C# Formatter


A small suite of utils to improve the readability of your C# code

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by Jimmymalvi | May 07 2015

It's nice tool to formate C# code. Sometimes I would love use online tool so I use http://codebeautify.org/csharpviewer

by Tobias Larsen | April 20 2015

It's a good idea, but there's some problems :

1 : Don't make me run an MSI installer with admin privileges, then pop a browser window when done. A lot of people will turn away right there without even running the product.
2 : I'd like to be able to configure which lines are removed; Your definiton of 'uselesss/non-useless' whitespace might differ from mine.
3 : Undo is broken (I noted it specifically for the 'inline all the code lines' command), which is a bad thing that can lead to code loss.
4 : I'd like to be able to have the operations apply to a selected codeblock, not the entire document

by Stefano Tempesta | September 11 2013

Good idea. A few points to improve:
1. It should work also on selected text only and not necessarily on the entire file

2. Actions should be repeatable: for example, if I inline all code, then the format code doesn't do anything. I would expect the format code to be able to "beautify" any code even if it is in one line only.

Federico Coletto September 11 2013
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Thankyou so much for your positive review, I'll take care of your suggestions on the next release :)

by TNJMAN | September 08 2013

I always dreamed of writing my own "code clean-up" utility for c#, VB, COBOL. Thanks for this suite.

Federico Coletto September 08 2013
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Thanks for your vote and your support, I'm very glad you like it.
I also hope you'll like the new version (1.0) I've just uploaded, with 4 new usefull functionalities !

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