PHP Tools for Visual Studio

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Provides full featured support for editing and debugging PHP programs.

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by Jim Smithington | April 06 2014

Free version is too limited to be useful and the price is too high for individual developers.

by Andrei Vadan | April 03 2014

The tool is wonderful, but it has an issue. Please modify the tool to create an relative path to the project, not the absolute one, because it's anoying when you use that project on multiple devices.


DEVSENSE April 04 2014
| Edit |

Thank you so much for rating!

Could you please specify in more detail the issue to us? The best would be to send us an email to or post it to

Thank you and have a great weekend!

by Mohd Shahril | March 01 2014

Tried it for 20 days, and I would like to say your product is awesome! Features like Intellisense, debugging and build-in PHP manual is totally amazing! I

DEVSENSE March 01 2014
| Edit |

Hi Mohd,

Thanks for taking time to rate PHP Tools! We're very glad you like the features!

Best Regards!

by Ami Pal | January 28 2014

How can i debug my php project ? Can any provide me steps to do that with breakpoint . it will be thankful.

DEVSENSE January 28 2014
| Edit |


Could you please write us on or on . We'll be happy to walk you through the process. Otherwise we also have debug troubleshooting section in documentation

Thank you!

by David Laroche (LU) | January 21 2014

PHP Tools for Visual Studio makes it easy to develop and debug quickly in Visual Studio.

DEVSENSE January 21 2014
| Edit |

Hi David,

Thank you so much for your review!

Best Regards!

by Gianluigi Salvi | January 12 2014

The program is very slow and can't support F12 on a simple include("header.php"). Then what should I use it for?
It's also hard to uninstall.. and it's also not free? It's a trial?

DEVSENSE January 21 2014
| Edit |


Thank you for the feedback!
- Could you please specify the situation when the program behaved in slow manner? We'll take a look into it (you can email us at ).
-F12 on include isn't conventional, because there are other methods to navigate to specific files. But we'll consider adding this feature in future.
- You can uninstall the extension in same way as other VS extensions. Please follow the documentation on msdn:
- The extension is trial as specified in the description


by retikanya | November 13 2013

I love this tool, easy to implement and debug write php codes.

I am so happy


DEVSENSE November 14 2013
| Edit |

Hi Tamas,

Thank you so much for your review! If you're happy we're happy;)

by PedramMobedi | October 25 2013

I need this to work on VS2013. Does it? It was a pretty neat tool in VS2012. A little bit expensive when you have good alternatives such as Eclipse and Netbeans.

DEVSENSE October 25 2013
| Edit |


Thank you for such a rating. PHP Tools for VS2013 is currently in preview version, but you can expect release very soon. For now you can download it from here


by jay-wick | October 17 2013

You guys have made PHP debugging feel natively supported on VS, amazing work. Absolute must for PHP devs.

DEVSENSE October 17 2013
| Edit |

Thank you so much for your review! We're glad that you have this impression from our debugger, that was our intention.


by AlexCruzVB | October 01 2013

Hi, this is an excellent tool but the free version is way too limited.
You should add a couple of more features.

by Peter Eliyahu Kornfeld | October 01 2013

I have latest Phalanger. Just got the update for PHP Tools and everything breaked.
It start to be frustrating that every update (4th time in my case) brakes the IDE...

DEVSENSE October 01 2013
| Edit |


Thank you for feedback! The issue is that Phalanger should be used with Phalanger Tools and having Phalanger only with PHP Tools might cause this. This has received highest priority and we are currently working on it for the next update so it should never happen again!

Anyway if you'd run into any other issue or question just write us on feedback ( ) or Everything there gets immediate attention.

Thank again for reporting this. And we apology for inconvenience.

by Luciano Dória | September 17 2013

I'm testing the trial with Visual Studio 2012 + TFS and liked it too!! That's what I was looking for! I will definitely buy!

DEVSENSE September 18 2013
| Edit |

Thank you so much for your review!
We're very happy that you like it. If you'd need anything just give us know at


by SRomanov | September 12 2013

It's funny to see that only "additional language extensions" for visual studio that requires paying are for php. Anyway, it's not worth it IMO, you'd be better installing NetBeans for that.

DEVSENSE September 12 2013
| Edit |


Thank you for your review. However I don't know how we could improve this. We already offer basic version for free.

We are providing an extensibility for Visual Studio, advanced IntelliSense, fast environment, smart PHP editor, taking advantage of all the built-in Visual Studio features.

It would be very helpful for users reading your review, to compare these features - NetBeans and Visual Studio - so they can decide objectively; and for us - so we could improve our product.

Thank You!

by leam lidara | September 02 2013

Hi, I am very interested in your Program which allow me to program PHP on VS. However, I think that this program still have some points to be improve. First of all, support with Unicode Characters. When I create a PHP project or some project (*.html, *.css, *.js) it is not in Unicode, but it is in ASCII which make me difficult to correct it. One more there is a problem when I am trying to call Tag by ID or Class. It's not suggest me what Tag ID or Class is in *.CSS. I am so sorry, my English is not well.

