Productivity Power Tools


A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by ozdemirerdem | February 04 2011

An excellent tool which has useful features

by hornerj99 | February 02 2011

by RickCole | February 01 2011

Great tool! Adds a lot of nice functionality to the IDE.
Downside is that it gets sluggish with a large number of projects and files in the solution and on large source code files. Not to mention other latencies in doing nearly everything in the IDE. Can't wait till a release comes out that fixes these issues.

by Michal Zalewski | January 29 2011

excellent work!

by ltlJohn40 | January 28 2011

I liked this extention until it caused me several hours of trouble shooting. I didn't see a place to submit bugs so I'm letting people know here. If you have this extention, do not drag a tab off to another monitor and close Studio. On opening that project, it will cause a CLR exception (0xE0434F4D) and crash studio.

by Stefan Vogel | January 27 2011

A great toolbox!

by Manfred Lange | January 26 2011

By and large I love this set of tools.

However, for some reason, I found the following issue in my installation: Selecting code, then copying, it won't paste into notepad.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Select code
2. select "Copy" from menu "Edit" (or use Ctrl+C)
3. Switch to notepad.exe and paste (or use Ctrl+V)
4. It doesn't bring the code across.

Maybe copying text was accidentially dropped when adding support for copying HTML?

Here is a work around. In Tools-Options-Productivity Power Tools select "All Extensions", then switch off "HTML Copy".

by AnirudhBakore | January 17 2011

Request VS team to make this tool as a part of standard install

by dagma20_ | January 17 2011

There are some nice features that make this a worthy download, however my experience of using this has caused alot of time wasting chasing errors with this set of tools, more specifically is the 'add reference' utility tool, which is pretty neat but causes problems / corrupts applications so have had to delete the power tools as a result, waiting for a new release that will hopefully resolve alot of the problems I had.

by Jean-Claude Bertrand | January 12 2011

Since I installed it I got crash issue with VStudio 2010...

by Brent Bordelon | January 10 2011

I had an open ticket for 3 months with MS related to the IDE freezing while stepping through code. It would happen randomly almost every time. Ultimately, they told me to disable all extensions (this was the only extension I had installed). I was skeptical, but that was back in September 2010. Now in January 2011 I've yet to have a single problem. Diagnosis? This extension was causing the problem.

by mvermef | January 07 2011

Solution Navigator -- just did a search for FrameworkElement wanted to know where it was located assembly wise and well it brought my i7 to its knees. Almost 1gig in memory was absorbed by devenv.exe. Search function appears slightly ineffecient.

by Khanna Gaurav | January 06 2011

Productivity Power Tools are a great extension to increase developers productivity. Auto Brace Completion, HTML Copy, Solution Navigator, Searchable Add Reference Dialog are few very good additions.

But "Ctrl + Click Go To Definition" is one feature which need some attention. Although its a good feature to have but often when trying to cut or copy the code (using Ctrl+C or Ctrl+X) instead of copying it opens the definition which is quite annoying.

But overall great work!

by JJP98798014 | January 04 2011

by PrimeCipher | January 02 2011

This was an excellent and welcomed response to some of the changes in vs2010 which don't coincide well with the way in which I work.

by Mladen Mihajlovic | December 23 2010

by Bhuvan | December 22 2010

I like this tool.. but like any other version 1 software... it has bugs .. one of the most notable is that... You reference a project from another project and try removing the referenced project.. then it will go into a loop of unhandled null reference exceptions. Another basic feature I would expect in the next version is to remember the last selected node between sessions.. and keep SN all nodes in closed state when you open the project. Currently it starts with all file nodes open when the solution is opened.

Overall this is a great work and a great start on this front by developers of SN.

by Stevishere | December 21 2010

by Mr. Javaman | December 20 2010

Review Changed: Mostly satisfied with this tool, like most of it's features.

Did find one bug...
Productivity Power Tools will mask messages by design time add references. I had a Silverlight project and mistakenly attempted to add non-Silverlight DLL... With Power Tools installed the error message was masked and only indicated a nullreference somewhere. With Power Tools uninstalled, the message clearly told me that NON-Silverlight DLLS cannot be added as reference.

by hfrmobile | December 17 2010

What about previous versions of Visual Studio?
What about Visual Studio 2010 for Phone?

Heheh: "Align Assignments" Funny feature which proves that the M$ developers of this tool do not talk with the StyleCop and FxCop team ;-)))

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  • Remove editor guide lines
    1 Posts | Last post March 26, 2014
    • How can I remove Editor Guide Lines?
      I don't like seeing a lot of guide lines in the left side of my code. 
      Can you help me?
  • Shift Enter does not Work in VS2013
    4 Posts | Last post March 24, 2014
    • The Shift + Enter that insert a semicolon and a break line does not work for VS2013 + Resharper.
    • Yes. What happened to that feature? I have gotten used to Shift + Enter key combo for coding. Finding myself having to "break" that (good) habit 0_o
    • This doesn't work for me either. I have to have this! Please bring it back!
    • Yes, please bring back.  One of the top reasons I use this extension.
  • Change the Number of Spaces When Replacing Tabs
    2 Posts | Last post March 17, 2014
    • My team uses a default spacing of 3 spaces, which is set in VS, but when using the Tab replacement functionality, it seems to use 4 spaces. Is there a way to edit this setting?
    • Workaround Find four spaces replace with three. Just only do it once through the whole doc
  • I love the colorization of the tabs by project but can it be tied to the solution explorer too?
    1 Posts | Last post February 26, 2014
    • there any way to tie that color to the solution explorer so that the project in the explorer is the same color text or background?
  • Navigate within the expression editor in the file .rdlc (Report) using the arrow keys
    1 Posts | Last post February 25, 2014
    • After installing Productivity Power Tools was not possible to navigate within the expression editor in the file .rdlc (Report) using the arrow keys. This impaired enough.
      This can be changed now or is an error that needs correcting?
  • Tab placements lost
    1 Posts | Last post February 15, 2014
    • This has been happening for years. If you pins tabs, they work fine while VS is running. But if you restart VS, they will appear correct on first load, but once you run the application and then stop it, you will lose all your tab pinnings.
      This happens more frequently in VS2013, so that you lost them not just on the initial run/stop.
  • align assignments shortcut conflicts with ] on french canadian keyboard
    1 Posts | Last post February 06, 2014
    • The align assignments shortcut prevents me from typing ] on a french canadian keyboard. Somehow the shorcut overrides the combination (alt Car + ¸ which gives ] on a canadian french keyboard).
  • Disable Tab colorization?
    2 Posts | Last post January 31, 2014
    • How I could disable the blue Tabs colorization? I preffer to see the default VS colorization. I tried to diable (turn OFF) ALL the Productivity Power Tools
      features but the tabs still colorizing... this seems a bug, to disable colorization the only way that I see is to uninstall Productivity Power Tools.
    • In VS click Tools --> Options --> Productivity Power Tools --> Custom Document Well.
      Now you can disable the Checkbox "Color tabs by project"
  • Cannot see Solution Navigator
    1 Posts | Last post January 27, 2014
    • Where's it? I've installed this add-in without doing anything else, but I cannnot see that....
  • Great, but I'd like one extra feature...
    1 Posts | Last post December 09, 2013
    • I love this extension, but could you guys just add one more feature: disable dragging tabs off the tab bar and floating them.  I keep doing it accidentally and it's very annoying.  When you drag tabs, they should just move left or right.  To float them you should have to right-click and click "Float".  :-)
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