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Web Essentials 2012


Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers.

4.5 Star
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4 Star
by drobertson | January 28 2013

Love it, very useful stuff. It fits right into the web work I am doing and is a great help. Would have given you 5 stars, but the incessant updates are killing me. I can't believe I am actually asking for this, but please don't update so often. It seems like every few days Visual Studio is nagging me about another update.

Please don't stop doing the improvements, they are great, but please push them out less frequently. I often just barely notice any difference but I have to reset my system when I do the update. It really kills my flow and when I realize the update didn't have anything useful for me it is frustrating.

I give this an Almost Perfect with a few reservations.

3 Star
by Sedat Kapanoğlu | January 27 2013

I like Web Essentials 2012 a lot in terms of functionality. However the updates have been so frequent recently that it's getting annoying. It's not that I don't appreciate the effort to fix issues timely but the update notification of VS is so intrusive that I feel obliged to do it right away. So suddenly I find myself installing updates and restarting VS, far distanced from the actual work I was about to do. All for a bugfix I don't experience and a feature I won't use. Please go back to releasing major updates only.

5 Star
by Michael Obermeyer | January 25 2013

Incredibly useful. This extension is worth getting even if you just want it for LESS editing and nothing else. It might be nice if in the LESS editor, the CSS panel scrolled with the LESS panel, or if it had a search bar.

5 Star
by Damodar.Karmacharya | January 22 2013

5 Star
by Paul M. Callaghan | January 22 2013

5 Star
by SDFprowler | January 22 2013

@Kommundsen You can change the location of the menu item by going into Tools > Customize > Commands, select Build from the "Menu bar" dropdown, select Web Essentials and Move Down (or do whatever else you want to it).

4 Star
by Kim Ommundsen | January 17 2013

Very nice extension with a lot of good features. I would give this five stars if not for the extremly annoying location of the Web Essentials item in the BUILD menu. I would prefer it to be located further down or as a separate menu.

Mads Kristensen January 24 2013
| Edit |

This was fixed in version 2.4

5 Star
by grundt | January 16 2013

5 Star
by cyoung4213 | January 15 2013

Helped me a ton with a lot of things. I am looking forward to how far this can help my day to day tasks with CSS to be more streamline and simplified coding. In the past CSS has been daunting, web essentials is helping things be more fluid in my process.

5 Star
by Matt Lavallee | January 12 2013

5 Star
by AlanCai | January 11 2013

The less files save as UTF-8 with BOM will got "LESS: Syntax Error on line 1" error.
The less files save as UTF-8 without BOM is OK.

Mads Kristensen January 11 2013
| Edit |

You can save any .LESS file without the BOM by doing File -> Save foo.less As... -> Save with Encoding...

5 Star
by johnlouros | January 11 2013

Awesome extension for Web Developers. Finally Visual Studio have something to pair up with the competition regarding Web Development.

A must have!

5 Star
by Bahtiyar Özdere | January 11 2013

Firstly thanks for great extension.

In last upadate (v 2.3) I had an issue on less file compiling.
When I use this @import url('../../../../../Content/dizayn/css/i.less');
in my less file it gives an error that it cannot find the file. In earlier version (2.0) it compiles successfully. So I have installed 2.0 back again.

best regards

4 Star
by Cruentus | January 11 2013

Great tool!
Finally good support to Zen Conding in Visual Studio. Though it would be nice to update it to use the lastest version, which was renamed to Emmet:


5 Star
by PB-Dev | January 09 2013

Absolutley fantastic!

5 Star
by Mark Broadhurst | January 02 2013

Excellent tool set which keeps getting better and better.

5 Star
by patryk.golus | December 30 2012

5 Star
by AndreyVeselov | December 27 2012

Great tool. Waiting for full Sass support :)

5 Star
by Peter87 | December 25 2012

When this extension isn't installed I'm constantly wondering, 'Now isn't it supposed to do...'
JavaScript regions are fantastic.

3 Star
by mangran | December 24 2012


Mads Kristensen December 24 2012
| Edit |


You don't have to install every update. Just take the ones with features you like

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      I pulled up the error list and it's showing
      LESS: Permission denied
      I can't find the error in any log or the event viewer so I don't know which account needs permissions to what folder. I tried giving everyone all permissions to the folder that contains the .less file just to see if that was where the error is, but that didn't do it. Does anybody know which folder it writes to? The temp folder maybe? Do you also know what account needs permissions? I don't have rights to modify the temp asp folder, so I'd have to put in a request with my IT department, so I can't really just play around and figure it out via trial and error.
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