CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

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by Shockwaver One | August 27 2014

Saved my day, present and future ones, in a way you cannot even immagine XD.
Amazingly done, keep it up!


Steve Cadwallader August 28 2014
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Fantastic, thanks! :)

by Nicw | August 24 2014

I may have missed something here but I have not found it. I always like to
know what changes are going to be made before anything goes making them. So
being able to scan the solution then review the suggested changes would be a
must for me.

as a test I created a simple VS2013 MFC application with various classes and
code then ran CodeMaid Clean up All Code. The result was then not able to
be compiled a CodeMaid removed the EOF character from the end of the .rc2
file, so I would be very fearful of running this on larger projects.

Steve Cadwallader August 25 2014
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Thanks for the constructive criticism, that is very helpful.

For that specific item with the .rc2 EOF indicator not being on a separate line, Issue #18 opened and resolved for the next minor release. There is a "Remove end of file trailing new line" option that could be disabled in the interim.

I've also placed a card in the backlog to investigate adding integration tests that would iterate across all the different project templates and invoke CodeMaid actions upon them.

by Homer_ | August 21 2014

by Miro Jeliaskoff | August 12 2014

I did not know it existed but now I am happy. I love open source because there is no corporate guy to decide what the world needs. WE do it!

Steve Cadwallader August 13 2014
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Amen! :)

by endl | August 08 2014

A good tool for VS2013!

by Deniz Şevderoğlu | July 31 2014

Çok yaralı buldum.Teşekkür ederim.

Steve Cadwallader July 31 2014
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If Google translate is correct, you're welcome. :)

by Ma3ztro | July 30 2014

by JAltepeter | July 30 2014

by Rbby | July 24 2014

Very handy tool and for free! Keep up the good work!

Steve Cadwallader July 24 2014
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Will do, thanks! :)

by ShrenikOne | July 03 2014

First its awesome and second its awesome, very light weight and incredible. But for some reasons it doesn't work on solution level clean-up all. I have mix projects in solution, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Silverlight, WCF, Windows Service etc.. and total around 50+ projects excluding unit test projects :)... if it work at solution level then save more time for me and save me 50+ individual project level clicks...

Thanks again for your tool, its really helpful..

Steve Cadwallader July 03 2014
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Thanks for the high compliments! :)

VS2013 had a known issue with solution level cleanups being disabled. They fixed it recently with Update 2. If that doesn't do the trick a shortcut is you can multi-select projects and do cleanup on several at once. Also feel free to open a BitBucket issue and we can figure it out if it wasn't the VS update.

Keep enjoying! :)

by Daniel Cazé | June 30 2014

This tool saved my life!!!
I liked a lot.

I will feel so wonderful if more stylecop rules added at cleanup processing

- sorry by my bad english

Steve Cadwallader July 01 2014
| Edit |

Thanks :) To suggest or vote for specific StyleCop rules please go to the backlog here:

by Felipe F. Diogo | May 20 2014

All I have to say is that the extension is awesome.

one of the features that I've come to like is the close read-only files.

Also the CodeMaid Spade blew my mind away.

sry for grammar since english is not my native language.

Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward for updates.

Steve Cadwallader May 23 2014
| Edit |

Thanks - I really appreciate the feedback and am glad you're enjoying it so much. :)

by Jay Muralee | May 15 2014

I'm blown away! Where have you been all my coding life? Simple little things like collapsing all the projects in the solution explorer - such a time saver.

Steve Cadwallader May 17 2014
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*grin* thanks :)

by rmoc | April 30 2014

by Brice Williams | April 14 2014

Excellent Visual Studio extension. Can't wait to see upcoming new features.

Steve Cadwallader April 14 2014
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Thanks. :) For spoiler's about what's coming next, vote/comment on our public backlog here:

by Lukasz Ciastko | April 11 2014

I used to use CodeMain, but it's not compatible with the latest Windows Universal Apps. It's impossible to clean up classes inside a shared folder.

Steve Cadwallader April 13 2014
| Edit |

If you'd like to look into it together, please open an issue on BitBucket here:

by user rob | April 10 2014

Code Maid persistently crashed the GUI for the project I maintain without me using any code maid features. I guess its for hobby use only.
Using C++ VS2010 Vista.

The loaded solution consists of 8 legacy programs with origins in VMS consisting mostly of C with Win API with some newer simple C++.

