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This is an experimental CodeLens Indicator that shows information about the code being edited.

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by nutsea | July 11 2014

Need it for VS 2013 Professional please :)

by Sascha Herne | June 20 2014

Please make this awsome tool available for visual studio 2013 ultimate.

by Ranjith Venkatesh - Work | March 31 2014

Why is it not available for VS 2013 Professional?

by David Beaumier | March 03 2014

A must have tool! Although the description says "Only works on C#", it does work with VB.NET (at least as of March 2013).

Here's some improvement suggestions:
- Explain what the numbers between parenthesis mean. For example, when one see "Maintainability Index: 41 (-25)" it should be obvious what (-25) means.
- Somehow explain what is the target value (or range) for each metric. For example, what is an acceptable range for the cyclomatic complexity measure?
- Change measure's color when it's outside of the target range in order to highlight the problem (maybe could use green, yellow, and red).

by Michel Bretschneider | February 28 2014

Great Tool, saves some time as you don't have to run the analysis all the time manually just to check you didn't sacrificed maintainability for that new fancy feature.
Works even for web projects without a project file, which is neat as those get messy a lot faster than "normal projects.

by André Obelink - MVP | January 29 2014

I see now that only C# is supported. It does work a little in VB.NET. I hope for full support VB.NET soon.

by Robert Furtner | November 06 2013

very good tool

by TechTurt | October 31 2013

Sweet indicator above your methods telling you their code metrics. Nice to see at a glance.

by drkaj | October 30 2013

Great Tool...

It does what it prommises...

My team could use a lot more from the same drawer!

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  • VS 2013 Ultimate Update 2 RC
    4 Posts | Last post Wed 5:46 PM
    • Please support VS 2013 Ultimate Update 2. Really want to use this!
    • Seems to work if you had it installed before you update to Update 2 or Update 3 RC.
      The installer is looking for a specific version Microsoft.VisualStudio.Ultimate Version : [12.0,12.0.20827.3].
      Can the installer be updated to include support for Update 2 and Update 3 versions?
    • I have updated the extension to enable it to be installed on all versions of Visual Studio 2013.
      Mathew Aniyan
      Program Manager - Visual Studio.
    • I changed the installation target to the following and it still didnt show up in editor settings although extension manager says it's installed and enabled.  Any ideas?
          <InstallationTarget Id="Microsoft.VisualStudio.Premium" Version="[12.0,12.0.30501.00]" />
  • Upgrade for VS 2013 Update 3
    4 Posts | Last post August 12, 2014
    • Hi.
      I used it in RTM.
      Can you update this extension to support VS 2013 last Update 3 ?
    • If you extract the vsix file (it's just a zip file), you can edit the "extension.vsixmanifest" file to change the supported version.
      On my machine, I had to edit line 13 to read as follows:
      <InstallationTarget Id="Microsoft.VisualStudio.Ultimate" Version="[12.0,12.0.30501.00]" />
    • Also, while it may have been obvious to me, I should also state that you'll need to zip up the directory again and change the extension to vsix first.
      I used 7zip and it didn't work, so I just opened the original vsix file in 7zip and inserted my edited file over top of the existing one.  Double-clicking on the vsix file detected my version of Visual Studio correctly and allowed me to install it.
    • I have updated the extension to enable it to be installed on all versions of Visual Studio 2013.
      Mathew Aniyan
      Program Manager - Visual Studio.
  • Can not install on VS 2013 Ultimate Update 2 RC
    2 Posts | Last post June 05, 2014
  • Disturbing
    1 Posts | Last post May 06, 2014
    • Good idea, but displaying the maintainability index always makes the text visually more complex. Please provide an option to show only the green, yellow and red icons with a percentage; and another one to set a threshold. For example, show the indicator (a red square) above only those methods, which maintainability index is critical and display nothing above other methods.
  • Support C++ ?
    2 Posts | Last post January 29, 2014
    • Are there any plans to support C++?
    • And VB.NET? It seems to work, but refreshing does only work after opening the file...
  • Docking popup problems
    1 Posts | Last post September 23, 2013
    • Hi, docking the popup created by the this extension will cause the code lens tooltip to hide part of the tooltip content.