Productivity Power Tools 2013


A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2013 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by Mulder90 | Sun 3:06 PM

by Aleh Karasik | Sun 8:44 AM

Amazing extension for visual studio but unfortunately looks like "Peek Help" feature does not work correctly for Visual C++ project (it opens the last help page from MSDN and not the correct page).

Please fix this and it will be definitely 5 starts extension.

by Mario Vernari | July 15 2014

It was actually a missing piece of Visual Studio: why not embedding by default?
Very nice the structure visualizer, although I'd use less opaque colors for the outlines (either a pastel-shade, or a 50% opacity). I'd also provide some kind of highlight for the structure popup: maybe a drop shadow?
Excellent idea on squeezing the less-important rows!
Also very noticeable are the error tracking, and the scrollbar markers.

The point which disappointed me was actually on the print capabilities. I found this package right because I wanted to print a section of a module, without the tedious copy+paste on Wordpad, which preserves the formats very well. Why not providing a preview, such as IE offers? In order to avoid to waste paper, I'd find very useful the ability to inspect what are the useful pages, and/or adjust some parameter.

Anyway, the product deserves a five-star rating without any doubt!
Thanks, and go further!

by jsohn | July 07 2014

by Steve Jung, MCSE | June 27 2014

Coloured tabs, vertical lines connecting beginning/endings, coloured printing, peek help, tabify, middle-click scrolling, colourized parameter help all very good additions!

by Athari | June 26 2014

Some tools are very useful and handy, others less so, but overall it's a great collection.

* Double-click maximizing does not preserve collapsed state and causes tab reordering when a window is collapsed after being restored.
* There are a lot of options for customizing document tabs, but still no option for multiple horizontal rows. It's compact (unlike vertical tabs), it displays all documents (unlike horizontal tabs) and it's a basic functionality of a tab control.
* Code structure in the margin is a good idea, but with no options to customize display, even colors, it's useless. In a big file with many classes and methods, it's hard to distinguish thin class lines and wide method arcs become thin as well. Just open Dictionary<,>'s source file and you'll see.
* Code structure previews waste space on attributes making class names invisible. Again, open Dictionary<,>'s source file.
* Default colors for projects look weird in VS light theme. I don't get why they are dark.

by Andrea Dottor [MVP] | June 26 2014

by AltaModaTech | June 23 2014

Good for removing & sorting using statements across project or entire solution. Also provides a good mechanism for opening a command shell at the project directory, but doesn't provide the same for PowerShell

by MrPloops | June 18 2014

Excellent tools!
One importent one is missing:
SHIFT+Enter to automatically add closing brackets and ending semiolon and add new line.
I miss it so much! Pleas add it soon.
Best regards,

by RanjithAtMsdn1 | June 13 2014

It is great extension with lot of features and commands, but still I find it lacking because it does not have the following feature. I cannot find any extension which does that, but the team who developed this could definitely do it.

Whenever I open a new file from solution explorer, it puts that file as the first tab in document well. But as I keep opening files, they just go into overflow list. But what I am looking is that whenever I open a file from solution explorer, even if it is already in document well (or overflow list), it should put that file as the first tab. This way I always have my most recent files at first so that I can easily switch. The existing sortings are always by project or alphabetical, but most of the times, the files you want to use may not be in that order. Thanks.

by Hojin.Jun | June 11 2014

useful! Thanks..

by SilentKilerr100 | June 11 2014

Just amazing. My favorite functionality tab -> spaces and spaces -> tabs.

by Matthias Friedrich | June 05 2014

by CLevon | June 03 2014

Very useful! Thanks

by PHenry9999 | May 27 2014

Great tool! An absolute MUST for any VS dev.

by Jason Williams | May 27 2014

Good helpers, but all installed in one indivisible lump.
As it stands we have to individually disable the obtrusive features, and every time you upgrade the extension it turns all the unwanted features back on!
In the end I decided that the 2 features I find useful were not worth the hassle - this ought to be broken up into 5-10 separate extensions, each with a clear and distinct purpose.

by OtisBen | May 27 2014

After installing this extension, the size of opening and closing braces of a c# method became very small. Do you know how to undo that? or change it back to normal?

by Christiaan Rakowski | May 24 2014

by All-in | May 24 2014

Colored tabs are reducing the productivity.
When many pages are open they are grouped with similar color and its hard to distinguish which file is the active one. Closing the wrong files all the time because of the lack of contract of the active file.

by chriga | May 21 2014

Very useful!

