HgSccPackage is a source code control package for MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/11 for Mercurial version control system

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2012, 2010, 2008
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by Vincent Sa | March 26 2014

Very complete tool, it replaces TortoiseHG. One thing I like is that it allows to compare 2 differents version of a file from the file history (not possible in TortoiseHG from the file history view) and that you can use the tool you want to do the comparison as WinMerge and that you can do a search from these tools (not possible from the TortoiseHG comparison tool)

by Dato0011 | January 10 2014

by Bill From AZ | October 07 2013

Installed without a hitch, and I was able to create a BitBucket repo according to my standard workflow (create project, code for a while, get scared because of all the work I would lose if my disk crashed, create repo on BB, commit and push project to BB from VS).

by Vitёk | July 19 2013

by flybumtoo | July 09 2013

I've been using Git & Git Extensions for over a year. Switched to Mercurial, TortoiseHg and this tool. So far Mercurial and these tools are so much nicer than the Git stuff.

by Dzmuh | June 08 2013

by Haddicus_ | April 10 2013

Does not have 'pending changes' window to easily commit items that are needed to be pushed to the repository. Huge drawback, bug/feedback section states others had same issue, author provided no support in integrating this. Ended up moving to VisualHG, works great and has the window.

by Kolimbo | April 03 2013

by praetorian20 | January 20 2013

by AviD | November 15 2012

by Kyr0ss | November 01 2012

by CAD bloke | August 15 2012

Nice integration. I prefer it over VisualHg which I used to use a lot. This has evolved into a great package.

by evok | April 04 2012

Just fine for what I need it for. I only wish that it had a way to use the mercurial shelve plugin. That is so far the only thing I ever need to use the console anymore for mercurial. Add that and this is perfect!

by aag031 | March 13 2012

Installator works strange it start and immediatelly completed without any dialogs as ussually. But plugin has been installed. Seems to me it works
User cannot easy understand is product installed or not installed.
At least simple dialog that notify about installation status

by mobilepalm2 | September 04 2011

Works perfectly for me. Thanks zz-sergant!

by MarkMarioHarris | April 12 2011

it has a few minor issues with adding new projects to an solution but does not get in the way.

by Vladimir Perevalov | March 29 2011

Very good plug-in, use it daily. I have never seen any real bugs.

by John Gates | May 18 2010

too buggy

by Louis Zhuang | April 23 2010

very useful

by 0x49D1 | April 14 2010

At first sight thought that the tool is not working, but after trying a bit it appeared to be working REALLY good! Great extension for Mercuarial, works fine with bitbucket.

