Visual Studio over vim defaults for all settings 
  • "Vap" selects one line too much
    2 Posts | Last post February 20, 2014
    • normally i simply "Vap" for selecting the current paragraph (incl the blank line)
      but vsvim also selects the first line of the following paragraph.
      i guess that's not intended behaviour
    • Thanks for reporting this! This is a known issue that we are tracking as issue #788 
  • <C-r> in command mode doesn't work
    3 Posts | Last post February 18, 2014
    • I'd like to use registers in command mode, e.g.:
      but VsVim doesn't seem to support that functionality at all.
    • This is a known issue that is being tracked by bug #551.  Hoping to get this into one of the next versions
    • ah, nice to know :)
      thanks for the fast reply (as always)
  • replace word by buffer contents
    6 Posts | Last post February 13, 2014
    • i don't seem to be able to bring any of this bindings to work:
      so what i currently do is 'yiw' on the source and 'ciw<C-r>0' on the target.
      but since i cant even repeat the change/paste via '.' my fingers hurt after the third occurence :)
      is there a (more) painless way to do so?
    • What behavior is incorrect on the repeat?  Is it not pasting the contents in? 
    • before: firstWord secondWord thirdWord
      'yiw' on first-^
      'ciw<C-r>0' on second-v
      after: firstWord firstWord thirdWord
      '.' on the third does nothing-^
    • Okay I gotcha now.  I was able to reproduce this on my machine.  I filed the following bug to track the problem 
    • i've seen you've got a pull request on that issue :)
    • Yeah, richsladkey just happened to be fixing some bugs in that area so he was able to fix that really fast.  It will be in the next release :) 
  • Go to start/end of method
    2 Posts | Last post February 11, 2014
    • Great plugin! Use it every day.
      I was looking for a fast way to navigate between C# method declarations, and found the Vim commands ]m and [m. They don't seem to be in VsVim. or am I missing something?
    • [{ and ]} are implemented, and are pretty handy.  Repeated [{ will navigate to the top of the containing code block, so that might be an easy way to get to the beginning of the containing method.
  • AutoCmd support?
    3 Posts | Last post February 11, 2014
    • Hello,
      This works as expected in gVim:
      au FocusLost,TabLeave * call feedkeys("\<C-\>\<C-n>")
      After I added it to my _vsvimrc (in my 'home' folder, C:\Users\hxchba), it seemed to have no effect.
      Is there a 'VsVim' way to get the desired functionality?
      Thanks for providing us with VsVim and making VisualStudio much more useful...
    • Never mind, just found this:  https://github.com/jaredpar/VsVim/wiki/AutoCmd-support
    • FWIW, none of these seem to work:
      au BufWinLeave * call feedkeys("\<C-\>\<C-n>")
      au BufWinLeave * stopinsert
      au BufEnter * stopinsert
  • insert current correct intendation
    6 Posts | Last post January 30, 2014
    • i'm facing the same thing as this guy: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3718026/vim-indent-current-blank-line-and-insert 
      but none of the 'standard'-vim solutions seem to work for vsvim...
      am i really stuck spamming C-t in insert-mode?
      any suggestions?
    • I'm actually baffled at why the accepted answer works.  When I try that on gVim it doesn't indent the value but instead stays at column 0.  Is there a particular setting I need to get `S` to indent to the column of the line above?
    • S	substitute entire line - deletes line, enters insertion mode
      at least i can imagine how it's supposed to work when autoindent is set... :)
    • I tried that with `ai` set and it's not working.  Essentially I created a file with a line shifted over by a tab, put the cursor below that line in normal mode, hit S and the caret stays at column 0 
    • it surely works here..:
      * freebsd 10.0
      * https://github.com/amix/vimrc
      * vim & gvim
      ~ fire up (g)vim
      :set filetype=c
      ~ write this (whereas _ denotes cursor):
      ~ press ESC and then S - you end up with:
    • It may be a language specific item then.  I'll look into that 
  • Expand folds when jumping to line
    5 Posts | Last post January 30, 2014
    • Hi Jared,
      Minor feature request. 
      When you use visual studio's "Go To Line" dialog (double-click on the line number label in the status bar at the bottom), it will expand folded code if the target line is contained there, then position the caret on the appropriate line.
      VsVim does not do this and seems to stop on the outermost fold containing the target line (e.g. if a fold covers lines 5 to 100 and you do ':20<CR>' to go to line 20, the caret will go to the beginning of the fold at line 5 and stay there). If the fold has been expanded, it will jump to the target line as desired.
      Thanks in advance,
    • VsVim does this because it is the behavior of gVim.  Is there a setting in gVim that will cause it to expand the fold when you use :<number> to jump to a line? 
    • http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10451427/automatically-expand-fold-when-going-to-a-line-number
    • I see! I have never tried using folds in gVim (I edit mainly plain text files there and they are short).
      So what do you usually do when there's a clash between what VS does and what gVim does? In this case I hope the VS behaviour wins (or perhaps a setting could be provided to allow people to choose)!
    • Whenever the action involves cursor movement or placement I take gVim over Visual Studio.  The reason being that most vim guys intuitively know where a given key stroke will take them.  Doing actions like expanding the outlining would break say a jump followed by a yank.  I get lots of negative feedback whenever I break cursor movement even, and sometimes especially, when it is subtle.
      In general though it's not a problem because gVim has a setting that toggles between the behavior.  I can just implement that and hence give people a work around.  I'm trying to determine if there is such a setting here that I can just implement 
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