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Snippet Designer is a Visual Studio plug in which allows you to create and search for snippets inside the IDE

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by Rinaldo De Paolis | January 11 2012

Fantastic project will save me hours, great work :)

by Grey Ham | January 06 2012

Exactly what I was looking for. A great experience and a huge productivity boost for our team.

by Igby Dalziel | January 03 2012

Useful program. But I had to knock off two stars due to a serious bug which caused me to lose all the work I'd just done on a snippet. Clicking save produced no errors, caused the "*" to be removed from the editor tab and allowed it to be closed. But the changes were lost. On closer investigation I noticed that it had appended the snippet path to itself. This happened a few times but I haven't figured out how to reproduce it.

Matthew Manela January 03 2012
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Sorry that you had issues. Thanks for making me aware of this though. Can you file a bug on with repro steps. Thanks!

by Paul Keister | November 10 2011

Snippet editor is the best I've seen, and snippet explorer is a great idea. With these 2 tools, it's easy to integrate snippet creation and usage smoothly into your workflow.

by M.Radwan-MVP | July 15 2011

It’s very useful

by PikachuEXE | July 01 2011

I always forget to use it :P
built-in code snippet = zzzzzzzz

by Development Dude | June 30 2011

by Francois Nel | June 21 2011

by Steven Wilssens MSFT | June 09 2011

by Peter Spillman | May 13 2011

So I wanted to see what snippets I could start using in VS 2010, and realized there was no way to browse the built-in snippet collections. What??

Snippet Designer to the rescue. Not only does it allow you to create new snippets on the fly from your code, but it also includes a much-needed Snippet Explorer, to browse what snippets are currently available.

It was like a soothing salve applied directly to my brain. Thanks!

by pAyA x360 | August 14 2010

by Shimmy Weitzhandler | July 12 2010

Great project.

Please add more
- Syntax highlighting
- Snippet library management
- The grid has a bug that when something is selected it gets sticky and doesn't unselect

by Softlion | July 02 2010

perfect !!!!!

by Paul Cavacas | June 08 2010

by OliverKurowski | May 05 2010

by Rick Rat | April 17 2010

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