CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

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by Scott Goodman | December 13 2013

Needs to NOT automatically scan my active file. This is a great way to lockup Visual Studio when I F12 into an LinqToSQL or EntityFramework code-gen'd file.

Steve Cadwallader December 14 2013
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Thanks for the suggestion. There is an existing card in the backlog for this, please vote it up:

by tevo | December 09 2013

CodeMaid does so many complex things so well that it seems simple. I don't ever want to use Visual Studio without it!

Steve Cadwallader December 10 2013
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Thanks! :)

by Ravi M. Kaushika | December 03 2013

DISABLED for me in Visual Studio 2012 premium. Since this is the 1st time, i am usng it, i felt that i was making some mistakes. this tool has raving reviews and i am wondering why it is not working or disabled for me. any help would be appreciated. regards, Ravi.

Steve Cadwallader December 04 2013
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Note: This was resolved in the Q&A section as a VS extension setting issue.

by Benaiah.John | November 29 2013

This is an awesome util. Thanks a lot Steve! Saved me a ton of precious time. :-)

I just wanted to bring to your notice a minor problem. When I Format the comments, it automatically messes up my copyright info at the top of the file. My company's copyright info normally follows a 3 line comment like:
// <copyright file="file.cs" company="MyCompany">
// Copyright (c) 2013 CompanyName. All rights reserved.
// </copyright>
// <summary>The class summary</summary>

But on formatting comments, it puts it all in just a single line (sometimes 2 lines). Is this intended or am I doing something wrong :^)

Steve Cadwallader November 29 2013
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Really glad to hear you like it, you're welcome. :)

There are two kinds of comment formatting, traditional comments "//" and XML comment formating "///". It looks like you have XML tags within your copyright definition, but they aren't being marked with the triple slash syntax usually associated with XML comments. If you put the third slash in that will improve behavior. You will also want to mark 'copyright' as a major tag within CodeMaid's configuration (CodeMaid->Configuration->Cleaning->Comments) so that it will always keep new lines before and after.

Hope that helps. If you're still seeing an issue please post a code sample on BitBucket and I'll take a deeper look. :)

by Pankaj Nikam | November 16 2013

Just love this. Must have plugin for all :)

by tsaixiedan | November 15 2013


by Senthil Ramanathan | November 12 2013

Just learnt about this tool today reading a SO answer. Awesome utility to reformat a huge bunch of files that I had to import from another system. And managed to get it done in all of 2 mins.. Great work.

Steve Cadwallader November 12 2013
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Thanks! :)

by DaFlame | October 25 2013

I have to reiterate a point brought up by a previous reviewer.

I like cleaning up the code to add the this keyword in front of class members and methods. It helps to make the code more unified because you NEED to use the this keyword when applying extension methods to the local class. I agree it is not needed in most cases, but it does clarify the target of the request.

StyleCop has this rule for a good reason: code transparency and consistency.
Please support this in CodeMaid. it is the last item only thing it doesn't do for me.

Only 4 stars until it is supported.

Steve Cadwallader October 26 2013
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Thanks for the suggestion. Personally I always remove them, but there's arguments for both directions.

To implement adding/removing "this." requires a richer code model than what is currently exposed through the Visual Studio API. The Roslyn project promises to expose a code model rich enough to add this kind of functionality in the future, but it has not been released. To get that behavior today you'll need to use a commercial tool (e.g. ReSharper) that has its own static compilation engine.

by IsenGrim 613 | October 23 2013

You need a new function:
Cleanup all checked out.

Steve Cadwallader October 24 2013
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Good idea, thanks. :) Added to the backlog:

by UldisV | September 17 2013

Perfect tool.
A must if you want to get quick overview of your class.

by Michal Smola | August 29 2013

by Ovidiu Ionescu | August 17 2013

by Gil Yoder | August 06 2013

Steve has done a great job with this free utility, and supports it as if he was getting rich from it. Thanks Steve.

