Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools


Power Tools are a set of enhancements, tools, and command-line utilities that increase productivity of Team Foundation Server scenarios.

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by Ralph Jansen | March 07 2014

by SouravKundu | January 31 2014

When I installed VS 2013 and did not find the clone build and wildcard find option I wasn't happy at all. These are nice little productivity tools. TFPT provides that and a lot of other work item modification capabilities. A must have for any TFS Admin!

by Christian Haeussler | January 31 2014

This Tools make the TFS Administration until complete!

by AntonioBakula | January 21 2014

by akfi | January 06 2014

Its completion of TFS...

by feelingsofwhite | December 13 2013

Why is the PowerShell Cmdlets not installed by default?(!) PowerShell FTW! Looks like tfpt spackles over some of the gaps in TF.exe, looking forward to it

by Bin Liu | December 10 2013

I would expect someone from the Tools Team respond to posted questions within reasonable time frame (my question was posted on 12/02/2013 with specific info. No response more than one week later).

by Kazuhiko_Kondo | November 01 2013

by phecht_wescom | October 30 2013

When installing, it would be nice if it uninstalled "The Windows Shell extension" from a previous version automatically.

I basing the five stars on previous versions on TFPT. I just installed Visual Studio 2013 and need these tools. I'm assuming they have the "it just works" quality that the 2010/12 version had.

by Alexandr Shamray | October 13 2013

by Hamid Shahid | September 25 2013

Excellent. Works well with Visual Studio 2013 RC client and TFS 2012.

