Productivity Power Tools 2013


A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2013 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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by onurg | March 25 2014

by Edward Ferron | March 21 2014

Keep the Power Tools coming. They are great for developer productivity!!

by ludwigg80 | March 20 2014

I love'd' this extension. Many wonderful aids.

Solution Explorer errors!
Double click maximize!
Match margin!
Column guides!


I just had to uninstall it.
It brings VS2013 to its knees...sluggish.

I'd like to leave at least 4 starts but can't with the performance problem.

by oerpli | March 15 2014

by L.H.Miranda | March 10 2014

Good tools, my only complain is the responsiveness of the CTRL+CLICK feature. When I hold down CTRL to click on an object to peek it's definition I have to wait a few moments before I can actually click on it and, even worse, it remains active for a while after I release the control key, going to whatever object's definition I click on. This is really annoying.

I tried this same feature in Resharper and it works flawlessly, so that's not a slow computer/big project issue.

by AmazingAnt | March 05 2014

Great tool, but for some reason the last update wiped all of the options I had set up? And of course I don't see anywhere on here to contact them about it, so...

by NBach | March 05 2014

Awesome tool! Please support Python in your next release.

by Andrew Nagle | March 04 2014

I really love the structure visualizer, but I really wish it supported more than just C# and VB files. I spend a lot of time working with ASP and WPF applications so being able to see the structure of their respective files (HTML, ASPX, ASCX, CSS, JS, XAML, XML, etc.) would be really awesome.

by dcstraw | March 03 2014

Great stuff! I'd like to second the feature request by Timothy Caro - please add a second Ctrl+click combination (like Ctrl+Alt+click) to do a peek vs. navigation.

by Sezied_Man_Canon | February 28 2014

I love it! Only needed the colour printing, but I was pleasantly surprised with the feature set!
Most of this should come with visual studio!

The colours used tend to clash with the dark theme in Visual Studio, becoming an eyesore as a result.

by skhu | February 21 2014

Please bring back the Shift-Enter feature which you had in 2012. Below is the description of the feature:
Enables using SHIFT + ENTER for automatic completion of a statement in C#. inserting the closing semi-colon and moving the cursor to the next lin

by Timothy Caro | February 03 2014

Great extension.

Could I suggest adding the ability to have two ctrl-click actions?

1. Ctrl-Click
2. Ctrl-Alt-Click or Ctrl-Shift-Click or Ctrl-?-Click

one could be assigned to go to definition
the other could be assigned to peek definition


by Salar Khalilzadeh | January 21 2014

Please add compare option to the context menu of Solution Explorer or Open tabs.
The vs command for this is Tools.DiffFiles

by Kogi123 | January 17 2014

Could You add again the automatic semi-colon adding after shift-enter ?

It was in 2010 version and now it is removed while it is extremely useful.

by SWarnberg | January 14 2014

Would be great to have Code Analysis errors annotated in the scrollbar as well. Would that be possible?

by wbur549 | January 10 2014

Breaks the Copy function in the IDE. Uninstalled the extension and Copy function works again!

by Technologist | December 27 2013

It's a "must have" tool , why it's not built in VS instead of having it as a separate add-in ?

by hitu1 | December 20 2013

So many new features in every new VS release since VS 2005 to 2013 but I am missing my all time "VB6 IDE Procedure view", feature which helps developer to "concentrate" on one single procedure/function at a time while writing and debugging code. Why this feature in not available even in most advanced release ??? Most of the time developer works on a given function and there is no need to see all the codes on the screen. Pl add "procedure view" feature in productivity tool or in next VS release.

by Ali-Starr | December 19 2013

This is the sort of program no-one should be without!

by ScruffyDuck | December 19 2013

Great stuff - I particularly like the Peek function (Alt+F12)

