Visual Studio Tools for Git

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An extension for Team Explorer to provide source control integration for Git. Enables integration with local Git repositories and provides tools to work with remote repositories.

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by Rafael Pacheco | September 12 2014

Suggestions: This tool should have the Branch/Merge tree visualizer.

And also, GitFlow support.

by AbdElRaheim | September 06 2014

slow, buggy, does some crazy disk i/o that slows down my entire computer, ** in ignore doesnt work, vs get hung in this git2-msvstfs.dll!_git_graph_ahead_behind method for over 10 minutes sometimes at startup, visual studio stays running even after close now and it causes visual studio to lock up all the time. I get these weird cannot stat file errors where I need to go and physical delete a file in bin folder generated by the build. Also the Add icon looks almost exactly the same as the unmodified icon. Wouldnt recommend.

Yesterday after working for couple hours taskman showed 100s of gbs of read i/o. The issue resolved it self after I deleted a file in test results folder that was locked by sql server. After that I tried to open another solution, after waiting five minutes I just gave up and uninstalled.

I switched to the 3rd party "Git Source Control Provider" with tortoisegit. So it is great, no issues perf issues. Probably wont be checkin anything until monday so will know more by then. All I need is add files and commit in stable way, everything else I do from command line. So if it does that without perf issues then its a 5/5 for me.

by carlos.muentes | August 21 2014

Very, very unstable for me. I constantly have issues committing due to odd 'File In Use' errors, the plugin constantly doesn't add files to git that I've added to my projects and so missed commits happen frequently. Just not ready for prime time.

by Tho Ho-37e4c28 | August 21 2014

Simple, easy to use. Just sync, commit changes and sync.

by cniak | August 18 2014

by Tomas Vala | August 07 2014

I've been trying hard to use this thing shortly and already going furious.

-no stash support
-no rebase support
-no interactive rebase support
-files with unconfirmed merge conflict resolution are presented as Pending Removal

This tool albeit having Git in name actually promotes quite the opposite, central fashioned methodology and effectively discourages practises invented and intended for distributed systems like Git. I mean, really?

I like the conflict resolution view.

Apparently the only viable way of collaborating and keeping working copy refreshed by other contributors is to:
1. Commit (or revert) unfinished changes before pulling from upstream. Commit for the sake of commit. Reminder: no stash.
2. Pollute history with unorganized heaps of commits. Reminder: no stash, no rebase, no interactive rebase.
3. Delegate unsupported but mission critical operations to other tools. Why not stay with them and avoid VS Git placeholder in the first place then?

The way this tool is integrated in VS and what capabilities it exposes (or better hides) is a total bummer and discourtesy to any self respecting Git user. On the bright side: 9/10 masochists disagree.

by James Wilkins | July 31 2014

It's ok, but nested .gitignore files are not properly considered (or overriding properly). The Git GUI shell extension for Windows works perfectly fine with my .gitignore files, but nested ones are not handled properly by this VS extension, and files that should be hidden using wildcards are still showing.
For example, in one .gitignore file (in a parent folder) I have:
And in another .gitignore in a the sub-folder (/Source/DSJS/) I have:
And all these files types still show.

by Jovica Milenovic | July 27 2014

VS2012 (+Update 4):

Installation was successfull.
VS crashes on r. click --> html file --> View in Browser.
ASP.NET project under Github SC.

by indomitable | July 08 2014

I'm using VS 2013 Update 2, VST for Git shows changes that do not exist. Using command line git status shows noting to commit but VSTG shows 10+ pending changes.

by MSMichiel | June 13 2014

This is really helpful for working with Git in Visual Studio.

I would like to be able to use an external diff / merge tool (Beyond Compare). I got really used to that when using TFS. Unlike command line git, this extension seems to ignore the diff.tool and merge.tool settings in .gitconfig.

I would like to request that you either use those settings or add an option in the Tools/Options/Source Control/Configure User Tools menu a la TFS?

Thank you!

by nholling2k | June 03 2014

by nhollingNG | June 03 2014

by Pilchuck | May 20 2014

Visual diff and history in VS is great, and some of the branch management is good.

The features that are missing, like tag and blame, I don't use as often, so reverting to command line or 3rd party tool isn't a big deal.

