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A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by Bill Leibold | March 03 2011

This update is killing me! Any use of the tabify feature crashes VS. A quick fix would be helpful.

by Benjamin S. Hanson | March 02 2011

I'm only going to talk about the new find feature, because all the others are generally good:

The new find feature is 100x better and much much faster than the built in find. I also like the fact that it always does a search in document and doesn't constantly default to "Search Solution" that can ruin your whole day.. that said - the quick replace is 1000x worse than the built-in and pretty much completely unusable.

I often have the need to do a replace in selection - this is the ONLY time I ever do a replace and it's always in a selection and it's always a 'Replace All'. This now requires about 10x as much effort as before and the default is to replace everything in the document, which is pretty much NEVER what you want.

To kick it all off you can't turn off the new replace without also turning off the new find. So where one saves my life, the other kills it.

by Frinkfree | March 02 2011

The color-coded marker/ui in the scrollbar is very innovative - making use of dead space that previously required a dedicated column in the code view - and with Shift+Click on the scrollbar to go to a specific marker I can navigate very quickly. Other enhancements to functionality are nice, but the quiet little visual cues are what help me most. I only use a fraction of all the functionality in this extension, so it's nice to be able to control usage through the options menu. Great job.

by MuhammedBaykal | March 02 2011

It's a great tool! I wish someday it will be open source...

by Brendon123 | March 01 2011

Useful tool. If find that "In Current Block" and, as others have said "In Selection" are are missed when using the new Find feature - even showing them under the options drop-down would improve things. Yes you can disable a feature if you don't like it, but I'm sure it's useful to have feedback on all the features if any case. This is more productive than the majority of users disabling the feature and not saying anything about it.

by ChrisPfohl | February 28 2011

Useful tool, makes very small improvements to the Visual Studio UI.

"Highlight Current Line" alone makes this tool worth it, although the Tabbing and Solution Navigator features are awesome as well.

Note: Contrary to other reviews, *every* feature can be turned on or off, including the new search feature: Tools//Options: Productivity Power Tools//All Extensions allows you to turn each new feature on or off. "Quick Find" is the new search functionality. I have it currently disabled.

Second note: Replace in Selection is still usable from the normal Find and Replace tool bar which is even usable while the Quick Find is enabled.

by Pankaj Lathiya | February 28 2011

Awesome and 'must have' tool !!

by Ulrich Proeller | February 28 2011

by Tuomas Hietanen | February 28 2011

Enhanced Scrollbar has now the same ability to show errors as ReShaper Marker Bar.

This is the feature I have waited most to be a part of Visual Studio editor. It is a must when you try to refactor class variables away from an old big legacy class.

by Chisp | February 28 2011

Replace in selection is gone, and the new find (which I don't like) can't be turned off.

by Keith Lloyd | February 27 2011

IDE hangs with Version 10.0.20214.15 installed, hence the 1 star rating. Previous version I would give 4 stars. The hang would happen when Silverlight Designer was showing and started a debug session. If I switched to a cs file and debugged then no hang. I would love to go back to the previous version.

by MrtnZ | February 27 2011

The new find and scrollbar tools are very useful. I use scroll bar in full mode without any performance problem.
A very great behavior of the new search is that you can leave open one on each file. I like it.

by qck1 | February 25 2011

I have disabled this because the newest version replaces the find and replace with something without the flexibility. It now becomes a hinderance to my work just because of the new find and replace feature. Cannot even go to the old find and replace dialog from the new one, let alone set the attributes for find and replace. Fix this and I will start using it.

by CodeShark | February 25 2011

it is nice the new version has the enhance scroll bar feature that is very similarly to metalscroll.

by grakgrak | February 25 2011

Excellent really like the new Find tool.

How about using the up and down arrow keys to move to the Next and Previous find results while typing into the text box.


by AimeR | February 25 2011

The Enhanced scroll bar "Full Mode" is a great idea, but performance is horrific. Scrolling an xml file 500 lines long can become extremely slow.

by Kensai_ | February 24 2011

Simply superb.

by Benjamin Bertin | February 24 2011


by SolanumVexus | February 24 2011

Most of the nice little things you've always wished Visual Studio would do get done here.

by Atchoum21 | February 24 2011

The enhanced scrollbar is fantastic! Thank you so much.

