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A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by Shreeharsh Ambli | Thu 1:48 PM

essential for older VS version for sure

by afasfdadsfgsafwef | March 21 2014

Tab well colors and grouping are very helpful. Only additional feature I would like to see added would be a multilevel tab well when it is in the top or bottom position (like in the Tabs Studio extension, see link). Having the tabs on the side wastes a lot of screen space and you still can't read long file names.

by diffS | March 11 2014

I wish the Solution Navigator search should be increase the Speed and should Support wild card along with camel Case search.

by Johnny Frits | February 25 2014

The tool is very good but after installing Productivity Power Tools was not possible to navigate within the expression editor in the file .rdlc (Report) using the arrow keys. This impaired enough.
This can be changed now or is an error that needs correcting?

by leitheim | January 27 2014

This is just EXCELLENT add-on tool. It helps me to do exactly what I need in my development. I just started to use it and I'm charmed, we will see what is going to happen after some time as I had experienced some issues with add-ons regarding the cached data and slowness after certain time of use.
For now this is exactly what I needed and I hope it will stay stable and fast as it was the first time I opened the feature.
Keep up the excellent work and Thanks a bunch!!!!

by KJS100 | January 24 2014

OpenXML editor is suppose to open a document, excel spreadsheet...
(if you drag them into VS) in the various XML parts.
I try this it opens EXCEL or WORD....
WHAT needs to be turned ON to make it open the XML Parts?
Yes, Productivity Power tools have been installed
(and uninstalled and reinstalled) many times. VS has been closed
and reopened many times.

by Eugene Astafiev | December 07 2013

by Dave_Bur | November 21 2013

by Allen Luther | November 05 2013

that's a great tool and I use this a lot in the VS2012.
But now I am using VS2013, is there any update plan for the VS2013?

by Leonardo Lourenço Silva | October 31 2013

Excellent tool !!!
Essential to all developers !!!

by Bruno Maestro | October 24 2013

With MySql database when I select the option it does not save my password every time I do the reverse must report all data.

by SegaWang | September 23 2013

Perfect tool~
PS: Is it possible for VS2008 ?

by michal_bb | September 18 2013

Productivity Power Tools == Essential VS Tools

by Gabriel Mongeon | September 06 2013

by n41ng | July 25 2013

Great extension but had to sometimes disable the searchable reference dialog feature when adding references as it causes this error

The given assembly name or codebase was invalid. (Exception from HRESEULT:0x80131047)

by JonPen | July 24 2013

This plugin seems to access all the database connections in the server explorer, i noticed this as one of the connections was not using windows authentication and i had not saved the password. so each time i righclicked a project and selected propeties the connection dialog appeared on a databse that is not related to that project or any in the solution. I not sure why this plugin might need to access all my databases, but as a precaution i will not be using this plugin as it makes me nervious.

0/10 Scary black helicopters

by Guibhz | July 23 2013

great extension

by Elmut | July 18 2013

by Mahesh.Nalam | July 15 2013

very useful tools

by JayDZimmerman | July 01 2013

This extension significantly enhances the usability of Visual Studio, and having the ability to turn off features is great. Well worth the download.

While the release notes claim that a fix was implemented for the quick find crash bug, it does still occur. I specifically see it when the search attempts to enter an .XSD file.