However, there's a deal-breaker, which is the behavior with ignored files: the ms-persist.xml file. Some tools (SlowCheetah among others) add ms-persist files within the .git folder, and then Visual Studio uses those as overrides to the .gitignore settings. So, a file that is ignored (explicitly by me in .gitignore) is included when/if some random ms-persist file exists. Of course, the git command line tool and other 3rd party tools don't use or honor the ms-persist settings, so committing from them is right.

by Carlos Sardo | May 20 2014

It works OK with VS2013... but in VS2012... I get an error message (on the Team Explorer top-righ view corner "object reference not set to an instance of an object" with a red triangle... This is quite bad, because a lot of team members don't have VS2013 (which has no issues).

by batCattle | May 16 2014

Prereq checks are broken. Stuck on wanting 2012 Update 2, but that is rolled up into Update 4. Which is already installed. So the install is totally blocked. Updates and patches are going downhill.. more and more broken/blocked/breaking-things. Need to prove these things to yourselves on a broader level.

by pabloarthurRodger | May 13 2014

I just install 2012 and the Update 4. The visual studio Tools for git DOES NOT install because it said that it requires Update 2, and quit!

What????????. So it checks for Update 2, but it also need to check if it greater than 2?????? Don't you think??????

by mschwarz67346 | April 28 2014

by swannlv | April 22 2014

by TrJaSt | April 21 2014

by Craig Brett (JP) | March 28 2014

Not a patch on using git in the command line. We've had plenty of issues around using this plugin and there are still some bugs and missing essential features. I'll outline some of them that most effect me.

* No stashing
* No way to fetch and track new remote branches. Has to be done in CLI to show up as a branch in VS.
* Seems to ignore update-index --assume-unchanged (needed for contributor-specific files.

We have also in the past had issues where it would remove entire projects from the index, sending the team into a panic. Luckily, this isn't impossible to fix with the git command line.

Some of my teammates like the VS integration, which itself is alright, but it needs to be a lot better if I'm going to trust it enough to leave the command line.