DEVSENSE September 05 2013
| Edit |


Thank you so much for your review!
About your questions:
- Unicode is fully supported. If you'd write us a detailed description of the situation to we'll help you with it.
- Tag ID suggestion will be supported in a future update, together with more improvements of HTML,CSS and JS.

Thanks again!

by BCinNV | August 22 2013

Very happy to be using PHP productively in my favorite IDE (and yes, I am using the paid version). I previously used NetBeans, Eclipse, etc. While the PHP integration uses more memory than NetBeans (comparing very large projects), the speed of the UI really blows the Java-based competitors out of the water. Debugging is on par with NetBeans.

DEVSENSE August 25 2013
| Edit |


Thank you for your review! We're happy that you like PHP Tools and we are actually proud of performance we are achieving. We'll take a look on the memory consumption on very large projects as suggested. We are confident we can lower it significantly too. If you'd have any more suggestions please contact us at, we are always happy to hear from our users.

Thanks again!

by Rajesh Batheja | August 16 2013

DEVSENSE August 16 2013
| Edit |

Hi Rajesh,

Thank you for your rating! If you'd have any recommendation for us what we could improve to deserve better rating please give us know at It would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

by AGBell | August 13 2013

As a .NET developer this tool enabled me to use my favourite IDE to work with PHP projects. The support team are incredibly helpful and friendly and I have now got VS2012 working with PHP beautifully. I would recommend this to everyone.

DEVSENSE August 14 2013
| Edit |

Thank you so much!

by Paul Harding of Jennings | August 10 2013

The product is superb - excellent intellisense, debugging and code snippets. I'm very happy to pay for good quality software and this is the right price. Would love to see JavaScript handled when outside the <?php tags

DEVSENSE August 12 2013
| Edit |

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much. We're very glad you like our product and about JavaScript... you are not going to wait too long;)

by Net Dynamics | August 10 2013

I don't normally give feedback unless I have a problem or I'm really impressed with a product.

I'm impressed. 11/10 guys - awesome work :)

I switch between languages a fair bit and being able to work with PHP in VS is an obvious time saver. But the slick work you have done with PHP Tools has taken it to the next level - my productivity has increased at least 500%.

Definitely worth the investment.

Very Happy Customer

DEVSENSE August 12 2013
| Edit |

Dear Brad,

Thank you so much for this review! This really makes us love our work!

From all of us here in Devsense, Thanks again!

by androok | August 07 2013

Solid effort, but for the price - stick with Netbeans if you really need advanced IDE features for php. $80 + the cost of visual studio is not worth it for less features than what netbeans already offers for php.

At $30, this would be an easier sell, but at its current price, it really can't beat netbeans' cross platform availability and feature set.

DEVSENSE August 08 2013
| Edit |


You can actually run PHP Tools with Visual Studio Integrated shell, so there would be no cost of Visual Studio involved.

About feature set... It's hard to compare Visual Studio with Netbeans. We are actively working on many new features and we have new updates quite often. So if there's something critical missing for you just give us know and we'll make sure it will be added soon.

Thank you!

