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PostSharp boosts productivity, raises quality and eradicates boilerplate. PostSharp is a leading tool for design pattern automation, aspect-oriented programming and design enforcement.

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by Gruffta | Sun 8:10 AM

I received the ultimate version of Postsharp for free as a Bizspark member and it is amazing.
It allows you remove all the menial repetitive dross, put it in one place and use it everywhere its needed, encouraging you to write better software.
Postsharp itself is only getting better and has come so far from version 2 when I first started using the free version.

by ako76 | September 24 2014

by Tornado Software | September 22 2014

I stumbled with PostSharp on Google while researching for code injection and looking for ways to improve my code's dryness, it really has helped me and I don't imagine working without it no more. From eradicating boilerplate code to be able to have finely-grained control and validation of each step of each step of your software even at compilation time its really amazing. I mainly use it for design pattern automation, compile-time validation and injecting at run-time. AOP paired with OOP in .NET are really the best, and PostSharp is probably the best tool for it.

by edore_allies | September 19 2014

I discovered PostSharp while assisting at a developers conference in Ottawa 3 years ago and I use PostSharp since then. From then I never looked back and can't imagine making boilerplate code like before. When I see a situation where I keep repeating the same boring stuff, I often create a custom aspect in order to remove all the noise from my code and ahhh.. I feel better!

Every serious developer should take a look at it and take some time to watch one of the many video tutorials available online. That's the better way to convince your colleagues of the benefits of using it.

Happy PostSharping!

by jiucenglou | September 19 2014

PostSharp is a fantastic and productivity-boosting product !

by Ivan Petrović | September 19 2014

Amazing tool. I have to say: if you are not using PostSharp, you are doing it wrong.

by Safta21 | September 15 2014

by Paragon500 | July 30 2014

Fantastic piece of software! Currently only using aspect attributes for data validation and applying defaults - and I am already very impressed! Makes code much much more readable and simpler to maintain. Looking forward to learning about and using all its features! Thanks for creating it!

by Nikhil S Singh | June 28 2014

thanks for tool, it really help me to have some aspect ready available.

by roberthipwell | June 24 2014

by wassim.azirar | June 12 2014

PostSharp is a very good tool, it helped me to get rid of all the repetitive code and I gained a lot of time doing MVVM in the way it has to be done.
Beside of that, logging exceptions with PostSharp is very simple and easy.
Another thing is that the compilation time which has decreased very much compared to the normal process.
Thank you for creating this tool, and I wish you could add more features.

by Riaan de Wet (UNISA) | April 18 2014

I’ve been using PostSharp for a while now for my programming projects.
PostSharp really helps me with an easy way for implementing logging and exception handling so that I can focus nitty-gritty for my assignments.

PostSharp is definitely a tool that I will add to my professional repertoire.

by Veikedo | March 28 2014

Really powerful and graceful framework. I'm in an euphoria when using it.
Also if you are in academic stuff you can get a free Ultimate edition of PostSharp.

by fiddlergreen43 | February 27 2014

by | February 10 2014

I have been using PostSharp with several clients now and have used it to implement tracing, logging and exception handling. Other features I love include introducing interfaces and methods as well as the compile-time validation. This last feature really helps me to protect other developers from using code in an invalid manner. PostSharp is an absolute must-have!

by Elliot-mtb | December 30 2013

I used PostSharp for a Computer Science graduate-level class project involving aspect-oriented techniques. I found it incredibly easy to use. I was able to quickly add PostSharp to my projects and I experienced no problems. I'm definitely impressed by this quality product.

by OhDuck | December 09 2013

PostSharp is a great library/tool that is a very well documented. It has saved me a great deal of effort in writing boiler plate code, cleans up large projects nicely and helps reduce the number of bugs introduced from code that is used across the solution.

I would strongly recommend this product.

by Santiago_ M | December 03 2013

PostSharp is one of the greatest extensions creates for C#.
As a developer I have gained lot of productivity just using PostSharp. Once you start using PostSharp it will change the way you see any other programming language.
Clearly AOP is an important paradigm that has lot of potential and in PostSharp you will find a high-quality product that brings AOP into the OOP world with an excellent mix.

by Jan Oliver Rüdiger | November 29 2013

PostSharp is a fantastic tool for any C # developer. AOP is an important paradigm. PostSharp helps my students to understand what is a really good AOP/OOP programming style.

by Ester Liquori Design | November 28 2013

PostSharp is a great tool that really save your day.
Once tried you can't do without for a fast and secure development of your applications.
It set your developers free from taking care of redundant code allowing a better focus on the business.

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  • ETW support for logging
    3 Posts | Last post September 22, 2014
    • Do you have any plans to also support ETW ( as logging option in PostSharp (
    • There is no plan to implement support for ETW (we didn't exclude it) but we do plan to make it possible to write custom back-ends much more easily than before. This work is planned for the winter.
    • ok, thanks.
  • Licence
    4 Posts | Last post May 09, 2013
    • Is it allowed to use this extension in commercial projects?
    • Hello,
      In normal times you can use the extension in commercial projects.
      However, the current version is a pre-release and is governed by our Evaluation License, which does not allow for use in production. Please use our current stable release 2.1 ( for a version that can be use commercially today.
    • This has changed now, right?
    • Yes, PostSharp 3 is now RTM and can be used commercially.