PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013

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Provides full featured support for editing and debugging PHP programs.

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by CatalystDeveloper | August 22 2014

How do I enable code folding? It's kinda useless without that.

DEVSENSE August 25 2014
| Edit |


code folding is enabled by default. Please check

From the other review I assume there must be some other editor in use or issue of this sort. Please send us the email to We´ll help you solve that.


by cwhazzoo | July 11 2014

I dont write many reviews, but I've only played around with this for about 30 minutes with one of my large php projects and its like all my dreams came true. It is absolutely fantastic! Just the small simple things this addon does to make php coding easier is amazing. I plan on purchasing this for sure. Still looking to see if it can automatically format code that was previously written. That would put the cherry on top.

DEVSENSE July 14 2014
| Edit |

Wow, Thanks for this review! We're very happy you like PHP Tools for VS. We do have php code formatting, but there are going to be significant improvements in this area in close future.

Thanks! And give us know if you'd have any more feedback. (on or


by Idrees Khan | June 28 2014

This tool made php as PHP.NET. Love it <3. This just replaced the Dreamweaver for me. But it requires license. There should be an express version of the extension as well.

DEVSENSE July 14 2014
| Edit |

Hi there!

Thanks very much for your rating and suggestion!

Best regards from DEVSENSE

by Max Schorpp | May 22 2014

I'm missing refactoring options like
- rename (class/method/field/variable)
- extract (class/method/field/variable)
- move (class/method/field/variable)
- change signature
and such.

But it is currently the best available PHP plugin for Visual Studio

DEVSENSE June 03 2014
| Edit |

Hi Max,

Thanks for your review. We're going to add these in close future. The next update is already coming with implement interface smart tags.

Thanks so much!

by Harlan Gomes | May 14 2014

Great tool! thx

DEVSENSE May 15 2014
| Edit |

Thank you so much!

Cheers from DEVSENSE

by The Harpreet Singh | May 07 2014

Thank you so much for this fantastic tool.
The best IDE is now even more better...

DEVSENSE May 09 2014
| Edit |

We're very happy that you like our tool. And
thank you so much for this rating!

Best Regards from DEVSENSE

by DDtMM | March 15 2014

I work in an environment where I often have projects that involve both .Net sites PHP sites. Its a great pleasure no longer having to switch between seperate IDEs. PHP Tools does not feel like an "add in," but at fully integrated, transparent extension that allows me to get my work done at the fastest speed possible.

I believe the organizational license was a bargain given the productivity improvements I was able to achieve.

DEVSENSE March 18 2014
| Edit |

Thank you so much for taking time to write this review! We're very happy it helped you to improve the productivity! And we hope you'll like all the new features we are planning to release in near future.

Best Regards from DEVSENSE

by Freonius | February 20 2014

Just funtastic!

DEVSENSE February 25 2014
| Edit |


Thanks so much for this review!

Best Regards from DEVSENSE

by retikanya | January 22 2014

I love this product!
It helps a lot in my work. thank you

DEVSENSE January 23 2014
| Edit |

Thanks for such a rating! Read something like this makes us very happy! Give us know if there would be something you'd like to have in our product.

Cheers from DEVSENSE

by jbemman | January 22 2014

This is a great product, I have been using it for over a month and it has made my life easier.

DEVSENSE January 22 2014
| Edit |

Thank you for rating us! We're very glad it made your life easier!

Best Regards from DEVSENSE

by Taiwanek | January 02 2014

Great product!

DEVSENSE January 02 2014
| Edit |

Thank you so much for rating us!

Cheers from DEVSENSE

by Leo Quote | December 19 2013


DEVSENSE January 02 2014
| Edit |

Thank you for such rating!

Have a great day.

by smarble | December 16 2013

Great extension!

DEVSENSE December 17 2013
| Edit |

Thank you for taking time to rate us! Rating like thing always makes our day!