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  • Match Margin - color change
    1 Posts | Last post Mon 8:52 PM
    • Hello,
      How I can customize font/background color for the Match Margin?
  • 'Copy' Exception
    1 Posts | Last post July 22, 2014
    • After this is installed (VS 2013 prof) I am unable to 'Copy' anything.
      Invalid index. (Exception HRESULT: 0x8002000B
      I have tried rebooting, reinstalling. Goes away as soon as its removed. Any ideas?
  • Braces showing compressed when Column Guides are displayed
    2 Posts | Last post July 22, 2014
    • Using this extension, the Braces in the code blocks appear compressed (or smaller in size).
      Turning this extension off shows the braces in the original size.
      Could you please fix this?
    • This is a new feature of the PPT: syntactic line compression.
      You can turn the feature completely off by going to:
       tools/options/productivity power tools/turn extensions on/off
      and switching Syntactic Line Compression off.
      You can leave the extension on but have it only compress blank lines by going to:
       tools/options/productivity power tools/Other extensions
      and unchecking the "Compress lines that do not have any alphanumeric characters" option.
  • Disable automatic new line for getters and setters
    1 Posts | Last post July 13, 2014
    • Hello,
      I like my properties' getters and setters on one line like this:
       public string FileHash {get; set;}
      but PPT is forcing them on new lines like this:
              public string FileHash {
      How do I disable this?
  • Format On Save
    2 Posts | Last post July 09, 2014
    • I like the Format On Save feature, but it only seems to work with code files (.cs, .vb...)
      Are there any plans to make it work with aspx/html files as well?
  • Custom Tab Well Question / Suggestion
    2 Posts | Last post July 07, 2014
    • I am a big fan of the Custom Tab Well feature, but it does make it a little more difficult to see what file one is currently editing.  
      Is it possible to add additional formatting differentiation to this particular tab?  
      As it is now, the selected tab is bolded, but adding full formatting capability (like increasing the font size for this tab, changing the font for this tab's text, italicizing the text, making the text ToUpper or ToLower, putting additional characters before and / or after the text, making half of the tab a different color *best option IMO*, etc.) would greatly enhance this feature.
    • Forgot to add "change font color of tab" to list of suggestions.  Maybe just make selected tab text to bright red
  • SHIFT + ENTER feature
    2 Posts | Last post July 03, 2014
    • Hi, there was a feature for automatic completion of a statement in Productivity Power Tools 2012 (described in "Auto Brace Completion" section). How can I dow it in VS 2013?
    • I also installed the power tools looking for this feature. It is still described as part of the automatic brace completion feature, but I haven't found anyone that it seems to be working for recently.
  • Vertical Tabs?
    1 Posts | Last post June 27, 2014
    • I'd really like to use the vertical tabs feature - the document well does my head in slightly with the ordering of tabs, so at least if I could see them all on the screen I'd have a fighting chance.
      However, the option doesn't seem to exist in the preferences dialog?
      It would also be really useful if you could add "time last used" as a sorting option...
  • code visualizer colors
    2 Posts | Last post June 24, 2014
    • is it possible to edit code visualizer colors somehow?
      especially i want this for colors in right scrollbar: they are very subtle because of their colors, i want them to be more distinct
      so i think the best option will be to make colors in editor and in scrollbar to be editable separatly, also
      but for now i'd be happy to know where i may just edit them
    • Yes. Go to tools/options/environment/fonts and colors and look for colors like "Block Structure ..." or "Block Structure Tooltip ...".
      The tooltip colors control the color of the text in the margin/top of view tooltip. The other colors control the lines in the editor and margin. There isn't a way, currently, to use one color for a line in the editor and a different color for the line in the scroll bar.
  • Issue with search
    1 Posts | Last post June 23, 2014
    • When you enable this addon, following error returns:
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