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  • Visual Studio 2012
    77 Posts | Last post November 08, 2012
    • Will a new version of the Productivity Power Tools come out for VS2012?
      Just playing around with VS2012 and although a lot of features have made it to the the main editor, there's still lots missing.
    • I'm also hoping to see this extension updated for VS2012. The feature I'm missing the most is the enhanced quick info tooltip. It's a real time saver!
    • Yes - I agree, the enhanced quick info tooltip is wonderful and not having it in VS2012 seems like a sad step backwards.  Please bring this to VS2012! 
    • +1 for requesting that the enhanced quick info tool tip be made available for VS2012.
    • Can't work with VS2012 without Enhanced Scrollbar and Enhanced Quick Info Tooltip, to painfull to loose them.
    • I'm suffering the lack of the "Enhanced Scrollbar" too, please add it soon!!!
    • Enhanced scrollbar badly needed in VS2012...
    • +1 for me too, I'm really missing vertical tabs and tab colouring. (Note: you can hack the 2010 package and install it on vs11 to get the enhanced scrollbar, this doesn't work for tabwells though)
    • +1 also. Enhanced scroll bar, tab colouring, ctrl + click go to definition, all necessary! If VS2012 doesn't get this soon, I'll favour 2010 instead.
    • +1 more - missing vertical tabs especially as that works well with my widescreen monitor.
    • +4 Can you give us an vs2012 version or make it open source then we can build the missing features for vs2012!!!
      Please, and please very fast...
    • Another +1 for vertical tab wells in 2012.  
    • Missing this extension a lot in VS2012. Honestly, who wants to move lines with cut and paste?
    • +1 for VS2012 version, especially vertical tab well and enhanced scrollbar.
    • +1 2012
    • I also would very much like to see vertical tabs and enhanced scroll bar in VS2012. Please consider to make a version also for VS2012, or make this code open source and let the community help out!
    • +1. I'm missing lot of old features as well. Tabify, Quick find in output window. The new quick find and replace in the editor sucks compared to this one. Please, please don't kill this addin.
    • Please vote for this issue to make MS hear us:
    • +1 I really miss the enhanced scroll bar!!!
    • +1 Enhanced Scrollbar!
    • +1. Can't use VS2012 without this much needed extension set. Please make our lives easier soon <3
    • Last update older than one year, and no proof of life from the authors. Please, release the source code, it will be an excellent tutorial for developpers, and we may port to VS 2012 and by the same way get rid of the morbid design of VS 2012, there is no way to work with VS 2012 in its current state, almost all black and white, limits between tabs invisibles, edge of windows invisibles, no more the enhanced scrollbar, etc.
    • I agree. Mostly I miss the Enhanced Scrollbar. 
    • +1 for 2012 version
    • We need a VS2012 Version right MEOW
    • +1 for a 2012 version--especially the enhanced scroll bar and the Alt-Up/Down feature.
    • +1 for a vs2012 version. This is a must have plugin... I miss the enhanced quicktip too much.. and the color coded tabs
    • Another +1. Can you open the source? I'll do the work myself.
    • +1 for VS2012, you don't realize how much you rely on something until you don't have it anymore!
    • +1 for VS2012, where lots of useful PowerTools features are missing.
    • +1 for VS2012, almost useless without enhanced scrollbar ;)
    • +1 for VS 20120, not finding Line Move Up/Down Commands... I really love those commands. 
    • +1 for vertical tabs.. I can't go back to just having 9/10 files visible...
    • +1000  for VS2012 please!!!
      (Or open source it in codeplex)
    • +1 for VS2012 support!
    • +1 count me
    • +1 for me, too. I really liked dpugh's extension AllMargins, especially the ehanced scrollbar. (Really, I think PowerTools should include the AllMargins extension outright, as I preferred that implementation over VS PowerTools' similar implementations (which also seemed buggy)). I definitely miss the enhanced quick info tip, and the automatic Brace/Parenthesy/Quote/etc... completion.
    • I really miss the enhanced scrollbar in VS2012 but it looks like no one is maintaining this tool. Has it been orphaned? Is there any process to get it opened to other developers?! I'd certainly be delighted to work on getting this moved forward (and it looks like there are plenty of others equally eager!)
    • It's not quite the same thing (only because it was created first and merged into Productivity Power Tools later), but you can get the same type of functionality from the 2010 AllMargins Extension (although it looks like it has been removed and only an older version is available here:  It is a little difficult to configure though, use this blog for help in that matter:
    • +1 for me, too on the 2012 version.  Let's not forget the little things like "Fix mixed tabs" and "Align Assignments" for us neat-freaks.
    • My entire floor of developers is missing the enhanced scrollbar in VS2012.  I can't believe that wasn't integrated into VS2012 proper!
    • +1 2012
    • +1
    • Vertical tabs is a must!
    • Can't work with VS2012 without Enhanced Scrollbar too! Please, add support for Visual Studio 2012!
    • I will be also happy to see this extension to be ready for VS2012.
    • +1. I really miss enhanced scrollbar and the move-line-function. The productivity gain with the enhanced scrollbar was unbelievable. Please build this for VS 2012! 
    • +1 Enhanced Scrollbar. Terrible to work without. I'll use vs 2010 as long as there's no enhanced scrollbar in vs 2012...
    • @utdavemc Check out my extension "Code Alignment" it's much more powerful than "Align Assignments" -
    • It´s there any official reply to the lack of this extension in Visual Studio 2012?
    • Yet another +1 vote to getting a 2012 version.
    • Another +4 vote.  I didn't realize how much i missed enhanced scrollbar until it was ripped away from us.
    • Another +1...just installed 2012 and was horrified to see there isn't a PPT version for it yet...
    • +1 vote for 2012 version.  I need it now!
    • +1... 
    • I vote for 2012 version too!
    • +1 Vote for 2012 version...
    • +1...really missing some of the tools.
    • Its coming!!! Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012 announced:
    • I also need it in VS 2012.
      The most usable thing is ctrl+click to go to definition/implementation.
    • @Juozas - Thanks for pointing me to the announcement! Which said, "New Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012: Additional tools and command line utilities that will be available for download in October 2012.". It's October - Where are they? :-)
