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Web Essentials 2012


Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers.

4.5 Star
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5 Star
by Ivan Stus | December 19 2012

Really great extension, but after the latest update I got the following error when trying to sort properties:

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Web.Languages, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=24771839d8d21066' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Mads Kristensen December 23 2012
| Edit |

This is fixed in version 2.2

5 Star
by Tiscs | December 19 2012

A very usefull extension, like it very much.

5 Star
by z1c0 | December 15 2012

5 Star
by stephen.lautier | December 15 2012

I'm getting exactly the same issue as samuel.milton.

Using VS2012 and getting his same issue

I'm getting "Undeclared variable" and "Undeclared mixins" when I edit the Bootstrap LESS-files which results in "Compile error" in the preview window...

Can you help me pls?

Mixins and variables on another sheet should they be available from another within importing the sheet? e.g. if I have colors.less and then layout.less should it fetch the vars/mixins from colors.less without importing it?
I'm quite new to less but seeing other projects that's what they don't usually import and import only to combine

P.S. really great extension!

5 Star
by samuel.milton | December 13 2012

I'm trying to get my site going with VS2012 and Twitter Bootstrap (LESS).

But i'm getting "Undeclared variable" and "Undeclared mixins" when I edit the Bootstrap LESS-files which results in "Compile error" in the preview window... Ideas?


Edit two: Thanks Mads for the reply. Clearly a five star addon!

5 Star
by DanglingPointer | December 13 2012

Are you using latest version of Microsoft Ajax Minifier ( to minify the JavaScript? If you are then would it be updated automagically? And If not, then how would you compare these two?

Update: After running couple of tests, I have observed that the latest release of Microsoft Ajax Minifier (4.78, released 12/07/12) outperforms Web Essentials' JavaScript minification by 3.5%.

Mads Kristensen December 23 2012
| Edit |

Yes, 2.2 uses AjaxMin 4.78

5 Star
by Saeid Pournejati | December 08 2012

5 Star
by Caio Vilas Boas | December 07 2012

The TypeScript Regions feature is awesome! Love it :)

5 Star
by Joshua.Rocha | December 07 2012

Is there a way to make a squiggly line go away without changing my code? I understand that there are more vendor prefixes I could use, but if my project is only supporting webkit, I would REALLY like to make that squiggly line go away. Please, please, PLEASE put an option to ignore or even an option to disable "alert for vendor prefixes" in the future.

I firmly believe that any squiggly line that comes up in anything should be able to be removed after user consideration. I know this is a great extension, but just like Microsoft Word doesn't always have better grammar than I do, this extension should take my input.

Thank you for the phenomenal extension and all your hard work!! :)

Mads Kristensen December 23 2012
| Edit |

In version 2.2 you can select which browsers to support and the CSS editor will adjust accordingly with the correct validation and auto-generated vendor specifics. Just right-click in the CSS editor to open the browser selector

5 Star
by Paul Mason | December 07 2012

Very impressive :)

There seems to be an issue in the Zen Coding support with lists containing sibling elements. e.g. div>ul>li*5>span+div only adds the nested div to the first li, and not the other 4. Nesting the sibling elements in a container div doesn’t work either (div>ul>li*5>div>span+div).

5 Star
by Kenneth Scott | December 07 2012


4 Star
by subkamran | December 06 2012

I would give this 5 stars, but as an licensed Mindscape user, I think I will need to disable WE 2012. The reason is, while I can disable compiling and previewing LESS from WE, it still messes with the syntax highlighting and parsing of the LESS files (since that's what Mindscape does).

Mads, I would give you 10 stars if you could either a) detect Mindscape and prompt/automatically disable LESS handling or b) allow me to fully disable LESS handling in WE options.

It should be noted also, I work on a team, so it would also be nice to save a local set of WE settings or something (which is why I mentioned automatically disabling LESS handling).

Mads Kristensen December 06 2012
| Edit |

Unfortunately, I can't turn off LESS editor support dynamically. We (the ASP.NET team) is shipping the LESS editor officially early 2013. That can't be turned off either. Is there a reason you prefer Mindscape's LESS editor over Web Essentials'?

I've just released new LESS editor component in the nightly build. Try it here:

Local WE settings are supported and so are solution based settings. That was introduced in version 1.9

5 Star
by UnnDunn | December 06 2012

There aren't enough stars on this site to give a high enough rating for this plugin. If you are a front-end web developer, this should be the FIRST extension you install for Visual Studio 2012.

5 Star
by Suresh Babu | December 06 2012

Must have for web dev.

5 Star
by Davide Mencarelli | December 05 2012

5 Star
by selap | December 03 2012

LESS editing is awesome. Thank you so much.

5 Star
by Rhysling1 | December 03 2012

The only downside of moving from VS2010 to 2012 was the lack of Web Essentials. Thank you, Mads!!

5 Star
by Andreas Schulz | December 02 2012

Hi Mads,

that's great... congrats!

5 Star
by jtlowe | November 30 2012

So far, Web Essentials has been a very useful and productive tool. It makes VS that much better, and I'm surprised half of the functionality isn't already integrated into the core VS application. I like the flexibility of the plugin though and quick responses to bugs and features.

5 Star
by WBrianG | November 30 2012

This is the most useful, well-maintained Visual Studio plugin I have ever used.

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