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Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers

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by DanielD | February 02 2012

Good work, but im having an issue with the #regions, not working, i have vs2010 and resharper 6.1, maybe it is not compatible with resharper.

by OxFEEDDEADBEEF | January 31 2012

I like this extension very much. Good job, Mads.
I've encountered one non-critical (VS did not crash) exception when using "Embed resource as base64" feature (version 2.7):

System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Parameter name: span
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.SnapshotSpan..ctor(ITextSnapshot snapshot, Span span)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.CSS.Implementation.CSSColorizer.Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Classification.IClassifier.GetClassificationSpans(SnapshotSpan trackingSpan)
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Classification.Implementation.ClassifierTagger.<GetTags>d__0.MoveNext()
at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Tagging.Implementation.TagAggregator`1.<GetTagsForBuffer>d__16.MoveNext()

by Nikolai Villarin | January 31 2012

The features I like the most with this extension is the color/font preview, support for regions, and alphabetize properties. However, like some others I am very picky. Like Neliski I wish this extension can use the editor settings set on Visual Studio. I had the same issue with white-spaces and tabs as Neilski. But, something I would like is support for expanded formatting for CSS or some consistency. For instance I noticed that if I typed .class and press enter in a css document the extension will automatically create the opening and closing brackets for me. The extension uses the Semi-expanded format when creating opening and closing brackets. Now, if I type the same css rule (.class) but this time type the opening bracket after the class and then press enter Visual Studio will respect the rules I have set for the text editor and format my bracket using the Expanded format.

It’s something minor but gets irritating if Visual Studio is formatting your brackets in two different ways.

Mads Kristensen February 01 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the feedback. I hope to get both things fixed for future versions of the extension

by rushfrisby | January 26 2012

Extension is constantly crashing Visual Studio. Mostly happens when typing class="... and then I guess it's the intellisense that it's getting hung up on. I cannot deal with it any more so I'm uninstalling this extension. Huge bug for such a popular plugin and I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet.

Mads Kristensen January 26 2012
| Edit |

I'm sorry it acts up like that. The plugin should not interfere with the HTML editor at all, so it's a bit weird. I'll investigate.

by Neilski | January 25 2012

Very useful add-on but I have found a couple of small problems (only tested css editing so far).

Indentations are always tabbed. It would be good if the tool reflected the editor settings and used white-space if appropriate (it would save to 'untabify' after each edit).

I can't get the <Shift+Enter> keyboard command to work (it does nothing).

Sorry to be picky - other than the above, the tools work great.

by torerikk | January 19 2012

The option to turn functions on/off would make this tool superb :)

by Niall Merrigan | January 19 2012

by Ove Andersen | January 16 2012

by Brettly | January 13 2012

This is a nice add-on, it makes CSS more interactive and speeds develop up. Good one!

by Dippu Gajjar | January 12 2012

Looks great.

by Glen Little | January 10 2012

Great features for CSS!

by Mustafa Genç | December 23 2011

by Maxisam | December 20 2011

This is an awesome plugin !!! I love the IE hack function.

by instruo | December 07 2011

Best plugin I've ever used! My only real request would be to collaspe all outlining with a single command. Great work!

by jcreamer898 | December 07 2011

by lethal venom | December 07 2011

bravo! bravo! a toast to the finiest

by Gandalf50 | December 07 2011

Well Done!! Very usefull extension

by ntek designs | December 03 2011

I would like to see would be a color picker added but other then that I love this product and use it every day.

A few things that a not working correctly are the Control+UP and + DOWN for incrementing numbers.

And for some reason in my css files if i type the word "Menu" it gives me the little color previewer glyph right before the word. Rather strange.

by kristinnip | November 30 2011

This extension is awesome, if I could change the browser and browser versions in the live preview window I would buy this for a million bucks!!!

Thank you so much for this. :)

by WorkAByte | November 29 2011

You ROCK!!!
any chance we can add an option to have aspx pages auto complete with '' instead of ""?

Mads Kristensen November 29 2011
| Edit |

Would this be for databinding scenarios or just in general?

