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Import/Export/Clone screens. AIDE 2013 is a set of productivity power tools for LightSwitch. It surfaces hard-to-access metadata to complement working with the standard LightSwitch designers. Metadata is collected and presented in intuitive views to assist your development.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by Paul Patterson | September 11 2013

What a great set of tools!

Productivity is key for me, and with this set of tools I gain even more by churning out professional quality LightSwitch solutions in much less time - a huge value to my customers.

Well done Xpert360!

by Paul Van Bladel | July 30 2013

LightSwitch is heavily centered around meta-level programming: The line of business application structure is stored in "model files".
AIDE allows you to bring the meta level programming to again another level and opens up a wealth of new possibilities and time savings.

If you are serious about developing line of business apps with LightSwitch, you definitely need AID in your toolbox. The payback ratio of this tool is extremely high.

by Alessandro Del Sole [MVP] | July 29 2013

I use LightSwitch in my daily work, also I author books and articles about LightSwitch. I decided to try AIDE for a number of features it has and I can assure it is something you cannot miss in your LightSwitch toolbox. Not only it integrates perfectly in Visual Studio, it speeds up some common tasks such as inspecting entities, screen properties and duplicating screens. Really must-have.

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