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  • Align Assigment doesn't work
    2 Posts | Last post Wed 9:31 PM
    • I use german VS2013 and the current version of the Power Tools but I'm not able to use the align assigment.
      The keyboard shortcut ctrl alt ] has no effect (I switched to the us-keyboard-layout).
      Ohter shortcut from the power Tools are ok.
      What's wrong?
      Is there a way over a menue item?
      Is it possible to change the keyboard shortcut?
      Greetings from Germany
    • I don't know why, I made no changes, but today everything work fine.
  • Custom Document Well: Dirty indicator isn't shown for tabs with long name
    1 Posts | Last post Wed 10:31 AM
    • If it isn't enough place for file name on tab, then "dirty indicator" isn't shown.
  • How I stop it resetting my preferences every update?!
    1 Posts | Last post Tue 9:37 AM
    • Despite what was written on this page, having VS open during the update does not stop it wiping out all the settings every update. It's happening to me and my colleagues; and it's incredibly frustrating :(
      Is there any workaround for this? The extension is really useful; but it's so annoying having to reconfigure it every time there's an update! :(
  • Performance warning: String load failed.
    1 Posts | Last post Sun 4:49 AM
    • I am receiving these warnings in the ActivityLog:
          <time>2014/04/13 00:06:48.810</time>
          <description>Performance warning: String load failed. Pkg:{9E176362-6209-4912-B1D1-8E8E43ED2111} (CustomDocWellPackage) LANG:0409 ID:1014&#x000D;&#x000A;</description>
          <time>2014/04/13 00:06:48.814</time>
          <description>Performance warning: String load failed. Pkg:{D177414D-2D6A-49F2-8497-C51A2629846B} (OptionsPagePackage) LANG:0409 ID:2010&#x000D;&#x000A;</description>
          <time>2014/04/13 00:06:48.821</time>
          <description>Performance warning: String load failed. Pkg:{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} LANG:0409 ID:1004&#x000D;&#x000A;</description>
      The first two are connected to Productivity PowerTools 2013.
      This can be confirmed by viewing the associated .pkgdef files in the AppData~Extensions folder.
      I can give further information when required.
      My main question is: Are you guys willing to share the source code, so that those of us who wish to (and can) fix these bugs, right away, can?
      Other than that, I would appreciate it if someone could follow up on this issue.
  • Color Printing fails silently in database projects
    1 Posts | Last post April 11, 2014
    • Printing a sql file in a database project fails silently (on a coworker's machine, it fails with an 'out of memory' exception; only 174 lines in the file, so it's not huge). Works fine from a C# project. If I turn off Color Printing in the database project, printing works fine (but obviously just in black and white).
  • Unusable tooltips for Solution Error Visualizer on full screen Solution Explorer
    1 Posts | Last post April 11, 2014
    • I'm using the Solution Error Visualizer power tool, it used to be very useful for me to quickly find and fix warnings (especially CodeContracts warnings which are numerous) in our solution, but now that I've set my Solution Explorer (and his friends) maximized on a separate screen from the main VS window, its tooltips are sent in an impossible location. 
      Precisely, I can see the arrow and the left side of the tooltip on the vertical scrollbar of the Solution Explorer and the rest of the tooltip is lost, although I have another screen in that direction.
      If I reduce the Solution Explorer window, I can have the tooltip to the left disappearing below the Solution Explorer, or the tooltip to the right, properly working if there is enough space.
  • Peek Help does not work in C++ code
    2 Posts | Last post April 10, 2014
    • Make a C++ project using a std::vector<> and press Alt-F1 w/ cursor on the vector and it brings up help for the text editor. 
      Same for all the Win32 APIs I try.  ex. CoTaskMemFree() -- nada. 
    • I had this too. I found a workaround by setting the Help/Set Help Preference to Help Viewer and then back again to Browser.
  • Match Margin
    1 Posts | Last post April 10, 2014
    • How can I change the highlight color? I use dark background. The purple highlight is almost impossible to see.
  • VS2013 Update 2 RC crash when Power Commands option activated
    1 Posts | Last post April 07, 2014
    • VS2013 Update 2 RC cash on closing VS when a solution is loaded. After deactivating "Power Commands" Option VS never crashed on closing again.
  • "Open Command Prompt" Power Command opens Visual studio 2010 Command prompt
    2 Posts | Last post April 07, 2014
    • I have Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2013 installed, and the "Open Command prompt" Power Command always opens a Visual Studio 2010 x86 Command Prompt. Can this be configured which one to open, or even better, make it always open the right version according to the current solution?
    • Same here... Did you ever find a way of fixing this?
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