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SQLite / SQL Server Compact Toolbox


SQLite / SQL Server Compact Toolbox extension for Visual Studio. This extension adds several features to help your embedded database development efforts: Scripting of tables and data, import from SQL Server and CSV files and much, much more.

4.8 Star
Visual Studio
2017, 2015, 2013, 2012
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5 Star
by PavelJ_CZ | May 18 2016

Great tool.

5 Star
by Wilhelm.Medetz | May 18 2016

5 Star
by M.Reza.K | May 16 2016


Thanks so much for your great tool!
It is really help me to write my first SQL program in C#. Also, thanks so much for your great documentations/clips and all of your comments in here and in .You are the best!

I wish you all success and happiness in your life and business. (5 stars is not enough for your helps!)
Best Regards.

5 Star
by astrickland | May 11 2016

Really helpful tool here. It saved me a bunch of time having to take a bunch of screenshots of a SQL CE 3.5 database from VS 2008. I know, not a programming task but still saved me time, and the script it generated would come in handy if I really did need to move to SQL Server Express.

5 Star
by Nicolas Mohamed | May 09 2016

Great tool! I use it at least once a week to migrate from SQL Compact to SQL Server. It works perfectly!

Erik is *the* expert regarding SQL Compact matters.


5 Star
by Ed Kaufmann | April 28 2016

As a retired hobby developer this is the tool I would miss most.
I use the offline tool since years - the most amazing thing: it does everything it promises!
The integration in VS is flawless as well.

And, last but not least, I've never experienced a better support.
Erik thanks a lot!

5 Star
by Rdogmartin | April 25 2016

Fantastic little tool for quickly editing a SQL CE database. We recommend the stand-alone version to our customers any time they need to edit their Gallery Server database.

Roger Martin
Founder and Lead Developer
Gallery Server
Digital Asset Management and Web Gallery

5 Star
by SirWernich | April 25 2016

it doesn't quite fit in with the "dark" theme, but it works pretty darn well, which is brilliant because sql server management studio doesn't do
sql CE anymore.
(i'm using this in vs2013)

5 Star
by Peter Vrenken | April 19 2016

Great tool!

A must-have for everyone that uses SQL Server Compact and/or SQLite.

5 Star
by Giarko | April 13 2016

It's a fantastic tool, it does exactly what it promises! Thank you very much.

1 Star
by JJPuua | April 07 2016

ErikEJ April 07 2016
| Edit |

How can I make it better?

4 Star
by clarewang | April 01 2016

ErikEJ April 01 2016
| Edit |

What could I do to make it 5 stars?

5 Star
by rkamarowski | March 25 2016

First class package.

5 Star
by Respiro | March 16 2016

perfect and intuitive tool with lot of usefull features

5 Star
by Maxumus | March 16 2016

Excellent! Use it all the time, very well done.

5 Star
by tj881024 | March 13 2016


ErikEJ March 14 2016
| Edit |

謝謝 :-)

5 Star
by Francois Rossello | March 10 2016

Merci !

3 Star
by Win_sky | March 07 2016

Great tool, only error I receive is when trying to create a report using the report wizard. When creating a data source you would get "error occurred while retrieving the information from the database" or won't even attempt to connect. Any help with that?

ErikEJ March 07 2016
| Edit |

I will be happy to provide support, but please provide more details about your issue here:

5 Star
by Gianluca Maria Marcilli | March 06 2016

Very good tool. Hope for updates concerning integration of DB in applications.

ErikEJ March 07 2016
| Edit |

Hi, could you please explain what "updates concerning integration of DB in applications" means here: then I will look into it

5 Star
by bkboggy | March 02 2016

Absolutely incredible. A lot of fantastic options, works without any hick-ups (thus far) and just makes my work that much easier. My only complaint would be that it does not display data types for SQLite, but rather generic db types. I would much rather choose from types listed on .

ErikEJ March 02 2016
| Edit |

Thanks for the review, pls log an issue on github with details about where you see these data types... (screenshot, maybe)

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