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Touch Thumbsticks
This sample demonstrates a technique for using the touch panel to provide thumbstick-style controls for a game.
Three Screen Game (4.0)
A project for creating an XNA Framework 4.0 three screen game.
Graphics 2D Sample
This sample demonstrates how to render 2D textures, how to display text, and how to animate game assets in several ways. The sample presents a non-interactive "game" where the screen is divided into four areas. Each area displays the use of a technique described in this sample.
The bounce sample draws and physically simulates 100 spheres of varying size, mass, and weight.
Windows Game State Management
A project for creating an XNA Framework 4.0 Windows game using the Game State Management sample.
This sample includes code that uses the Gestures API to enable hold, drag, tap, flick, pinch gestures.
Shatter Effect
This sample shows how you can apply an effect on any model in your game to shatter it apart. The effect is simulated with a vertex shader.
Lens Flare
This sample shows you how to implement a lens flare effect by using occlusion queries to detect when the sun is hidden behind the landscape.
Vertex Lighting
This sample shows one of the most basic uses of shader effects — vertex lighting.
Sound and Music
Get the basics on Sound and Music for games on Windows Phone 7. This sample introduces three types of sound media interaction that games will use regularly, and demonstrates the options of each: simple “fire and forget” SoundEffects, stored SoundEffectInstance objects that can...
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