VSCommands for Visual Studio 2013

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VSCommands for Visual Studio 2013

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by brainchest | April 16 2014

This is an awesome toolset.

by test0101001010101001011111111 | April 15 2014

bad one.

it changes the behavior of building....

by revbones | February 10 2014

Works great. Only complaint is that the speed that the delay and speed for showing the main menu bar (if it is hidden) is not configurable.

As it stands, the delay is pretty annoying, and then you still have to wait for the animation to finish.

Aside from that little annoyance, a great and indispensable add-in.

by Brandon H_ | February 05 2014

Put cursor in StackOverflow search box in the title bar

Click "Close" on Visual Studio.
Doesn't close.

Shrink VS window, go to Options. Can't scroll the page. On my machine even maximized I can't show everything that's available to be set. In particular on the Solution Badges sheet

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] February 05 2014
| Edit |

All valid points!
Both of those issues have been fixed internally and will go live with next release.


by jk8260 | February 02 2014

Works perfect, thank you.

by Senthamil | January 15 2014

Installed it yet to use

by Richard Dutton | December 28 2013

Essential for any developer, always the first thing I install.

by Nico.Lubbers | December 17 2013

upgraded to vs2013... first thing that I miss is VS Commands. Installed. Ready! 5 stars :-)

by alexerax | December 08 2013

by kamrantav | December 06 2013

You Rockst!

Very nice addition.

by IsaiaX | November 29 2013

One of my must have extensions. Great features on free edition.

by Binori | November 25 2013

Must have for VS users. Thx for your work.

by Krishna Nadiminti | November 23 2013

Awesome set of extensions - thanks for making this. I'm a huge fan.

Any chance we can customize the colours for the output window?

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] November 25 2013
| Edit |

Thanks, you can customize colours from Tool | Options | Environment | Fonts And Colors | VSCommands (more details: http://vscommands.squaredinfinity.com/features#outputwindow-enhancements)

by Adam Plocher | November 19 2013

by Shimmy Weitzhandler | November 17 2013

This is for me as an obvious part of Visual Studio.

by Harry Pfleger | November 16 2013

by unaware | October 29 2013

I cannot live without the output window highlighting, debug as, and solutions badges. The solution badges feature alone makes this worthwhile - I often have a half dozen or more instance of Visual Studio open and being able to identify which is which is a life-saver.

by Tribute 2 PanterA | October 08 2013

like this a bunch. thanks.

by NoiZy83 | July 19 2013

I used the new version, but like you said, I still have this problem, but very often on many files ;(
But if you work on it, I will wait.

Kind regards

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] September 04 2013
| Edit |

Could you let me know if the problem is still there with the latest release ( ?
Couple of fixes went in with it and it seems that it's working well now.

Thank you,

by Robson Oliveira Carvalho | July 01 2013

Same problem with Portuguese. Don't start. Only in safemode

Sorry, not found option to reply directly to the message, but, my version of Windows 8 is Portuguese Brazil (Preview Windows 8.1) and Visual Studio 2013 only. Clean Install.

Squared Infinity [Jarek Kardas] July 01 2013
| Edit |

Hi! Thank you again for letting me know about this issue. Latest release should fix this. Cheers!

