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Time Tracker Starter Kit for VS2012 (CS)


This starter kit helps create and track employee time sheets. In addition to the standard Users and Roles tables that are used for Windows authentication, the application includes basic data tables for employees, time sheets, and projects or tasks, along with screens for creat...

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4 Star
by Xpert360 | March 18 2013

Overall this sample has some nice features for someone new to LightSwitch but is let down a bit as far as supporting documentation for interesting bits such as custom code.

People need this tip up front: "In Visual Studio, open the Properties of the LightSwitch application that was created from he Time Tracker project template. Select the Access Control tab and check the Granted for Debug check box fort the SecurityAdministrator permission. This will allow you to see the screens under the Administration group at runtime."

The walkthrough available is only open in a tab on first use of the new project. The readme.htm is by default in the subfolder './TimeTracker1/Doc/'. Would it be possible to add it to the solution's miscellaneous files or similar for future samples?

4 Star
by Mohamed.Radwan-MVP | August 23 2012

I think it needs a try, thanks!