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  • Not working in 2010 Premium
    1 Posts | Last post April 09, 2014
    • After installation, it appears as Web Essentials 1.0 under Help > About Microsoft Visual Studio. However, it does not appear under Tools > Options. None of its features are available either.
      Mine is 2010 Premium.
      What's happening?
  • Error when converting a list-style-image to base64 in a .scss file
    1 Posts | Last post February 18, 2014
    • Getting an error when I try to convert a bullet image to base64 in a .scss file. My steps.
      1. Add the list-style-image attribute.
      2. Drag the image from solution explorer into the SCSS file to create the path for the image (laziness).
      3. Click the dropdown under the link and create the base64.  
      4. This is where I get the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.
      The SCSS doesn't compile after this.  I of course can go about it the regular way but just wanted to give you a heads up.  Still a stellar product, would love to see the intellisense in SASS though.
  • Too many messages generated after last update
    1 Posts | Last post February 06, 2014
    • VS2013 - recently updated WE and am experiencing a new misbehavior. Seems not to be honoring the maxerr setting or something else is dumping message overtime. .jshintrc has:
          "maxerr"        : 500,       // {int} Maximum error before stopping
      My Error List pane | Messages tab show 127400.
      It has ahem....effected performance.
  • firefox
    1 Posts | Last post January 30, 2014
    • Can I do the live web preview in Firefox?  When I tried the live web preview as it is, it loads some window in who-knows-what browser and my site looks like crap.
  • Error output on Build
    4 Posts | Last post October 19, 2013
    • Since the last two releases, i've been getting the following errors:
      25-01-2013 10:49:35: Updating bundles...
      25-01-2013 10:49:35: The parameter is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070057 (E_INVALIDARG))
         at EnvDTE.Properties.Item(Object index)
         at MadsKristensen.EditorExtensions.ProjectHelpers.GetRootFolder()
      25-01-2013 10:49:35: The parameter is incorrect. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070057 (E_INVALIDARG))
         at EnvDTE.Properties.Item(Object index)
         at MadsKristensen.EditorExtensions.ProjectHelpers.GetRootFolder()
      25-01-2013 10:49:35: Bundles updated
      This happens on every build. The project has a js and css bundle, where the bundle has reference to different subfolders (might not be the cause).
      Another annoying thins is, that the WebEssentials output window is main focus after build, instead of the usual build window.
      The project is a normal MVC4 project, with normal /content and /script folders.
    • I get this too.
    • This is a really annoying and persistent bug. Messes up build output.
    • Guys can you mention the VS version? As WE is open-sourced now, please report the bugs on https://github.com/madskristensen/WebEssentials2013/issues or https://github.com/madskristensen/WebEssentials2012/issues or both, so we can track them.
  • Mindscape Web Workbench and the color preview has issues
    6 Posts | Last post September 23, 2013
    • I'm using Mindscapes Web Workbench for SASS editing and have discovered a conflict with Web Essentials in the latest release. In version 2.0.451 they have added outlining to the SASS editor and the color preview causes a lot of flickering when I edit (basically syntax highlighting is turned on and off for large parts of the code). It mostly seems to happen after the first preview, but in one instance it happened after the second preview. If I turn of outlining Ctrl-M, Ctrl-P it behaves much better (seems to still be an issue with comment highlighting).
      Is there any way I can turn off the color preview feature?
    • No, you cannot turn features on/off in Web Essentials yet. 
    • Do you have any fix for this? It's rather annoying
    • Any progress on this? With every key I press in an SCSS file, the code jumps all over the place as the color swatch seems to be refreshing. It's pretty annoying, and sadly I end up disabling the extension. Is this a Web Essentials problem or a Mindscape issue?
    • I would like to ask when will be some way to turn off some of the features?
      Right now the best js collapse extension is JSEnhancements. The collapsing Web Essentials does is not correct. All other functions are great. If Web Essentials can't collapse the js code like JSEnhacements, at least would be nice to turn that collapsing feature off and the two extensions could live together.
    • I'm having this same issue - a feature is conflicting with another extension, and I would like to just turn off that feature (CSS color preview).
  • Too many false positives
    1 Posts | Last post September 13, 2013
    • WE is great.. but
      Using VS2013 Rc I am getting too many false positives. 
      In js its telling me that variable is defined but never used, but is used in another script or in say a ajaxForm success call.
      In css its telling me heaps of rules are unused when they are used.
      This makes a huge unmanageable list of warnings
  • Less errors vs warnings
    1 Posts | Last post September 06, 2013
    • When I open a less-file, WE automatically tries to compile it, and therefore any errors in the compilation is added to the error list. Since I haven't initiated the compile myself, I think that the result of the "helpfull" compile should just be warnings, if anything. 
      When I do compile/save the file, it is fine to add the results to the error list.
  • Error Writing File
    1 Posts | Last post July 31, 2013
    • I have been getting this error while working with TypeScript files in VS 2012.  I have options to generate js turned on.  As soon as I make an edit to .ts file and hit save, the error "Error writing file" comes up in the js window.  Workaround includes checking out all ts/js files or just turn on the option to build all ts files during project build.
      Any chance for this to be fixed?
      Thank you.
  • box-shadow
    1 Posts | Last post July 24, 2013
    • Why when I create a style with box-shadow and add vendor specif items through the little snippet only -webkit-box-shadow is added? Why isn't the -moz-xxxx added?
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