by M. Samara | September 24 2013

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  • tfpt.exe builddefinition - Could not load assembly Microsoft.TeamFoundataion.Build.Workflow
    5 Posts | Last post Fri 9:09 PM
    • When running tfpt builddefinition dump/diff commands, it generated following output:
      Querying Build Defintion...
      Examining Build Definition: <xyz>...
      Loading Process Parameters...
      Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
      I searched for the assembly by name and found version 12.0.21006.1 under c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\
        ReferencedAssemblies\v2.0 and PrivateAssemblies
    • Additional info:
      tfpt.exe used was downloaded toady (12/02/2013). The MSI file's "Origin" section has "Content created" as 9/19/2013 11:16AM. tfpt.exe itself has "File Versio" 12.0.20830.1 and "Date modified" as 9/19/2013 11:46. Both are inconsistent with the posted current version of 12.0.60919.00 on 11/11/2013. 
    • I'm having the same issue.  I have  12.0.21005.1 and not  I wanted to look at all my build definitions.  I can't use this now.
    • I'm getting this one too. Has anyone found a solution?
    • Had the same issue, then added Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.dll to GAC and that resolved it for me.
      gacutil /if Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.dll
  • Test result 0 of test run 11157 cannot be found
    4 Posts | Last post Thu 3:01 PM
    • Hi,
      The "Test Attachment Cleaner" (TAC) tool is giving an error on some Team Projects. There are remnants that the tool cannot clean up. The problematic Test Runs cannot be removed. In "delete" mode, an error message like the following one is displayed: "Test result 0 of test run 11157 cannot be found." I thought that a migration from TFS2010/PowerTools2010 to TFS2013/PowerTools2013 may correct this problem but it is not the case. What is causing this problem? How can I car rid of these test runs? Is there a way to get more information about this error (TAC log files contain no details)?
      Thank you.
    • Hi Michel,
      Does the power tool execution gets aborted when it encounters this error ?
      If you run the tool multiple times then does it fails every time with same error message for the same test run ?
    • Hi Shyam. Sorry for this very late reply, I'm working on the issue Michel mentioned back in December.
      We're running the test attachment cleaner from the command line and get something like this:
      Logging output to FILENAME
      Runs completed - 7 of 15; Processing Run 8 (run id: 6123) 0%
      Test result 0 of test run 6123 cannot be found
      and then execution stops. The summary is missing from the logfile so it seems like nothing else happens after the error.
      We don't get the error for all of our team projects, but those that get the error get it every time and it's always the IDs.
    • I've dumped the trace output to a file and I have a little more information. The output looks like this
      Timestamp on server is 7/10/2013 12:04:26 AM == 7/10/2013 12:04:26 AM on client
      Accepting run 8491 which is just right
      Processing test object id 8491
      Run id 5471 had no attachments to delete
      Run id 5495 had no attachments to delete
      Run id 5518 had no attachments to delete
      Run id 5538 had no attachments to delete
      Run id 5561 had no attachments to delete
      Run id 5581 had no attachments to delete
      Run id 5615 had no attachments to delete
      ResultQueryString: SELECT * FROM TestResult WHERE TestRunId = {0}
      vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.105243.8707531: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.105244.8707532: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.105245.8707533: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.105246.8707534: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.105237.8707525: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.105238.8707526:
      vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.100002.8702290: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.100003.8702291: vstfs:///TestManagement/TcmResultAttachment/6123.100004.8702292: 
      The "..." replaces thousands of similar lines. There is nothing after this
  • Made my system unuseable after resuming windows.
    5 Posts | Last post April 10, 2014
    • I'm using Win8.1. VS2013 Pro.  After installing version: 12.0.60919.00 and coming out of hibernation, my system was kept so busy with hard disk activity that I had to power off/on to get back it.  I inspected the Event log and saw several TFSShellExt alternating Error/Warning messages per minute.  I got work to do so I just uninstalled it, I do not have time to figure out why.
    • Exact same issue here.
    • I'm seeing this too, first with Win8.1 RC then with fresh install of Win8.1. I'm pretty sure I saw it before with Win8.0, but not nearly so frequently. Explorer busies-out the CPU and gobbles all available memory; if you can get Task Manager open in time you can kill Explorer.exe and recover, but it's quite inconvenient!
      The event log is full of TFSShellExt errors and warnings, just as Byron Adams notes.
      This smells a lot like the problem brilliantly diagnosed and documented by Martin Kulov over two years ago, coming down to an incorrect implementation of the IDisposable pattern in TfsComProvider.Core.TfsCache.CachedServer, in which Finalize() calls Dispose(), but Dispose() is referencing managed objects that have already been cleaned up, resulting in a null reference exception:
      I'm sure this specific bug has been fixed by now, but could there be something similar lurking in the codebase?
    • The same issue after resuming from hibernation these days. Even keyboard/mouse stop working. But I found Remote Desktop from other computer can change current desktop into login screen, and keyboard/mouse works there. (But the Remote Desktop client still cannot get into the desktop) I choose to restart at login screen. That's better than power reset...
    • I found a way to kill exploere.exe from remote computer, using 
      "taskkill /s (ip) /im explorer.exe" (From Windows 8) or "tskill explorer /server:(ip) /a /v" (from Windows 7). But I only use it twice, it seems need to connect Remote Desktop too...?
      Just found this tool has update at 2014/4/3, but not seem from VS update notification... I have tried install new version and resume once... Not eating memory this time... Hope it's been fixed...
  • Update 2 and Best Practices Analyzer Update 2
    1 Posts | Last post April 09, 2014
    • Getting 12 messages regarding Web service that could not be accessed when running Best Practices Analyzer on single box Server 2012 without SharePoint. Log indicates "Cannot find an overload for "readIdentities" and the argument count" "4". And Cannot process argument because the value of argument "input" is not valid.
  • Activity Monitor Log Warning
    1 Posts | Last post April 05, 2014
    • I am getting a warning in my activity log
       Warning Performance warning: String load failed. Pkg:{2C5A58FF-51D1-46CC-B46C-CD458632B321} (TfptPackage) LANG:0407 ID:0  
  • Where are powershell cmdlets?
    2 Posts | Last post April 04, 2014
    • I don't see the powershell snapin the provided cmdlets that was included in previous versions. Is this available elsewhere?
    • I am also experiencing this issue. I installed Power Tools without Best Practices Analyzer and also do not have .NET Framework 2.0 installed on our Windows Server 2012 R2 machine running TFS 2013.
      I do see the following assemblies:
  • Team members not visible
    1 Posts | Last post March 31, 2014
    • I am using VS2013 to work on a project that is hosted on a server running TFS2010. I have installed VS2010 SP1, VS2013 update 1, tfs power tools december 2011 and tfs power tools 2013. In VS2010 I get the Team members list in my server explorer, but in VS2013 I don't get the Team Members list in my team explorer.
      I really need the team members list in VS2013. How can I make it appear?
      I also posted a question on stackoverflow with screenshots:
  • How to configure Current Sprint under team members
    1 Posts | Last post March 20, 2014
    • In VS2013 under the Team Members section there is a place for Current Sprint. Mine currently shows "No sprint activity burndown chart is available". I have clicked "Go to Taskboard" and no change. What is needed to enable this? Also what would I actually see here?
  • licensing
    1 Posts | Last post March 10, 2014
    • Hello,
      I have a TFS 2013 installation. 
      We have 2 developers, licensed with VS2012.
      QUESTION: Do I need additional licensing for PowerTool-ONLY users ?
      I have sysAdmins who want to version powershell scripts with 2013 powertools only, without using VisualStudio, and need to know if I have to purchase licenses for them, in which case I need to go freeware like SVN...
  • Clone build is missing
    4 Posts | Last post March 04, 2014
    • We are using TFS 2012 update 3 and VS 2013 update 1 and Windows 8.x. The clone build option is not visible in the IDE.
      The process editor and tfpt clone works fine.
    • I have TFS 2013 and VS Update 1 and clone builds is missing for me too. I have tried to reinstall with no success.
    • It turns out that the option is not visible if the Build tab is undocked from Team Explorer. Re-docking got it back.
    • Oh wow, it would have taken me forever to figure this out. Thanks.
      Hopefully it gets fixed.
      In the meantime, there's the command-line alternative:
      tfpt builddefinition /clone source target
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