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  • This is a meaningless and useless title.
    2 Posts | Last post March 24, 2014
    • "VSCommands is developed by a small group of passionate developers who believe coding should be fun and with right tools nothing is impossible! Since its first release in 2010, VSCommands has been downloaded over 2,000,000 times and is used daily by tens of thousands of developers worldwide."
      That's all great, but, 
    • That's a valid point.
      There was a brief features description before, but it seems that it might have been removed in error. I'll update it shortly.
      You can see details of all features here: http://vscommands.squaredinfinity.com/features
  • Free or not free?
    1 Posts | Last post February 11, 2014
    • The Visual Studio Gallery lists this extension as "free", however, on the homepage I can find various purchase options. Is the VSCommands plugin free or not free?
      Is "Lite" the free version and "Pro" the to-purchase version? If yes, why is the downloadable product version at VS-Gallery the Pro version?
  • Where are the release notes?
    2 Posts | Last post January 22, 2014
    • I am being prompted to update from to, but I cannot locate any info about this release.
    • Hi!
      You can always get information about latest updates from http://vscommands.com/blog
      Information about this specific update is here: http://vscommands.com/release-notes/3.0.5
      Hope it helps,
      Kind Regards,
  • Support for VisualSVN
    3 Posts | Last post January 14, 2014
    • Hello!
      I'm using VisualSVN instead of AnkhSVN. Please add support for this as well. Could also be the closest denomitor of just going with a working-copy analysis.
      Best regards, Michael
    • Hi Michael,
      Latest version should support VisualSVN.
      Please give it a go and let me know if there are any issues or if you have any suggestions.
      Thank you,
    • Hi Jarek!
      It works now. Many thanks!
      I noticed that the default regex for the branch does not handle 'trunk'. This resulted in my soluton name showing up as branch name and solution name in the solution window title. The following regex covers trunk as well as branches:
      Best regards, Michael
  • VSCommands License activation issue for MSVS 2013
    3 Posts | Last post January 04, 2014
    • Hi,
      I am facing license activation issue for VSCommands( for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. 
      Issue : For activating VSCommands, i need to browse license file. After browsing file, i need to relaunch the Visual Studio and then only vscommands activation gets reflected. 
      Can anyone please explain : 
      1. Why the application activation is not getting reflected as soon as i browse the license file ?
      2. Why we need to relaunch the Visual Studio to reflect the activation changes and if so may i know the process name causing this behaviour ?
      3. Is there any alternative way to install license so that activation will be reflected in first launch of Visual Studio itself ?
    • Hi Jarek,
      Can you please help me in this issue.
      It is a bit urgent.
    • Hi!
      Sorry for not getting to you earlier, I was away for Christmas/New Year with very limited access to internet.
      You can automatically deploy your license by following these steps (only works with Site and Enterprise licenses):
      1. Place license file in Documents\Visual Studio 2012 directory
          %UserProfile%\My Documents\Visual Studio 2012
      2. Next time Visual Studio starts it will apply the license file
      At the moment there's no way to do it without restarts though, if you can give me more details about your scenario then I can change it for you in next release.
  • When will the update be out?
    3 Posts | Last post January 01, 2014
    • ---------------------------
      VSCommands Early Access Release has expired
      Please download latest version from vscommands.com or Extension Manager.
      When will the update be out?
    • Just went out.
      Sorry for the delay!
    • Hi Jarek,
      I came across same prompt and want to confirm that :
      1. Is it just a informative message ?
      2. After clicking "Ok" , shall i be able to to use complete functionlity of VSCommands?
  • What's New list of changes
    2 Posts | Last post December 09, 2013
    • Hi, do you publish a What's New list of changes so I can decide if and when it is convenient or important for me to upgrade my environment? Thanks
    • Yes, they are available from vscommands.com/blog
      There's new post every time an update goes live.
  • Using TFS Git: the solution badge won't switch to newly switched branch.
    3 Posts | Last post December 09, 2013
    • When I am using TFS Git, I switched to another branch in the team explore, and the solution badge won't switch the branch name.
      Please help, thanks in advance.  
    • NVM, it does work fine now after I uninstall TeamRooms(beta) and update the latest MyHistory extensions.
    • Great , thank you for an update!
  • Has a Crash
    2 Posts | Last post December 09, 2013
    • This is the log file content:
      Exception Type       : System.OutOfMemoryException
      Exception Stack Trace:    在 System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)
         在 System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHR(Int32 errorCode)
         在 MS.Win32.WinInet.get_InternetCacheFolder()
         在 System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapDownload.BeginDownload(BitmapDecoder decoder, Uri uri, RequestCachePolicy uriCachePolicy, Stream stream)
         在 System.Windows.Media.Imaging.LateBoundBitmapDecoder..ctor(Uri baseUri, Uri uri, Stream stream, BitmapCreateOptions createOptions, BitmapCacheOption cacheOption, RequestCachePolicy requestCachePolicy)
         在 System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapDecoder.CreateFromUriOrStream(Uri baseUri, Uri uri, Stream stream, BitmapCreateOptions createOptions, BitmapCacheOption cacheOption, RequestCachePolicy uriCachePolicy, Boolean insertInDecoderCache)
         在 System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapFrame.CreateFromUriOrStream(Uri baseUri, Uri uri, Stream stream, BitmapCreateOptions createOptions, BitmapCacheOption cacheOption, RequestCachePolicy uriCachePolicy)
         在 System.Windows.Media.ImageSourceConverter.ConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext context, CultureInfo culture, Object value)
         在 MS.Internal.Data.DefaultValueConverter.ConvertHelper(Object o, Type destinationType, DependencyObject targetElement, CultureInfo culture, Boolean isForward)
         在 MS.Internal.Data.TargetDefaultValueConverter.Convert(Object o, Type type, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
         在 System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression.ConvertHelper(IValueConverter converter, Object value, Type targetType, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture)
         在 System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression.TransferValue(Object newValue, Boolean isASubPropertyChange)
         在 System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression.Activate(Object item)
         在 System.Windows.Data.BindingExpression.AttachToContext(AttachAttempt attempt)
         在 System.Wi
    • Hi, the error seems to be truncated.
      Could you email to it Jarek@squaredinfinity.com?
  • Azure + Debug commands
    1 Posts | Last post November 28, 2013
    • Hi,
      Thanks for the extension! 
      There seems to be a bug: I can't use right click -> Debug -> Start Without Debugging on an Azure project (i.e. a project that defines two cloud services) -- nothing at all happens. I can use it on other project types, so I'm assuming this one is just not supported; it'd be great if you could fix this. :-)
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