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Easily create, configure, and test Application Insights telemetry collection for your applications, right from Visual Studio.

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by Marcel Raad | July 21 2014

by DAESK | May 10 2014

by srki71 | March 28 2014

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  • Windows Service / Worker Role Support
    1 Posts | Last post August 26, 2014
    • When will windows services and worker roles be supported?
  • Universal App support
    2 Posts | Last post August 25, 2014
    • When will universal apps be supported?
    • Any news regarding this point?
  • CPU build selection for apps
    7 Posts | Last post August 07, 2014
    • I have questions regarding store apps. What's the story in regards to the CPU build selection within VS? I watched a Build session from Channel 9 where x86 was chosen in the demo. Is this just to enable the debug logging or does it mean an app that's currently built and deployed to the store with 'Any CPU' now needs 3 builds and three packages to be uploaded to the store?
    • The instrumentation being added in the current version is native, so this requires specifying the CPU; this will be fixed in a future update.  We are looking to make this fix available in late June or early July. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    • @Dave Lubash - Is there any update on the ETA for the Any CPU version of this?
    • The newest version of the SDKs, which are supported in the (just released) VS 2012 Update 3 do support Any CPU.  However, they also point at the azure preview portal instead of the existing VSO portal, so your data gets routed to a different place.
    • Nice one, thanks John, I'll have a look at that now.
    • Unless I'm mistaken, for store apps there's not much benefit in doing this at the moment because the preview portal doesn't support showing telemetry for them at the moment, right? Is there any rough timeline for when this might become available?
      Also, I encountered an error whilst adding telemetry to my existing windows store app project - I documented my experience here:
    • yes, you are correct.  The preview portal really only supports apps right now.  I've forwarded both this and your sdk install issue to the respective teams that own those things.
  • Could not add Application Insights to project
    1 Posts | Last post August 07, 2014
    • Getting an error when trying to add to an MVC 5 app. 
      "Could not add Application Insights to project.
      Failed to install package:
      with error:
      Project unavailable.
      Please try again later.
  • What Changed in v1.3.2?
    2 Posts | Last post July 23, 2014
    • Release notes for this version? Is this a bugfix update? Any enhancements? 
    • 1.3.2 only contained changes to some web service calls that the extension makes.  There were no other fixes or changes.
  • v1.3.2 breaks VS 2013
    2 Posts | Last post July 23, 2014
    • After updating the extension to v1.3.2 whenever I open VS 2013 I get a number of errors and the Team Explorer pane shows a generic error and won't load. If I load a solution it throws even more errors as it tries to load projects. I disabled the extension and now everything works fine again. You can view the VS error log with my VS info appended at the bottom at!51187&authkey=!ANN575wn8b2sh8A&ithint=file%2c.txt
      Strangely enough I just tried re-enabling the extension to get the generic Team Explorer pane error message and everything seems to be working fine now. Still thought I would let you know though so you can investigate.
    • Now that you've re-enabled it, the extension is working fine?  
      Nothing in the log jumps out at me, most of the errors there are editor related, and the AI extension does not integrate with the editor.  If it happens again, reply with the error that team explorer shows.  We do integrate with some of the same things team explorer does, so that would be helpful if you see it again!
  • Error adding App Insights to a project in VS 2013 Express
    3 Posts | Last post May 14, 2014
    • I'm getting an exception when I wanted to add App Insights to an existing Windows Store 8.1 project (html/js). Creating new projects (ex. Windows Store javascript Blank app) with App Insights also results in the same exception. It works on C# Windows Store apps.
      Could not add Application Insights to project.
      Failed to install package:
      with error
      Exception setting Value’: “Object of type ‘System.String’ cannot be converted to
      type ‘System.U1nt32’.”
      Please try again later.
    • I'm presuming you're on an Update 2 build? 
      If so, then this is something we're tracking, and will be fixed in a future update of the vsix/nuget packages.
    • The newest version of the vsix (1.3) includes a newer version of the store sdk that fixes this issue for Update 2.
  • Results getting filtered?
    2 Posts | Last post May 13, 2014
    • I've implemented AI in my W8.1 App. During debugging everything shows up on the AI dashboard with Streaming Data. The App has been released and is being used by several hundred users. However, I only seem to get a fraction (=almost none) of Events showing up in the dashboard. So, has anybody else experienced this? Are some results getting filtered and therefore don't arrive at my dashboard?
    • The Streaming Data page and tile will only show your local run data. When you deploy your App data will be sent directly to the Usage hub, and you'll be able to see more rich data about your users in the different Usage Reports.
      For more information on how to monitor your Store App in production see this link:
  • Any plans to support Silverlight projects?
    2 Posts | Last post May 13, 2014
    • is the Telemetry SDK available as a Portable Library? Would like to use with Silverlight app I've been building (
    • Our Telemetry SDKs are only available as Nuget packages today. You can add it to your Silverlight App by right clicking on your project and Adding application insights to the project. 
  • How to remove from application ?
    2 Posts | Last post May 13, 2014
    • After I added application insight to an application it creates the config file and I'm not sure what else. What are the proper steps to application insights be completely removed from the application ?
    • It depends, what project types are you using?
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