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SQLite / SQL Server Compact Toolbox


SQLite / SQL Server Compact Toolbox extension for Visual Studio. This extension adds several features to help your embedded database development efforts: Scripting of tables and data, import from SQL Server and CSV files and much, much more.

4.8 Star
Visual Studio
2017, 2015, 2013, 2012
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5 Star
by Uwe Reisewitz | November 14 2016

Great Tool, Great Support.
This toolbox fills the gap that Microsoft left when abandoning SqlCE in newer Visual Studio versions.

Thanks a lot for this!

5 Star
by nicolasr75 | November 14 2016

The support by the author (Erik) is outstanding! Suggestions for new features or improvements can be critically discussed on Github and two out of two times already Erik implemented the changes that solved my issues very quickly.

5 Star
by Foyzul Karim | October 31 2016

Thanks for developing such a great productivity tool. I can just export the whole database as models
into my Xamarin project with just a few clicks. Its amazing. :)

5 Star
by tocsa | October 30 2016

Great and essential tool, and not just because there are no alternatives (which is crazy!)

5 Star
by xueco | October 24 2016

It was not able to open tables after install (got exception: System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'sqlite3_open_interop' in DLL 'System.Data.SQLite.dll'.)

Spend 1-2 hours trying to find a solution on the web. Finally, asked here for help without much hope to receive an answer but Erik was here, quick to help!

Active support for a great tool.

Many thanks Erik :)

5 Star
by David Cater | October 20 2016

This tool has been great for my needs. Admittedly, my needs are very simple: I just need to open SQL Compact dbs every once in a while to examine the schema & data, and occasionally run some SQL statements to update data or examine it. I've been using it that way for a number of years, and it has been very solid. It's one of the first tools I reinstall when I move to a new machine.

5 Star
by muratiakos | October 12 2016

Awesome plugin! Makes ad-hoc development sqlite queries and management supereasy!

Thank for this great tool!

5 Star
by Enrique Thedy | September 18 2016

Great tool Erik!! Thank you, greetings from Argentina

4 Star
by DerekTX | September 16 2016

5 Star
by leekelleher | September 06 2016

Truly excellent add-in. Got me out of many tricky situations - especially when migrating to/from SQL Server! I owe Erik many beers!

5 Star
by Gerasimov Oleg | September 06 2016

I think this is MUST HAVE

5 Star
by Vitor Gerbase | August 31 2016

5 Star
by External Tool | August 30 2016

5 Star
by ShiroYuki_Mot | August 28 2016

It's so great!!!
Thanks a lot.

ps: In the near future, I'd like to write about this great tool on my blog.

5 Star
by timrmoor | August 24 2016

I've used Erik's standalone toolbox for SqlCE 3.5 previously and just started using this for working with some Sqlite dbs. I've only used a small number of the features so far but it's already made my life much easier. Thanks Erik.

5 Star
by Ionut Cristea R | August 21 2016

Great tool! But would be nice to have option to change background to black, to match my dark theme for VS.

5 Star
by 段生江 | August 19 2016

Great tool! Thank you very much!

5 Star
by Expert2it | August 10 2016

Very useful tool!

5 Star
by postnik0706 | August 07 2016

Great tool, and thanks for sharing the source code! Finding lots of useful knowledge.

5 Star
by reckface | August 05 2016

Great tool. Thanks for the effort.

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