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  • PHP tools & TypeScript
    1 Posts | Last post Fri 3:49 PM
    • Hey,
      Very satisfied with PHP Tools so far, but I'd like to be able to use TypeScript within my PHP projects. I see no template available for it from the add file dialog within my PHP projects. I tried simply renaming a .js file to .ts, and while I do get intellisense and syntax highlighting for it the file doesn't compile on build.
      I'd also like to be able to use SASS within PHP projects. Luckily though simply renaming a .css file to .scss was enough to SassyStudio to pick up on it and do it's job. A template in the add file dialog would be nice though.
  • Install and activate older version of PHP Tools cause license ended
    3 Posts | Last post March 28, 2014
    • Hey.
      I've bought the PHP Tools for private use nearly one and a half year ago and I am very satisfied. My supscription ended in December, but that was no problem for me. I don't need the newest update and like I understood it when I was buying this software I could use it later but just don't get updates.
      But now I've reinstalled my second PC and wanted to install the Tools for VS2012 again. Install was successful, activating too, but I can't use any feature, like IntelliSense and more.
      So how can I get my old version to work again?
      Greetings, Clemens
    • Solved with a very fast mail contact with Devsense, thanks (:
    • Hi Clemens, Thanks to you too! Have a nice weekend.
  • Code Highlighting Messed Up?
    2 Posts | Last post March 17, 2014
    • I updated PHP Tools for VS 2012 today and now my code highlighting isn't working in .php files...
    • Hi, do you have Visual Studio 2012 Professional?
  • How do I step through PHP Code in the Debugger?
    3 Posts | Last post March 16, 2014
    • Everything I do to try and step through my code in the debugger seems to be doing nothing.
      I searched online, and was only able to find one reference to the other VS PHP tool - but I've already purchased this one!
      Can you point me to some tutorial detailing how to get the XDEBUG to work with this?
    • Meh! It took a while, but after leaving here and going to the base devsense webpage, I found it:
    • Hi there!
      I hope doc and demos page helped. If you'd still need help with setting things up, just go directly to our support forum or email us to . 
      Thank you!
  • Comparison
    3 Posts | Last post February 25, 2014
    • Just wondering which is better and why?
      PHP Tools & VS.PHP
    • My apologies if the topic has been posted.
      Feel free to remove it admins
    • Hi there!
      Good question!:) But I think some 3rd party should do the comparison so it's objective. Or just try it out and see what fits you better. And if you'd have any question give us know!
      Miloslav Beno | DEVSENSE
  • Laravel Blade Templating syntax highlighting
    2 Posts | Last post February 23, 2014
    • Hello,
      do you plan to support syntax highlighting for Laravel?
    • Hi,
      Support for Laravel templates is not planned yet.
  • Run PHP Built-in WebServer on
    3 Posts | Last post January 21, 2014
    • Hi,
      How can I set PHP CLI WebServer to start on instead of localhost? (in other words to have the hand on the -S switch of php.exe)?
      I want to use Visual Studio 2013 with PHP Tools for Visual Studio with PHP built-in WebServer and access the page from a mobile phone within the wireless network.
      Any ideas?
    • Hi David,
      Thanks for the question/suggestion. Currently we just setup it up always as localhost. But since it's small change the option to change this was added to the latest preview version. You can get it here But please note it's not release version!
    • Working great, thanks for the feature!
  • Phlanger,PHP and Visual Studio
    2 Posts | Last post December 21, 2013
    • Hey Jacob..
      I am a student and we are doing a student project which is development of a system which has 4 sub-systems and one of the sub system is completely developed from scratch with .Net MVC4 and others are like open source frameworks integrated in it.. for compatibility we found 2 out of 3 frameworks in .Net and 1 we couldn't find in .Net and had to choose a PHP one... we need to make some changes to the existing code and we are deploying the whole system in IIS... 
      My questions are..
      1. Do we need to have Phlanger to do this? or just enabling fastCGI would do? what is the difference?
      2.I tried to deploy and check wordpress using fastcgi and it works. is that sufficient? can i just put my php files in VS and can build and deploy it?
      3. If I need to use Phlanger with VS and deplyment is there any tutorial that can help me. Because I could see IIS set up for this but I dont find anything with VS. 
      Thanks for your valuable advice and guidance....
    • Hello,
      Thanks for contacting us; first of all, PHP Tools for Visual Studio and Phalanger are two different things. PHP Tools are add-in for Visual Studio enabling PHP language, and Phalanger ( is a compiler for .NET.
      Please refer to corresponding pages for what you need.
  • Server tags within HTML attributes & 1.9.4839 problems
    2 Posts | Last post December 05, 2013
    • The syntax highlighter currently thinks that the HTML is not well formed when there are server tags embedded within an HTML attribute. Is there a way to fix this? (Visual Studio 2012)
      [Note: I just updated PHP Tools to 1.9.4839 to see if that would remedy it, and now syntax recognition is mostly broken in .phtml files (90% of PHP code is seen as an error), and partially broken in regular .php files (namespace declarations, `use` directives, class declarations, extends, comments and doc comments aren't recognized at all; functions mostly work. I've made sure both extensions are mapped to the PHP editor in Visual Studio's options.]
    • Hi Paul,
      The first issue with HTML formatting should be gone in 1.9.
      The second issue is caused by Resharper Code Analysis not being ready for PHP inside Visual Studio HTML editor. If you turn it off it will work correctly. Or you can switch to our previous HTML editor (Tools|Options|PHP Tools|Advanced|Enable HTML Editor in PHP files), but the new one is just so much better (Full CSS and JS support, Web essentials support,..).
      Please give me know if there's anything else I could help you with.
  • Javascript and PHP Highlighting?
    4 Posts | Last post December 02, 2013
    • Hello,
      I couldn't find anything on the net, so I ask here.
      Is there a possibility to highlight JavaScript in PHP-files with HTML content, that is in between <script> and </script> tags? Is this only possible with the full version?
      Thanks in advance!
    • Hello!
      Thanks for the question. 
      Yes, not just highlight but IntelliSense too! You just need to download 1.9 version which is Visual Studio version specific. You can find them here on vs gallery or we have the links on our company page . It needs full version, but you can try it out for 30-days for free.
    • Okay, thanks! I'm out of test period, that must be the reason why highlighting and IntelliSense are off.
    • I see, please write us on We can extend your trial.
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