Steve Cadwallader August 08 2013
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Rich on ego, Thanks Gil. :)

by Mike Paterson | July 19 2013

I use Code Maid on a daily basis. Really great job! You should setup a place where we can donate.

$20 donated!

Steve Cadwallader July 19 2013
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That was very generous - thank you! :)

by Elmut | July 18 2013

Usefull !

by Mahesh.Nalam | July 16 2013

very useful

by d347hm4n | July 09 2013

Excellent tool, perfect to maintain prjects from the get go. I would be careful doing it to large code bases as there are a few gotcha's that you will want to be sure you like the behaviour of before you go ahead and clean a whole solution.

by tutorbrain | July 08 2013

Very nice product, but the latest version (released 7/6/2013) is making my visual studio crash repeatedly and be much slower than i remember it being before the update.

Steve Cadwallader July 08 2013
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Sorry to hear it. In regards to the crash, please check if you are seeing a crash during a rename operation.

As to performance, I wouldn't have expected any differences at this point but there are performance improvements in the works going forwards.

by kelvinkw83 | July 08 2013

Been using CodeMaid for nearly over a year...Excellent extension that help me reformat my codes and with the latest addition of formatting the comments really make my life easier...Thanks Steve

Steve Cadwallader July 08 2013
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You're welcome, that's wonderful that it is making life easier. :) The new comment formatting feature was built by Willem Duncan so I'll pass along the positive feedback to him.

by Rajiv_Rapid | July 01 2013

Great work! But I don't understand Y it is free!!! am happy anyways to get it for free!

Steve Cadwallader July 02 2013
| Edit |

lol - thanks I'm glad to hear you like it. :) It is free because I enjoy making it and knowing that it is helping others out.

