StickyNotes is a Visual Studio package that provides sticky notes capabilities to project and project items inside Visual Studio 2008.

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by buttie | December 06 2011

no persistent notes , when reopening Visual Studio. All notes deleted each time one closes the Studio.

by gicoprasico | March 23 2010

So, so. A great idea, but unfortunately there is no source code. In a commercial version there is a lot of bugs, and the support is unresponsive.

Please share the code, so the others may improve it.

by Mahasen | September 11 2008

It crashes my VS 2008 SP1 constantly.

by Seth Morris | July 15 2008

Works well for what it does. I'd prefer that it kept one file per project and had sections for files, but that's not how it works. To make it most useful, put it in a frame that's visible while you edit (pinned open); don't auto-hide the tab. When I tried it in an unpinned tab I didn't remember to use it.

by Mike Yeager | June 25 2008

Really handy way to make notes to myself that don't seem to fit in work items or tasks. Simple and powerful.

by tehmiller1 | June 10 2008

by James Lau | June 09 2008

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