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  • word separators?
    1 Posts | Last post September 03, 2014
    • I use the extension with native C++ mainly. Works great but when I use CTRL+F3 to search a word, it takes to many characters into the word.
      Ex: str+='L' will search for "str+=" instead of resolving the word as "str".
      How can I define the word delimiter list?
  • 自动补全
    1 Posts | Last post August 26, 2014
    • 这个插件我已经使用很长一段时间了,很好用。最近突然发现自动补全失灵了,重装后依旧如此。有什么方法可以修复吗?
  • ctrl+l doesn't work on multiple lines
    2 Posts | Last post July 31, 2014
    • ctrl+l doesn't work on multiple selected lines after installing this plugin. ctrl+l DOES work on a single line however if you select multiple lines it will leave behind text artifacts. 
      typical use case is to select multiple lines of text, BUT NOT the entire start and finish of the first and last line and press ctrl+l. expected result is all content from all selected lines will be cut from the document. actual result is that text that was not fully selected on the first and last line of the multi-line selection is then left behind and another ctrl+l is required to get rid of it.
      if the productivity power tools plugin is disabled or uninstalled the default visual studio behavior is restored so this plugin is definitely causing this bug.
    • For this feature, I discovered that it's a bug that comes from HTML Copy feature, simply turning it off, solved my problem.
  • How to disable new line for getters and setters
    1 Posts | Last post July 13, 2014
    • Hello,
      I like my properties' getters and setters on one line like this:
       public string FileHash {get; set;}
      but PPT is forcing them on new lines like this:
              public string FileHash {
      How do I disable this?
  • Disable #region autocompletion
    1 Posts | Last post July 08, 2014
  • Bug in align assignments keyboard short cut?
    1 Posts | Last post July 07, 2014
    • Hello I've installed productivity power tools, without problems about an hour ago and resumed writing code without a problem. That is, until I needed to access an element in an array: it was impossible for me to type the '[' character in visual studio. 
      I've got an French style keyboard (Azerty) and the '[' character is 'AltGr-^'. The '^' button is next to the 'p' (so its the same button as on a US Internatiol keyboard). 
      It took me a while to realise (and fix) the cause of the problem. Removing the keyboard shortcut for align assignmenst fixed it. 
      Note apparently windows treats 'Alt Gr' the same as 'Ctrl-Alt'.
  • Shift Enter does not Work in VS2013
    7 Posts | Last post July 04, 2014
    • The Shift + Enter that insert a semicolon and a break line does not work for VS2013 + Resharper.
    • Yes. What happened to that feature? I have gotten used to Shift + Enter key combo for coding. Finding myself having to "break" that (good) habit 0_o
    • This doesn't work for me either. I have to have this! Please bring it back!
    • Yes, please bring back.  One of the top reasons I use this extension.
    • Anybody has an idea how to work-around this? Really want this feature back :(
    • I would like this shift + enter  as well, arghhhhh
    • I actually don't have a chance to try this feature out since it never work. However, I believe it should be a really helpful.
  • Option Reset on every update
    1 Posts | Last post May 25, 2014
    • Please make it so that every update does not reset "Options -> Turn Extensions On/Off" options. It is so annoying to tweak them on every update...
  • "Show All Files" button doesn't work with SSDT projects
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2014
    • I'm getting a "Member not found" error with VS2013.2 RC when I attempt the following:
      1. Create a new SQL Server Database Project.
      2. Open Project Properties... SQLCLR tab... click Assembly Information...
      3. Enter 1.0 as the version number [OK].
      4. Click the "Show All Files" button on the SOX toolbar. Error is raised and external files do not show.
    • Please ignore this. I've since found out this is a problem in Visual Studio/SSDT and not PowerTools. Thanks.
  • Align Assignments for Javascript objects
    1 Posts | Last post May 08, 2014
    • The Align Assignments makes your (Javascript) code more readable by aligning the assignments when you type Ctrl+Alt+]. It would be nice if it worked for object properties too, so instead of:
      var obj = {
         firstName: 'John',
         lastName: 'Doe',
         email: ''
      you would have:
      var obj = {
         firstName: 'John',
         lastName:  'Doe',
         email:     ''
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