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Color Printing

Microsoft Free

This extension adds the capability for Visual Studio 2010 to print code files in color.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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5 Star
by Oleg Tkachenko | July 03 2016

Miguel, color printing is supported out of the box starting with Visual Studio 2015. For previous versions, please use Productivity Power Tools extension, which bundles this color printing extension.

1 Star
by Miguel Guzmán-Centeno | July 02 2016

Dear publisher... the PAIN is still present!!! Will you ever support a modern version of Visual Studio??

It's a shame such an important and basic feature is still not supported in Visual Studio 2015 by default. What's taking you so long???!!! In the meantime we're installing poor quality community add-ons and patches and even installing other development environments in order to be able to simply print. Shame on you Visual Studio Team...

1 Star
by Que21 | June 06 2016

This does not work for me. (Visual Studio 2010)
When I can get a printout it is blank no numbers via XPS. Printing via PDF or to a real printer does not work at all.

1 Star
by Steve Fulton | September 26 2014


This Microsoft extension should be used instead :

1 Star
by Thought | September 18 2014

Doesn't print any of the code, just the headers, line numbers, and footer.

1 Star
by MalcolmJB | February 18 2014

This is cretinous ! .. colour printing should be a basic built-in feature of ANY code editor these days. Not dependent on needing any sort of extension. Also the built-in help is no 'help'. Wasted time looking for what should be already there. Notepad++ costs ZERO and has colour printing.

1 Star
by J S Nahil | July 16 2013

I encourage you to try FREE version of VScodePrint (search VS Gallery for 'color code print' to find it) that prints just like this extension and offers much more.

VScodePrint has solved the know issues documented in the Description.

Joginder Nahil

1 Star
by digitig | June 08 2013

Simply does not work. When installed, selecting print still brings up the print dialog, as it should, but selecting print from that dialog does nothing at all, so the upshot of this extension is that it completely disables printing. Worse than useless.

3 Star
by MDJRUK68 | March 01 2013

For colour printing in VS2012 download Productivity Power Tools from here:

This gave me colour printing in VS 2012 Pro on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.
I hope it works for you all :)

1 Star
by Hetzi | December 13 2012

It has one paper format (no idea which one) and then simply scales it to the paper size of the printer.
The page setup dialog is disabled too, so I can't change any pagesize preferences.

If you've got a bit more code or longer lines and want to use something like DIN A3 (or US "tabloid"), no luck. Still wrapped lines, still no more lines per page, just bigger letters.

5 Star
by seo530 | November 26 2012

Excellent for VS2010.
For those wanting this functionality in VS2012, download Productivity Power Tools from

1 Star
by hula-hoops | November 23 2012

My vote added for getting this fixed for VS2012.

1 Star
by vulcan50 | November 02 2012

For Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate edition only the line numbers are printed in color. The code does not print at all!

5 Star
by dshakya | October 26 2012

Does what is says but as others said - this should have been built it. Better late than Never! Thanks!

5 Star
by kittoinc | October 11 2012

This should have been built it!!

1 Star
by Obie Funkhouser | October 08 2012

Does not work in VS2012 Premium.

1 Star
by IceIceCold22 | October 04 2012

Completely disables printing on my computer ... to any printer, on any application. As soon as I disable or uninstall it, I can print again.

Win 7, VS-2010

1 Star
by Dr. Sebastian Frank | September 27 2012

Please port this tool on VS 2012! Until this point in time take the "SUPPORTS"-mark away. Definitely it doesn't work!!

1 Star
by RamonEEZA | September 19 2012

white pages :-(

1 Star
by ClaesonCodigo | September 18 2012

As was said earlier :(
It does not work with VS2012 Ultimate RTM.
The filename and the page no is printed in the page header, but code does not get printed.

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  • Nyxie
    1 Posts | Last post October 09, 2013
    • How do I uninstall this? I prefer the black and white to what this does.
  • VS 2012?
    10 Posts | Last post May 08, 2013
    • Are there any plans to bring this to VS2012?  If I try to install this on the RC it crashes.
    • I noticed the description of the project has been updated to support Visual Studio 2012 RC, so I re-installed this package and now VS doesn't crash!  That's good.
      However, when I print I get a blank sheet of paper.  That's bad.
      The header w/the file name prints, the color line numbers on the side print...but there's nothing else.  I even tried using the 'light' theme instead of the 'dark' theme, thinking that might make a difference...nope, same behavior.
      Perhaps a new release would be in order?
    • Same here--beautiful blank pages with line numbers.  VS 2012 RC and HP Photosmart printer.  
    • yea, blank pages with the exception of the header, which shows. Perhaps some more work is in store for this.
    • I get the same--blank pages with line numbers in VS 2012.
    • Doesn't work for me unfortunately. I'm on the professional version of VS 2012 that's available via Dreamspark Premium.
      I get the following error.
      "Could not load file or assembly
      'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Platform.VSEditor, Version=,
    • VS2012 generates empty pages for me, too. I also would appreciate if this show-stopper could be fixed.
    • Is anyone else still having problems with this extension, as when i install it on vs2012 pro i can't get the print dialog to come up?!
    • For colour printing in VS2012 download Productivity Power Tools from here:
      This gave me colour printing in VS 2012 Pro on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.
      I hope it works for you all :)
    • My question is about why this wasn't implemented in VS2012 to start with. We had this in VS2008. And Microsoft "upgraded" this feature away. I can't be the only person who values this feature.
  • any updates?
    1 Posts | Last post September 14, 2012
    • What about the "known issues"?
      Is there any current work in progress for this extension?
      Or would you mind making this extension open source so that other developers may continue development?
  • Please get this to work in VS 2012
    1 Posts | Last post September 07, 2012
    • Having color really makes a huge difference when looking through large pages of code.  I'm not sure why this was not just included into VS 2012.  but please update the extension to work in VS 2012.
  • RTM & still doesn't work
    1 Posts | Last post August 28, 2012
    • What's it take to get this updated to work with VS2012 RTM?
  • What about printing in landscape?
    1 Posts | Last post April 16, 2012
    • I cannot set the print to print in landscape mode.
  • Programmer in training
    3 Posts | Last post October 17, 2011
    • I’m sorry that “print in color” doesn’t work in the Express Version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
      I’m trying my best to learn C#.
      Will it available in the next release of Visual Studio for the Express Version?
      Could it be updated for the Express Version?
    • Hi,
      Try searching answers on the MSDN Home web page.
      Hope this helps.
    • cannot print to adobe PDF file by choosing adobe PDF printer. how can it be solved ?