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  • Hang when adding and then renaming a file to a solution
    1 Posts | Last post September 20, 2013
    • Using VS2012 on Win8 64 bit:
      If I add a file to an existing solution that is under SCC with HgSccPackage it appears in the solution with the little yellow indicator. So far so good. If I try to rename that file, the file rename occurs but then VS hangs with 25% CPU utilization with the spinning wait icon and never returns control to the user. I have to kill the process. On restart, the file is still in its original name in the solution although the on disk name has changed. I have to delete the reference and reinsert by adding an existing item.
      The same sequence of actions in a solution that is not under SCC works.
  • Does not install on VS 2013
    1 Posts | Last post July 09, 2013
    • I realize it states VS 08 through 12. Hoping VS 13 will be an easy fix!
  • Cannot install - VS2012/Windows 8
    4 Posts | Last post May 08, 2013
    • I'm getting the "You must have one of MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/11 installed, standard edition or higher." error with VS 2012 Professional under Windows 8.  Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?
    • HgSccPackage installer looks in the registry to detect installed VS editions.
      For the VS2012 it uses:
      It should point to devenv.exe location.
      Can you make an installation log with folowing command and send it to me ?
      msiexec /i "C:\Downloads\HgSccPackage.msi" /L*v "C:\Downloads\hgscc_log.txt"
      (change C:\Downloads to the path, where you extracted the hgsccpkg190.zip)
      Also, here is a HgSccPackage issue tracker with similar issue:
    • I also have problems with installing the package -- VS simply does not see it (does not enlist it in the list of available SCCs).
      I see I don't have the above key in the registry. I use VS 2012 Premium...
      Thanks for any help,
    • Nevermind... Service Pack 2 fixed it.
  • Doesn't install with VS 2012 Express
    2 Posts | Last post January 02, 2013
    • Hi,
      I tried to install HgScc under Windows 8 (32 bits) with Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8 and the installation process refused with error message:
         You must have one of MS Visual Studio 2008/2010/11 installed, standard edition or higher.
      Any way to have HgScc working with Express version ?
    • Hi,
      MS Visual Studio Express editions does not support third party source control plugins.
      So, there is no way to work with HgScc in Express edition.
  • Cannot select HgScc as Source Control
    2 Posts | Last post October 20, 2012
    • Hi.
      I've installed HgScc and it's shown in Source Control selection.
      However, I cannot select it, as I get an error message.
      Activity log says:
      End package load [HgSccPackage.SccProvider, HgSccPackage, Version=1.9, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]
      80004005 - E_FAIL
      Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
    • The only way I can think it can fail is that it can not parse PATH environment variable for some reason.
  • VS 2012
    3 Posts | Last post September 19, 2012
      I use this great tool in VS 2010 but it doesn't seem to be available in VS 2012 as a source control provider.  
      Anything I'm missing to get it to work?
    • The HgSccPackage detects available MS Visual Studio editions on package installation.
      So, you need to reinstall the HgSccPackage (uninstall/install) and it will detect and register to VS 2012.
    • Thanks that worked!
  • Selecting the SCC addin fails
    1 Posts | Last post January 04, 2012
    • I have both Team Explorer 2010 (with latest SP and TFS Service update) installed next to the HgSccPackage plugin. When I select the plugin I receive an error message.
      The Visual Studio Activity log shows:
      1180  Entering function CVsPackageInfo::HrInstantiatePackage {A7F26CA1-2000-4729-896E-0BBE9E380635}  VisualStudio 2012/01/04 12:58:49.437 
      1181  Unexpected system error mode before loading package [HgSccPackage.SccProvider, HgSccPackage, Version=1.8.5, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null] {A7F26CA1-2000-4729-896E-0BBE9E380635}  VisualStudio 2012/01/04 12:58:49.437 
      1182  Begin package load [HgSccPackage.SccProvider, HgSccPackage, Version=1.8.5, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null] {A7F26CA1-2000-4729-896E-0BBE9E380635}  VisualStudio 2012/01/04 12:58:49.453 
      1183 ERROR CreateInstance failed for package [HgSccPackage.SccProvider, HgSccPackage, Version=1.8.5, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null] {A7F26CA1-2000-4729-896E-0BBE9E380635} 80131604 VisualStudio 2012/01/04 12:58:49.484 
      1184 ERROR End package load [HgSccPackage.SccProvider, HgSccPackage, Version=1.8.5, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null] {A7F26CA1-2000-4729-896E-0BBE9E380635} 80004005 - E_FAIL VisualStudio 2012/01/04 12:58:49.500 
      1185 Warning Package failed to load; error message suppressed by skip flag {A7F26CA1-2000-4729-896E-0BBE9E380635}  VisualStudio 
  • IIS Authentication
    2 Posts | Last post September 12, 2011
    • Hello we are trying to connect HgScc via IIS7.5 and basic authentication.
      On command line mercurial has access to the server, HgScc does not!
      Our failure message:
      "[Clone started]
      [Error: abort: http authorization required]
      [Operation completed. Exit code: 0]"
      best regards, Martin!
    • In the HgSccPackage you can use "Authorization Options" in the clone window to specify your credentials. On the successfull clone the credentials will be saved in the .hg/hgrc file.
      If you don't like to store a credentials in the .hg/hgrc file (as plain text), then you can use "auth" section of the mercurial configuration file (in user's home folder): http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/hgrc.5.html#auth
      You can add/edit/remove a remote paths with credentials for existing reposity in the 'Synchronize' window using a 'Settings' button on the toolbar.
  • I've installed it... now what?
    2 Posts | Last post July 21, 2011
    • I can't see any evidence in VS2010 that it's been installed.  No menu changes, no icon overlays, nothing showing in the Extension Manager or the Add-Ins.
      However, if try to uninstall it, it says it's there!
      I really like the looks of this tool, and it apparently works for others... what I'm I missing?
    • Oh... never mind... I'm being stupid! ;-)  It works as a Source Control Provider.  Sorry for being so dense today!