The VS GUI crashed in the following instances: rearranging window positions, selecting class view and while browsing the code before I un-installed it. After un-installing and before installing of code maid there were no VS crashes. I have been using VS 2010 to maintain this code since 2010 without any GUI crashes.

Steve Cadwallader April 11 2014
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Sorry that you had a bad experience.

There are some fixes for VS2010 available in the latest beta. Message me through here for more details:

by digovc | April 07 2014

by mwbrady68 | April 05 2014

by honsinger | March 31 2014

This is fantastic. Don't for one minute think it's just a pretty thing, for me it is a major productivity boost!

Thank you.

Steve Cadwallader April 01 2014
| Edit |

You're welcome - I'm happy to hear it is giving you a boost. :)

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  • Would like to align assignment statements
    2 Posts | Last post August 08, 2013
    • Just a suggestion, but it would be nice to be able to select a set of assignment statements and have all the "right side" values be aligned.
    • Thanks for the suggestion.  I think there is already another VS extension that is focused on statement alignment - check out:
  • Why is Format Comment disabled
    2 Posts | Last post August 08, 2013
    • Why is the Format Comment disabled in my installation?
    • The new Format Comment functionality currently only supports VS2012 and higher.  There is a backlog card to add support for VS2010 here:
  • Visual Studio 2013
    10 Posts | Last post August 03, 2013
    • Just wondering when will CodeMaid come out for Visual Studio 2013 beta that was just released.
    • Popular question!  I'm out of town this weekend but hope to have a beta ready and online next weekend! :)
    • This is exactly the question that I was about to ask.  Can't wait!  Code Maid is awesome.  It is a daily staple in my dev work.
    • Consider it done, VS2013 support is now available! :)
    • If you call 'CleanUp All Code' in VS2013 you get this error with Codemaid(0.6.2):
      Microsoft Visual Studio
      Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package.LanguageService.10.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
    • Thanks for reporting the issue Alexander.  I'm on vacation this week but will take a look when I am back.  Are you able to run individual file cleanup and/or do batch cleanup from the solution explorer?
    • Hi Steve.
      Yes Everything else I tried seems to work
    • With batch cleanup do you mean cleanup for a selected project? This option is disabled in VS2013
    • Thanks Alexander.  I have created two new issues on BitBucket for those VS2013 batch cleanup issues:
    • Alexander:  Hopefully you're tracking the BitBucket issue (, but if not it has been identified and passed on to Microsoft here:
  • CodeMade hangs when switching to the Spade window
    2 Posts | Last post July 28, 2013
    • Trying to use CodeMade 0.6.2 with VS2012. After I open the project everything works well until I go to the "Spade" window, then everything hangs and VS shows the "waiting for a background process" window forever. nothing works until I kill VS and start over.
    • This is a known issue with the C++ API in VS2012.  You can use CodeMaid, but you will have to close the Spade tool window which accesses parts of the API that are now hanging in VS2012.  This is not an issue in VS2010, and Microsoft has fixed it for VS2013.  So the issue only occurs with VS2012 C++ projects.
      Microsoft was very helpful when I worked with them on this issue, and in addition to resolving it for future releases (e.g. VS2013) they provided some workaround suggestions for VS2012.  They're non-trivial, but they are on my radar and progress can be tracked on BitBucket here:
  • Code CleanUp crashes VS with OOM and simmilar Errors
    2 Posts | Last post July 28, 2013
    • Hi,
      I have a rater big C# Project, on witch VS2012 crashes when I run a Code CleanUp.
      The Project has ~770 files, and VS always crashes at ~400 cleaned up with OOM or another simmilar exception. (Before that the Memory use slowly increases)
    • Thanks for reporting the issue Alexander.  I have an open Trello card to make some memory consumption improvements here:
  • Crash during opening of unsaved file.
    3 Posts | Last post July 12, 2013
    • If I copy a piece of code to a different C# code files and go back to the file that the code was copied from (two files are unsaved at this point), Visual Studio crashes and had to restart. If I save all the files immediately and reopen the file it doesn't crash. This crash is happening on the latest update, which I installed today on July 11.
      I copied code in two different projects.
    • I'm unable to reproduce this issue.  Will you create a defect on BitBucket with some more information (e.g. what version of VS, an export of your settings, more steps to reproduce, sample files, etc.)?