Best Regards from DEVSENSE.

by harryi3t | December 12 2013

i appreciate your effort

DEVSENSE December 12 2013
| Edit |

Thank you so much! We're very happy you like our tool.

by Jiri Burian | December 12 2013

Excellent PHP addon with full VS 2013 Integration. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP all together with syntax validation, IntelliSense, PHP Remote debugging, ...

DEVSENSE December 12 2013
| Edit |

Hi Jiri,

Thank you so much for your review. We really appreciate this!

Best Regards from DEVSENSE

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  • Error when launching VS2013 with PHP Tools
    3 Posts | Last post Wed 6:50 AM
    • Hi.
      I use a student license for Visual Studio 2013 and acutally I'm on trial license on PHP Tools.
      When launching VS2013, I get the error : 
      "Conflicting extensions for PHP development have been detected:
      - VS.Php"
      Even though PHP Tools is the only extension I installed on VS2013.
      It does not stop VS2013 from working, since when I close this message everything works perfectly fine, but still, it is a problem.
      What should I do to get rid of it?
    • Hi,
      This means there is VS.Php installed (or not properly uninstalled), so Visual Studio thinks it is there. Having both PHP Tools and VS.Php causes conflicts and issues since both extensions extend similar features of Visual Studio.
      If you have properly uninstalled Vs.Php, try to open regedit.exe, navigate to
      and delete subkey {3948A4CA-DD10-4DA9-87DB-669E013F6C1E}
      Please let me know if it works for you.
    • Yay! Works! Awesome, thanks Jakub :)
  • Nested Class Intellisense
    5 Posts | Last post September 06, 2014
    • Hi,
      I've been using PHP Tools for almost a month now and It's almost awesome.
      However, I have built a small PHP framework that implements a lightweight MVC concept and I'm hitting a bit of an issue with intellisense.
      When I'm editing class structures, I can see the properties/functions of that class as soon as I tap $class1-> but if I assign a property to a new instance of another class, intellisense seems to have a hissy fit and won't display the properties of that class.
      So $class1->propertyAssignedToAnotherClass->   displays nothing?
      I tested the structure in PHPStorm and it handles multiple levels of nesting without an issue so I know the structure of my code is fine.
      Is this something that is planned for implementation anytime soon as it's the only thing slowing me down at the moment (my class structure fails when building viewmodels as I can't access the properties I need from within the view code).
      Also, when creating a function/class and typing the first { brace, code completion adds the closing brace on the same line.  When pressing return, it would be great if code completion would then position the cursor at the indent and move the closing brace to the next line at the correct closing alignment position.  Currently, it simply moves the cursor to the brace position on the next line meaning you have to then navigate back up to the opening brace, press return and then the indent works correctly.
    • Hello,
      Can you please provide a test code? Inheriting and complex class structures should be supported by IntelliSense.
    • Hi,
      The test case I used was very simple - define 2 classes, each with one property and a constructor on the second class which assigns it's property to a new instance of the first class (i.e. $this->property = new class1() ;  ).
      My trial licence ran out, sadly, so I set up a VM and installed a previous version (1.13.5416) into a VS2012 installation and intellisense started working perfectly.
      I then installed the next version 1.14.5458 and intellisense no longer works.  I'll perform the same test with VS2013 but I suspect it will exhibit the same issue.
      Intellisense using the 1.13.5416 release works flawlessly on my current MVC application :)
    • Hi,
      Can you please try the release from ?
    • Hi Jakub,
      Yes, that version appears to have fixed the issue.  Many thanks for taking the time to help out.
      PHP Tools is by far the best PHP IDE out there at the moment (IMO) and I'm looking forward to all the new features you have planned for future releases.
      Kind regards.
  • How to install php tools for visual studio 2013?
    2 Posts | Last post June 05, 2014
    • hi there
      i have question about how to set up PHP Tools, would you please tell me some steps in order to help me 
    • Hello!
      This should help :
      Getting started guid
      If you'd have any additional questions give us know.
  • //TODO comment tags
    2 Posts | Last post June 03, 2014
    • Hello,
      I've been testing PHP Tools for quite some time, now.