      (As we all know... Customers think Oct is 1 Oct... the dev team thinks 31 Oct)
    • +1 VS2012
    • Guys, I really miss "Vertical Tabs" ...
    • Enhanced Scrollbar is available as separate extension inside this archive _
    • alexeysolonets: where did this come from?
    • Update the extension for VS2012 or (if it is no longer maintained) release the source code.
    • +1 VS2012... really really missing the enhanced scrollbar
    • Any Info on when the 2012 version will be released? I know they said October at some point, and it is fast approaching the end.....
      I mainly miss the colored tabs and most importantly the Shift+Enter shortcut (I know its a small thing but so worth it)
    • Please upvote it on Connect. At least Microsoft posting official comments there ;-)
      If you cannot get it via direct url - go thru Feedback -> "Most voted" and look/search for 'productivity'
    • There's also a Facebook page they used to watch... at least someone will get posts there in their inbox.
    • They said "early October", but they don't specify the year: it's perhaps for 2013 :-)
    • > We announced at launch, that Productivity Power Tools will be available in early October.
      > Stay tuned!" -Murali
      Now, what?
      We will have "early" November in 5 days from now.
    • Yes me too.
      I'm missing many features.
      One of them is Alt+Arrow to move line up/down. Very essential feature.
    • I Miss Ctrl + Click Go To Definition option in VS 2012. Please release 2012 Version Soon. Thanks. 
    • Me too!
    • VS2012 version is released here:
      Regards, Michael
    • Why doesn't solution navigator show the PROJECT when you type to search for it??
  • Workaround for Vertical Tab feature in VS 2012
    2 Posts | Last post November 02, 2012
    • I have found a workaround for the vertical tab feature in this extension, for use in VS 2012.
      I was able to come close to getting what I want by doing the following:
      ) In the Solution Explorer, right-click on your project and find the "New Solution Explorer View" menu item. This creates a new and separate Solution Explorer.
      ) Dock the new Solution Explorer on the left.
      ) At the top of the new explorer, find the icon next to the "Home" (house-shaped) icon, which looks like a document icon and has a dropdown associated with it. Click on that dropdown, and select "Open Files Filter". This will restrict this particular Solution Explorer to only show open files.
      This keeps your projects and open files in alphabetical order, on the left, for easy reference and access. You can use the original Solution Explorer like you always did. Until this extension is updated, this seems to be working for me.
    • Thanks a lot, great tip! :-)
  • Regex bug
    2 Posts | Last post October 25, 2012
    • I have the most current version of this product. I cannot get a find\replace regex like:
      Find: (.*)
      Replace: \1 \1 \1 
      To work while this extension is enabled. This is a recent development. If I disable the extension, it will work as expected. Any ideas what is happening?
    • Sorry, I meant to post {.*}, not (.*)
  • Make sure 2012 gets this extension
    2 Posts | Last post October 25, 2012
    • 1. Go here : 
      2. sign in (oh bother)
      3. and upVote the bug report to make sure VS2012 gets an update on this extension...
    • HTTPS worked for me and http displyas empty page so the link is:
  • Highlighting wrapped lines
    1 Posts | Last post October 03, 2012
    • I use word wrapping but the highlight current line feature only highlights the initial line -- I would like to see it highlight all of the line including any word wrapped lines. I.e., it should highlight until it founds a hard return.
      Or is there a way to do this?
  • VS2010 crashes on exit
    1 Posts | Last post September 25, 2012
    • Hi,
      I just installed this on a new machine. So far I've never had any problems with it on any pc, but now VS crashes as soon as I exit. If I disable PPT, then it doesn't crash anymore. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?
      The following is logged to the EventViewer.
      Application: devenv.exe
      Framework Version: v4.0.30319
      Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
      Exception Info: System.Runtime.InteropServices.InvalidComObjectException
         at System.StubHelpers.StubHelpers.GetCOMIPFromRCW(System.Object, IntPtr, Boolean ByRef)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsUIObject.get_Data(System.Object ByRef)
         at Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.Utilities.GetObjectData(Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.Interop.IVsUIObject)
         at Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.DataSource.Dispose(Boolean)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.CommandBars.CommandBarRootDataSource.Dispose(Boolean)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.Automation.ControlCustomizer.Dispose(Boolean)
  • Sync Solution Navigator to file on command
    1 Posts | Last post September 21, 2012
    • Sometimes it is handy to turn on "Track active item in Solution Explorer" in Tools | Options. Most of the time, however, it's a pain in the ass. A really nice addition to Power Tools would be to add a command from the document tab to find the document in Solution Navigator. That way you could leave the "track active item..." feature off, but still sync when you need to. Thanks.
  • Oh please...I need a 2012 version!
    1 Posts | Last post September 06, 2012
    • I realize everyone already posted this, but sooooo much missed many of the 2010 productivity features like move line/section up or down, as well as go to next/prev reference.
      Ug...we need this.
  • Tool Tip
    1 Posts | Last post August 28, 2012
    • The tool tip on objects is nice and has lots of neat features, but it's missing some of the functionality I relied on from the old tool tip. Specifically, when I hover over a method or constructor, I want to see its full definition and the text that says what it does. I can still do this if I remove focus from VS and then hover over the item, but I don't quite like having to do that. Is there a way to either restore the old tool tip or also see that information in the new one? Also, in the new one, the methods are listed, but only the types of the parameters are there, not their name, which would be very helpful.
  • Align assignment not working?
    1 Posts | Last post August 23, 2012
    • I haven't been able to get align assignments to work in vs 2010 c++. It does however work for my coworkers. I wouldnt think the c# note would apply for c++ but i have also tried that as well. Any ideas?
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