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  • visual studio stop running after use codemaid
    2 Posts | Last post March 14, 2014
    • After install codemaid, i'm using visual studio 2010, and use the extension my visual studio stop running and  when i start again, i got the same result. I have uninstalled the codemaid extensioni and there is not any problem again. Do you have some setting or patch for this issue?
    • I'm not sure if this will help the problem you are describing, but there is a known issue that some users have encountered with multithreading performance.  You can disable that optimization through CodeMaid->Configuration->General->"Multithread options".  This is the default in the latest BETA release.
      If that isn't the problem, please open an issue on BitBucket ( including some details such as what you are doing when the error occurs, any relevant screenshots, and if the issue occurs consistently or erratically.
  • CodeMaid Window
    2 Posts | Last post March 08, 2014
    • My codemaid window was closed. Now I can't find how to re-open it.  Am I missing something simple?
    • The Spade tool window can be opened by selecting the CodeMaid menu across the top and then selecting the Spade menu item.
  • Out of memory
    2 Posts | Last post February 27, 2014
    • A project i'm on has 1400 clean'able code files associated with it, and so I was expecting it to take a while to run.  I came back a while later to find it ran out of memory causing VS to crash after around 1000 files had been sifted.  I re-ran the clean on the solution and the problem didn't appear again.
      Does this mean individual file changes are being stored in memory?  I didn't close anything down between the two run-throughs so I don't think more memory was in use the first or second time.
      Any info on how to prevent this from happening in the future would help.  This was on a laptop with 8gb ram with other development software running (sql server etc.)
    • Hi Phil_O -
      With the v0.7.0 release we confirmed that CodeMaid has zero object growth using the Red Gate ANTS Memory Profiler during batch cleanup operations.  The overall memory demands of Visual Studio will increase though the more you open documents.  The same behavior can be seen if you were to manually open each of those files and close them - Visual Studio's memory footprint continues to increase in size over time.
      Unfortunately I don't have a great suggestion currently, other than to do smaller cleanups (e.g. select half the projects and clean them, then select the other half later).
      Sorry I don't have a better solution.  If anybody else has any recommendations on limiting the Visual Studio memory footprint I'd appreciate it.
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • Facebook React JSX support
    2 Posts | Last post February 24, 2014
    • When do you plan to add JSX support?
    • It's not on the radar, but I've added it to the backlog for voting/comments here:
  • Can't exclude files in a folder of a project
    2 Posts | Last post February 24, 2014
    • We have flat file specification classes which need to have private "filler" properties interspersed with the public properties, so we want to not run CodeMaid on files in a particular folder.  I tried with regex to exclude them, but I believe the problem is the regex is tested against the, which excludes the path.  Would it be possible to enhance the regex testing to include the folder path inside the project?  For now I'll have to turn off CodeMaid, check these back in and lock them so no one inadvertently changes them with a cleanup.
      Chris Rock
    • Hi Chris -
      Makes sense, and it should largely be straight forward.  I saw you've forked the code base, so hopefully you've found your way to CodeCleanupAvailabilityLogic::IsFileNameExcludedByOptions.  This is called from two locations, once for a Document object (an open file) and once for a ProjectItem object (i.e. from the solution explorer).  The former is easier, just switch from passing document.Name to document.FullName but the latter will be a little trickier.
      I've added a card onto Trello for tracking the work here  Let me know if you're already looking into it, otherwise it's a pretty easy add I can follow through.
      Thanks for the suggestion, :)
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • Source control CodeMaid settings?
    3 Posts | Last post February 13, 2014
    • We currently use StyleCop to check our code. StyleCop has per-project settings which we keep in source control so the settings are always consistent across the team. Is there a way to do this with the CodeMaid settings?
    • Not yet, but per solution settings is a popular feature request in the backlog.  Track, vote, or comment here:
    • Great. Thanks!
  • BUG: Commented out code after comment, on every save multilpe extra empty comments
    2 Posts | Last post February 10, 2014
    • Running v0.7.0, if you have code:
      // This is a test
      //// This is commented out code
      And you 'clean', you will get:
      // This is a test
      //// This is commented out code
      Saving second time (clean on save):
      // This is a test
      //// This is commented out code
      Savind 3rd time:
      // This is a test
      //// This is commented out code
      So it is expanding rappidly. 
      The only things i've changed in the default settings are:
      - General: Checked 'Automatically run cleanup on file save'
      - Comments: Unchecked 'Skip wrapping on the last word'
      - Comments: Checked 'Run format comments during cleanup
      - Comments: Cleared all text in the multiline textbox 'Major Tags'
    • This is an open bug in the Issue Tracker:
  • Keep startup project expanded when openning solutions?
    2 Posts | Last post February 06, 2014
    • Can a collapsing option be made to (for solutions with multiple projects) keep the startup project expanded to it's root level. (There's an option like this for solutions with a single project.)
    • Thanks for the suggestion, I like it.  I've added it to the backlog here for voting and comments:
  • It is one of the best free VS extension.
    2 Posts | Last post February 01, 2014
    • Thank you for developing CodeMaid. I'd like to suggest some features for CodeMaid. 
      - Need an option to remove unwanted references while doing the cleanup.
      - Highlight unused variables within a class while editing
    • You're very welcome, glad you like it. :)
      The first feature is already included, check out CodeMaid->Configuration->Cleaning->Visual Studio->Run remove unused using statements
      The second feature will require the Roslyn compiler (future edition of Visual Studio) but is one I will keep in mind if Microsoft doesn't bake it in.  There are other tools (e.g. ReSharper, not free) that support that functionality now.
  • Not working anymore?
    2 Posts | Last post January 30, 2014
    • I don't know why but after I installed VS2013 Update it's not working. Nothing happened tried to clean code. Is it bug?
    • There is a known Visual Studio bug that will disable the CodeMaid cleanup commands within the solution explorer (they will work elsewhere such as within the document).  There are details including a link to the Microsoft Connect issue and a workaround through the CodeMaid issue here:
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