Web Essentials 2012


Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers.

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by Jony Green | September 06 2015

I'm not a developer, i always use free online js minifier(http://www.online-code.net/minify-js.html) and css compressor(http://www.online-code.net/minify-css.html).

by Dan Randolph | May 01 2015

I love the css help.

by Ammar.Zaied | February 13 2015

nice !

by Gene Kohli | January 21 2015

Sweet Suite!

by Bob Blork | May 30 2014


by Shreeharsh Ambli | April 17 2014

brings in new capabilities

by Ilya Galakhov | February 19 2014

Thank You!

by Jitbit1 | February 04 2014

No more LESS support in the latest version. But "LESS" is there on the product page, there's even a LESS-settings tab in the options. Thanks for ruining our work process.

This extension is #1 result in Google for "Visual Studio LESS".

PS. the new "ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2" only highlights LESS code, but does not compile it!! So your answer does not help!!

by Proco | January 27 2014

Amazing extension!

by Richard D | December 19 2013

Nice tools, but unfortunately Typescript is left out of the recent update. So a lot of the functionality I used is not available anymore.


by harwi | November 30 2013

Great tool!

by Breno Queiroz | November 27 2013

You Must Have It!

by Balaji M Kundalam | November 23 2013

Useful add on.

by GK Dev | November 20 2013

by TW Scannell | November 19 2013

This says is updated today.It fails to install in VS 2012 Express

Mads Kristensen November 20 2013
| Edit |

Unfortunately, VS Express doesn't support 3rd party extension. It's not a limitation of Web Essentials

by Eliezer Perlmutter | November 01 2013

by Leonardo Lourenço Silva | November 01 2013

Very USeful !!!

by Christiaan Rakowski | October 28 2013

by HiTech Magic | October 22 2013

Dropping support for TypeScript (without plastering that "little" detail all over the download page) has just cost me 4 wasted hours and sent me full circle back to the old Web Essentials.

1. Installed Web essential update
- lost TypeScript support

2. Installed separate TypeScript add-in from MS
- Does not build existing TypeScript files in project

3. Researched how to modify project to get it to build TypeScript files
- Still does not build existing TypeScript files in project

4. Created a new project minimal testbed to test TypeScript compiling
- ts files are added, with TypeScriptCompile option, but do not generate .js files at all. Tools | Options etc have no effect

5. Researched this new problem
- Gave up in disgust

6. Uninstalled TypeScript & latest Web Essentials

7. Installed old Web Essentials
- Luckily this was still in my download folder

8. Have now lost color-coding, intellisense and all those other features that made Web Essentials useful.
- Decide to write grumpy review :(

I have never had so much grief from one update. In future I will Google for problems with the updates before even thinking about pressing upgrade!

by Cattousa | October 15 2013

WebEssentials 2012 is a stellar extension. Being able to collapse JavaScript between {curly brackets} is very useful.

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  • TypeScript 0.9.1
    1 Posts | Last post July 16, 2013
    • When saving a file i get a "Compiling TypeScript..." message, but the TypeScript process never returns! Is TypeScript 0.9.1 supported?
  • TypeScript support?
    1 Posts | Last post July 15, 2013
    • TypeScript support?
  • Any plan to support vs2013?
    2 Posts | Last post July 10, 2013
    • I really love this extension,and I wonder if there is any plan to support vs2013 preview?
    • I've found at http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/56633663-6799-41d7-9df7-0f2a504ca361
      THX Very MUCH!!!
  • Less Compile Error
    2 Posts | Last post July 09, 2013
    • Visual Studio 2012 Update 2
      Web Essentials 2.7
      Every time when I try to change or create any .less file, I got this message in css preview:
      Compile Error. 
      See error list for details
      And when I open Error List, I can see this:
      This thing same everytime, no description at all. It doesn't depend from code, even this code generate error:
      body {
      What shell I do?
    • Same here, I always get the compile error. I'd prefer to be able just to disable the css preview that taking up useless space...
  • Make .test.ts testable files
    1 Posts | Last post July 05, 2013
    • Make .test.ts testable files. test("test name", function(){}) and show results on Test Explorer
  • Zen Coding in XML files
    1 Posts | Last post July 04, 2013
    • Zen Coding works fine in .html files, but ignored in .xml. Any way to enable it for .xml?
  • How to Ignore files for jsHint?
    2 Posts | Last post June 30, 2013
    • Hi Mads, 
      first of all...your WebEssentials are great!
      How could I tell jsHint to ignore a couple of files(third party stuff)?
      It seems, that jsHint does not recognises .jshintignore at the root of my project.
      Did you integrated any other solution?
    • Hi
      I Have This Question Too
  • Automatic .d.ts generation
    1 Posts | Last post June 24, 2013
    • Web Essentials rocks... but it would rock even more if we could automagically create .d.ts files (via the --declaration command line option).  This would solve a long-standing issue with having to have tons of files checked out to even save a .ts file (with references) and may even go some way to speeding up opening and building our solution.
      Pretty please with cherries on top :)
  • Hulk Smash
    4 Posts | Last post June 21, 2013
    • Hulk angry!  Hulk want new Web Essentials for TypeScript 0.9!
      Hulk french kiss Anders but stomp on Mads with feet. :)
    • 2.7 works for me with 0.9
      What is your issue or feature not supported ?
    • 1.  It doesn't seem to be playing nice with some of the new generics, reporting errors where there are none:
      // using latest knockout.d.ts
      var portText = ko.observable("");
      portText(""); // this line generates the error: "Could not select overload for 'call' expression."  It compiles error free and executes fine tho.
      The compiler doesn't complain, but the IDE underlines the code in red and appears in the "Error List" section.
    • 2. incorrect parsing of embedded strings using razor syntax
      @{var uniqId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N");}
      @*the following line is correct and runs corectly.  Design time reports an unterminated string constant*@
      <input data-bind="select2: { placeHolder: 'Select a Location', dataSource: locationView.getData, rowTemplate: '@(uniqId)' }" />
      <script id="@(uniqId)" type="text/html">
              <td data-bind="text: PortNumber"></td>
  • TypeScript 0.9 support?
    1 Posts | Last post June 19, 2013
    • When will Web Essentials be updated for TypeScript 0.9?
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