    • Link to BitBucket:
  • CodeMaid cleanup now crashes VS 2012 after a Rename Refactor
    9 Posts | Last post July 11, 2013
    • After today's update (July 9, 2013), CodeMaid is now crashing Visual Studio 2012 after a file is saved after an F2-initiated Rename Refactor. This occurs after ALL renames, including methods and classes. If I rename class 'SampleClass' to 'SampleClass2' for example, all other code files referencing SampleClass are changed and saved successfully, but SampleClass.cs is not saved and Visual Studio freezes for a while with the message "CodeMaid is cleaning 'SampleClass.cs'..." in the lower left corner (using about 30% of my i5 750 CPU consistently). 
      After about half a minute, Visual Studio crashes and I get the following message from Windows:
      The crash also occurs after refactoring the name of a method not referenced by any other code.
      This is particularly frustrating because I use CodeMaid constantly. I'm going to try re-installing it with the hope of the error disappearing.
    • Reinstalling didn't fix the issue, but I found a setting that prevents crashing. In the top Cleaning section in the Configuration window, unchecking 'Use undo transactions' eliminates the issue. So the crash seems to be related to using CodeMaid's undo feature with Rename Refactors.
    • Strange enough, I don't seem to be missing any undo transactions with it unchecked.
    • Yes, this is a known issue that was reported with v0.6.1 - see BitBucket here:
      The workaround you suggested is the recommended approach for now (disable undo transactions).
      Thanks for the report and sorry for the trouble.
    • Thanks for the fast response! No need to apologize, it was easy to fix and the extension still works fantastically.
    • I've just uploaded a beta release with a fix for this issue here:
      If you have a chance will you give it a try?  The change is pretty minimal, a new configuration option that by default will skip undo transactions during automatic cleanup on save which is what led to an infinite loop.
    • Just downloaded it, I'll test it during work today and let you know. Thanks for the quick fix!
    • The fix worked perfectly, thanks!
    • Thanks for confirming - official release v0.6.2 now available. :)
  • CodeMaid not respecting compiler directives
    2 Posts | Last post July 10, 2013
    • Hello,
      I have just come across your fantastic utility, but in my codebase I have alot of compiler directives inside my code.
      If I have a compiler directive inside a method, it handles the reorganizing fine.
      If I have a compiler directive around a method or some properties they loose their place.
      I tried too wrk around this by commenting out the #if #endif statement, but it only moves the comments above the section and not below it.
    • Hi d3 -
      You're right, reorganization does not currently handle preprocessor directives.  There is a card in the backlog to add that functionality, feel free to visit it to vote it up and/or add comments:
      Glad to hear otherwise you are liking the tool. :)
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • Disable Digging (Spade)
    2 Posts | Last post June 26, 2013
    • I don't use nor want the Digging (Spade). Can you add an option to completely disable it so its not using resources? I use CodeMaid for it's formatting and better build dialog.
    • You can simply close the Spade tool window.  If the window is not open it will not do any processing.
  • Hanging VS
    4 Posts | Last post June 23, 2013
    • I installed codemaid tonight using nuget, but now when I open my unmanaged C++ solution in VS2012 and try to open a file, VS hangs "waiting for background operation to complete". I gave it 10 minutes hoping it was a one time set up issue. I've had to disable it for now. Suggestions on what to check? I have these extensions installed: AStyle, Indent Guides, Visual Studio Extensions, VS Commands for Visual Studio 2012, Windows Debugger Extension, Windows Driver Tools
    • This is a known issue with the C++ API in VS2012.  You can use CodeMaid, but you will have to close the Spade tool window which accesses parts of the API that are now hanging in VS2012 (used to work in VS2010).  There is an open bug for CodeMaid here:
      and more importantly an open bug on Microsoft Connect here:
      If you can go vote up the Microsoft Connect bug that would be very appreciated and we'll hopefully get it resolved soon!
    • Marked as fixed by Microsoft in November and scheduled for the 'next major release' whatever that means. Still happens on Update 2.
    • That means the next year number release (e.g. VS2013).  I've spoken with them a lot and they've provided some work-arounds in the short term, but they require some significant changes so I've been heads down expanding out the unit tests before tackling it.  The BitBucket issue is still the best place to keep tabs on this item:
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