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This simple extension adds ability to collapse code between any pair of {} easier.

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by EvertonAgner | February 10 2012

Nice extension, however it screws things up if there is inline { and } blocks of code.


SmtpClient clientSmtp = new SmtpClient() { Host = Config.SmtpIp, Port = Config.SmtpPorta, Credentials = new NetworkCredential(Config.SmtpUsuario, Config.SmtpSenha) };

by TejasJ | January 24 2012

This is simple great...

by cgeorge1 | August 07 2011

can u put the installation on a different source location. The current location is posed as a threat by my company firewall.

Boyd_Rice August 15 2011
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Hi, George, you can get it on my SkyDrive here: https://skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?cid=e55b71bdaa990159&resid=E55B71BDAA990159!398

by JohnM12 | March 31 2011

This is great. However there is a problem where it cannot tell that braces used inside a string (like placeholders in string.Format) should not be honored.

by 黃偉榮 | February 19 2011


by Klaus Ruttkowski | October 16 2010

by Coral Sea | October 15 2010

Much appreciated. Seems to work fine on Ultimate trial and Professional.

by acemarke | September 23 2010

The outlining works, but it seems to disable any bold editor font settings as a bad side effect.

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