Colin's ALM Checkin Policies for VS 2013 and VSO


Colin's ALM Corner Custom Checkin Policies, including a Code Review Checkin Policy

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by wattyjnr | August 15 2013

Exactly what I was looking for! An excellent tool and I am surprised that MS hasn't built this into the IDE. Thanks so much for contributing.

by RazmikDev | June 20 2013

Great tool!

Can you share sources to community?

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  • Issue with Tool when Code Review 'Needs Work'
    1 Posts | Last post Wed 8:22 PM
    • We've installed the Plugin and the tool seems to work as designed, except we're having an issue with the following scenario:
      1. We have the tool set up to with the following options: 
         a. Required Review to be Closed - checked
         b. Fail if any response is 'Needs Work' - checked
         c. Min Pass Level: Looks good
      2. We initiate a TFS code review and a reviewer sets it to 'Needs Work'.
      3. Warning is issued when trying to checkin the file as expected.
      4. Initial developer (who sent out code review) fixes problem as per code review and initiates new code review (there's no way to re-issue the original code review request).
      5. 2nd code review comes back as 'Looks Good' and is Closed.
      6. When trying to check file in, warning is still issued.
      7. Tried closing initial Code Review, but warning is still issued.
      My guess is the Initial Code Review is still tagged as 'Needs Work' and that's why the policy is firing the warning.  However I see no way to change the Initial code reviews comments (i.e. to 'Looks Good').
  • Compatibility with VS 2012
    3 Posts | Last post Wed 3:43 PM
    • Hello,
      Would it be possible to send me or put up the version compatible with VS 2012? (I think it was 1.2). I'm currently not in a position of upgrading at the moment.
      Please let me know.
      Thank you!
    • You can still get the "older" version that is 2012 compatible here:
    • That link still takes me to the 2013 version and I'm unable to install it to the 2012 VS.  Do you have another link?
  • Error on client PC after applying policy
    3 Posts | Last post Mon 8:04 PM
    • Hi Colin,
      I installed the Code Review Policy on a local server, and every time a client attempts to make changes they receive the following error
      "Internal error in Code Review Policy. Error loading the Code Review Policy policy (The policy assembly 'ColinsALMCheckinPolicies.CodeReviewPolicy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" is not registered.)"
      I have tried adding the .dll to both the PrivateAssemblies and PublicAssemblies directories on the server, but still no success.
      Are there any additional steps required to use this extension (i.e, installing the extension on all client PCs, adding the assembly to the global assembly cache, etc..)?
      Any help would be appreciated.
    • Hi Andrew - sorry it's taken so long to respond :-)
      Policies are evaluated locally - so if you install it and configure it on your machine, other users still need to install the extension for it to evaluate on their machines.
      Hope that helps!
    • I am having the same error. The policy is installed on the TFS server which is accessible to all developers but I get this error 
      "Internal error in Code Review Policy. Error loading the Code Review Policy policy (The policy assembly 'ColinsALMCheckinPolicies.CodeReviewPolicy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" is not registered.)"
      Based on the discussion below with Yavuz Karaman I would be inclined to assume that the server installation should work without having to install it on each client machine.
  • nordine
    2 Posts | Last post Mon 1:20 PM
    • Hi Colin,
      I installed the  2013 version.
      The process work fine , but when I try to Check-In the code I always get this message:
      "Please request a code review for this changeset before attempting check-in..."
    • Have you checked your config settings? The "Code Review Checkin Policy" requires you to do a code review before checking in. It looks like you haven't done a code review, so the policy is failing (which is what it's supposed to do!)
  • VS 2013 Preview
    2 Posts | Last post November 29, 2013
    • Could you compile it for VS2013 Preview?
    • The 2013 RTM version is available. I won't be doing one for the Preview (obviously).
  • Is this installed on client (VS 2012) or on te TFS Server?
    3 Posts | Last post November 29, 2013
    • We'd like to try this solution as we think this is exactly what we need. Before I go ahead with this we'd like to know where we would need to install the utility? On the VS 2012 client or TFS Server?
    • Colin,
      You can ignore my question. After installing on a test environment, I found that change was done at the TFS server which was available to all users. I also saw that it would be applicable to specified paths.
      By the way, this will address an important requirement for us.
      Great solution!
    • Thanks for the feedback - sorry I didn't reply earlier!
  • Code Review able to bypassed
    3 Posts | Last post November 29, 2013
    • I have noticed that if I submit a code review to someone. Then make additional edits, including files not in the original review request. The Reviewer then marks the code as "Looks Good", during which they only saw the changes from the original request. My "Check-In" is allowed, with the new edits, basically getting the new edits to bypass a code review.
      Is the source code available for this extension or could it be modified to check the file counts from the original request before allowing the check in?
    • Yes, I also have the same observation. Can you please add this functionality?
    • I see the problem. Unfortunately this is a limitation in the current Code Review mechanism, since your pending changes can be edited while the review is ongoing. I don't think there's a way to detect that the pending changes have changed after the code review request.
  • readme
    2 Posts | Last post November 29, 2013
    • I installed the Vix. What are the next steps to setup the checkin policy? 
    • Go to Team Explorer and connect to your Team Project. Use the dropdown at the top to go to Settings. Under the Team Project settings, click on Source Control. Then go to the Check-in Policy tab. Click the add button to add the policy. It should pop up the configuration immediately. You can always click Edit to change the settings at a later stage.
  • Studio 2013
    2 Posts | Last post November 29, 2013
    • Hi,
      Do you plan to add support for studio 2013?
      I note that the installer only targets 2012.
    • It's already done - see here:
  • VS2013 RC
    2 Posts | Last post September 25, 2013
    • Any chance to see Colin's ALM Checkin Policies for VS2013 RC?
    • Hi Helenka
      I've just uploaded the 2013 version:
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