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  • Failed to parse signature - malformed e-mail
    2 Posts | Last post September 22, 2014
    • I was working fine with Visual Studio Tools for Git but recently all my projects hosted in Github returns "An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Invalid (Error).
      Failed to parse signature - malformed e-mail". Any suggestions?
    • Hey, did you ever figure out the solution to this signature parsing issue?  I've been experiencing the same problem for weeks now and nothing I've tried to do has fixed it.
  • Hey when I install this extension it asks for vs2012 update 2 I already use vs 2013 update 3
    1 Posts | Last post September 21, 2014
    • What's wrong with my install ?
  • Microsoft Git Provider doesn't respect .gitignore
    4 Posts | Last post September 08, 2014
    • Hi
      First: I like Microsoft Git Provider
      Maximilian added this issue:
      And I agree with him. If you say that a certain file should not be included in source-control by adding it to .gitignore it should be respected. If a developer adds that file or if you have build targets that does it (automatically) it will still show  up in the "Included Changes" list, even if it is excluded through .gitignore. I found it very confusing. Git does not behave that way and "Git Sourece Control Provider" does not behave that way but "Microsoft Git Provider" does. The consequence will be that files will be added to source-control by mistake because you forget to exclude them.
      If this is not the right place to report this kind of issue, please tell me where to do it.
      Regards Hans
    • I am in agreement with Hans/Maximillian, the gitignore issue not respecting what we have set to be ignored causes a lot of conflicts in our dev team. So much so that they are wanting to throw out Git. Please correct this issue as it is not the way Git was intended to work. Thanks.
    • Any resolution on this issue?  I see the official bug listed as closed, fixed in Update 2.  I am currently using VS 2013 Update 3 and still experiencing the bug.  Has Update 2 resolved the bug for you? Have you tried Update 3?
      Thanks, TH
    • Same for me as for @trh178. Any updates?
      Also noticed posh git interprets the git ignore slighly differently to say the git extensions and the git bash as well?
  • Breaks VS2012 Overwrite dialog
    1 Posts | Last post August 13, 2014
    • Ever since I have installed this, I no longer get the dialog that allows you to make a read-only file writeable.
      Even after uninstalling the extension this problem remains
  • How to resolve the error
    1 Posts | Last post August 13, 2014
    • An error was raised by libgit2. Category = 21 (MergeConflict).
      23 uncommitted changes would be overwritten by merge
       when I sync the project ,it happen. How to resolve the error?
  • These tools don't seem to function when running as administrator
    1 Posts | Last post August 04, 2014
    • For me, none of the git integration in team explorer appears when running visual studio 2012 as administrator.
  • Prune When Fetching
    1 Posts | Last post July 29, 2014
    • Is there a way to prune when fetching?  The branch drop down list is 8 pages long when it should be 1 page long and it's hard to find anything.
  • How to clone a git url
    1 Posts | Last post July 23, 2014
    • How can I clone a git url that has the following format: . The plugin says: Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid.
  • Submodule introduces long paths -> Unable to commit through Team Explorer
    2 Posts | Last post June 17, 2014
    • In my solution I have a submodule (Bootstrap) that introduces long paths (>256 characters) to my project. Because of this, I cannot commit through Team Explorer: 
      "An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Os (Error).
      Failed to open directory '<path to my web project root>/Assets/bootstrapcustomization/node_modules/grunt-contrib-qunit/node_modules/grunt-lib-phantomjs/node_modules/phantomjs/node_modules/npmconf/node_modules/ini/test/fixtures/': The system cannot find the path specified."
      Ignoring the long paths won't help either. Thus, I am forced to make all my commits through CLI tools.
    • Qpok, This is a Windows OS issue with long path names. VS builds on OS resources and is limited my the OS it self. You'll actually find that if you try to delete files with long path names, the Recycle Bin has issues too. Thanks Microsoft (aka Micro$Path).
  • Merge Conflicts
    11 Posts | Last post June 09, 2014
    • An error was raised by libgit2. Category = 21 (MergeConflict).
      4 uncommitted changes would be overwritten by merge.
      The error always occur on nearly every project. Everytime I need to remove the whole repository and clone again to solve the problem.
      I even can't revert the changes made in local commit and can't push the changes to the server because only 1 incoming commit stuck.
      I have tried to click fetch, pull, and sync, no one make it works.
      Could anyone help to solve the problem?
      Really appreciate for anyone could help!
    • Calvin, thanks for reporting this.  I'm guessing you see this error when you actually try to perform a merge?  If you've seen this happen to multiple clones of your repo then I am guessing there is something special about your repo that libgit2 doesn't like.  Can you send me an email at taylaf at microsoft dot com so that we can work on getting a repro in house?
    • I also have this problem. It happens EVERY TIME both I and someone else on the team have committed to the master branch. No, I do not do anything, especially not merge (how do I do merge? there's no option for this). I simply click the SYNC button (or Fetch or Pull - these do the same), and I get the error. So far, the only way to get rid of the error is to download a fresh copy of the repository, thereby losing ALL my changes. This is a SHOWSTOPPER.
    • Also the same here! If you have local unsynced commits or changes then you can't sync. (An error was raised by libgit2. Category = 21 (MergeConflict).
      4 uncommitted changes would be overwritten by merge.) If you try to push your changes before pulling there is also a error message. (If it occurs next time i will add the push error message)
      Tis is really an showstopper and we can't start with productive work on our new TFS before this is solved! A real Merge dialog would be nice but a good automatic merge, without destroying the local changes, would be enough for now!
    • I've just hit this issue as well.  We have a brand new tfs-git repo and I've Cloned and done a bunch of commits and syncs.  Someone else just cloned and added new files in a completely different folder, so there's no content level differences which can be diff/merged and no button for it.  Surely I don't need to create a new branch every time someone else pushes a change?  I wouldn't think that would make a difference anyway.
      Anyway, this seems to be a massive problem, so any response would be great. has been over a month since the last post here.
    • I'm having the same problem. Has a fix for this issue been found yet?
    • The GUI seems to be buggy. 
      If I click Pull on Incoming Commits, I get the error referenced above "libgit2. Category = 21 (MergeConflict)...".
      When I open the Git Command Window, then type "Git Pull" it resolves the simple merge and completes. Why are these different?
    • I'm encountering this issue as well.  Has any progress been made on a fix?
    • e1v
      Same thing is happening here, almost every time I try to pull (from team foundation service) in VS it fails with An error was raised by libgit2. Category = 21 (MergeConflict)..
      Pulling from command line works fine.
    • Same thing here, we can no longer push, pull, or sync...I assume Microsoft would be working on this serious issue or at least get some information out to us so that we can work on a resolution ourselves. This issue literally makes it impossible to use GIT in VS2013.
    • The same thing happened to us.  We believe it was from a series of .gitignore updates by a couple of developers.  When the conflict came up, there wasn't a way to merge it so they were stuck.  Visual studio doesn't seem to see those files from that point of view.  I'm sure there's a way to do it from the command line but since there were minimal other updates, we just re-cloned the repo
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