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Provides a Visual Studio interface to the SecAnnotate.exe command line tool which checks security transparency rules.

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by Mathias Herbaux | July 05 2013

Does not work. Visual Studio 2010 sp1.
My Solution contains lots of C# projects, in different solution folders.

by Torben Rahbek Koch | July 06 2012

Useless. I would have expected it to automatically analyze the current solution. It can't even browse for an assembly.

by wittelw | August 15 2011

I installed in VS 2010 SP1 using Tools->Extension Manager... and when I execute it from the tools menu it just hangs Visual Studio :-(

Could be my VS install, the tool isn't available on the command line without adding an explicit path.

by ogreboy | September 15 2010

Does not work, actually pretty useless.
The combobox shows none of my executables or dll's since they don't sit at the root level of the solution.

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