      And I really must say, it's a great tool! In the past I used to work with VS.Php, but your solution really convinced me(that is something I cannot say for the current vs.php version).
      But there's one little thing I'm really missing, and that are TODO comment tags for the task list. 
      They don't seem to get parsed, or at least don't show up in my list.
      Am I doing something wrong? And if not, do you think it would be possible to include that in the future?
      I venture to say, that not only I would like to have that one :)
    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks for the question! I'm glad you like our tools.
      This feature is available in our preview build at and will be a part of upcoming update.
      Please give us know how it works for you, and whether you have any other idea or suggestion.
  • Limitation?
    2 Posts | Last post May 27, 2014
    • I use PHP tools trial and I want to know which are the limitations. Where can I find it?
    • Hi,
      The trial has no limitations for the period of 30 days. After the trial expires, the software should be activated. Otherwise you have only basic set of features free to use. More information about the limitations is available at
  • Breakpoints not working
    2 Posts | Last post May 21, 2014
    • I can't get any breakpoints to work within the PHP code. I am using Visual Studio 2013 (Version 12.0.30324.00 Update 2 RC).
    • Hi,
      Please check the debug troubleshooting page . Also make sure you don't use xdebug 2.2.4. 
  • Almost got it working...
    3 Posts | Last post April 20, 2014
    • I installed and setup PHP Tools in VS2013 Shell.  I have 2012 installed also but only use it for .NET development.  I do python on now (hopefully) PHP in VS2013 Shell.  Everything is working great except when I open .js files I don't have any syntax highlighting or formatting.  PHP and CSS files seem to be working fine.  Any ideas as to how I can fix this?
    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the post. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't deliver javascript language in VS2013 Shell, only on normal VS versions. Last version of VS Shell with js was 2010. We'll be looking for some solution to this, but for now VS2013 Shell is limited in this way.
    • Thanks for your prompt and knowledgeable answer.  I will install the add-on into VS2012 Standard and work from there.  Very happy with this add-in so far and will probably be making the purchase.
  • Limitations
    2 Posts | Last post February 12, 2014
    • This extension is indicated as "trial": which are the limitations for this tool?
    • Hello!
      Thanks for the question. The license is trial, so it can be used for 30 days without any limitation. Then if you find tool useful we'd recommend buying a license.
  • PHP in File -> New -> Web Site menu?
    2 Posts | Last post January 29, 2014
    • It's a great little tool, but...
      Currently it's only possible to create a new php project. It would be great if there was also an option to create the php website project. This way, it would be possible to create new php files directly on the remote server. 
      I have a remote testing and live servers and i'm using two computers to work on php projects. So I have little use of local solution builds and I'm working directly on the servers. It would be great if there would be option to create new php files directly on the server through the "ADD -> New Item..." menu. 
      Also, I've noticed that .php coding is not recognised until the file is with the .php extension. In my work, many projects have the .html extensions while actually being php files run on the server. When I open them in VS 2013 with PHP Tools, there is no code coloring of the php inside. Since every php code is embraced with <?php ?> maybe it is possible to add the php code coloring to html files as well? Or maybe provide a configuration option as to what kind of extensions it should be used?
    • Hi, and thank you for ideas.
      For now, you can configure additional file extensions as described at
      Also VS allows to work directly on a remote web site (, however with some limitations. We will consider the Remote Web Site project. Typical approach in VS is to use some Source Control Provider (TFS, Git, SVN, ...), develop web locally and publish to testing or live server eventually.
  • VS background task with FTP
    2 Posts | Last post December 11, 2013
    • When I open one of my sites via FTP, visual studio is running something in the background. I get the busy mouse icon. This is making VS very slow to use. This does this every time i open a project.
      I guess VS is trying to parse all files for IntelliSense or something.
      Is there any way to stop this?
    • Hi,
      Maybe following link does help
      There are known limitations, and described how VS processes remote FTP Web Site.
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