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SQLite / SQL Server Compact Toolbox


SQLite / SQL Server Compact Toolbox extension for Visual Studio. This extension adds several features to help your embedded database development efforts: Scripting of tables and data, import from SQL Server and CSV files and much, much more.

4.8 Star
Visual Studio
2017, 2015, 2013, 2012
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5 Star
by infoset | March 01 2016

I really appreciate your commitment to the file-databases commmunity and keeping things alive despite Visual Studio team politics. Please keep up your fantastic work.

3 Star
by Karthick snkl | February 24 2016

thank you

ErikEJ February 24 2016
| Edit |

How can I make it 5 stars?

5 Star
by GeroZinkDev | February 21 2016

Excellent Toolbox! Thanks!

5 Star
by Busta4Sure | February 19 2016

This tool is perfect for what I need. Glad to see some SQL Compact support in VS again! Thanks Erik.

5 Star
by Murti_x | February 17 2016

İt's really good tool.But deleting or editing rows is not working sometimes.


ErikEJ February 17 2016
| Edit |

Thanks for the kind Words. If you have issues, could you please post detailed steps to reproduce on Github

5 Star
by Crack it | February 15 2016

Great tool for me and my team

5 Star
by ZZZ Projects | February 11 2016

This tools is very easy to use. It saved me a lot of time when importing table from SQL Server to SQL Compact for my unit test.

5 Star
by Rudolf Heijink | February 06 2016

Just found this. Thank you very much for sharing, I wish I had found it before!


5 Star
by ajphall | January 25 2016

This is excellent. Thank you for all of your efforts Erik.

5 Star
by Marcio Maciel | January 17 2016

This is amazing! Tks ErikEJ! 5 stars easy! =D

5 Star
by James Green | January 06 2016

Really helped me out, saved a bunch of effort using this plugin.

5 Star
by Ghalib Masood | December 26 2015

An amazing tool that made developing local database for my windows phone 8.0 project a lot easier. Currently, using it for all of my WP projects. Outstanding Tool.

5 Star
by David L3 | December 14 2015

A brilliant tool! I use compact databases a lot both in desktop and web applications and I find this toolbox totally indispensable.

5 Star
by SkyHigh42 | December 12 2015

Great tool, great support.

3 Star
by ClevelandClete | November 25 2015

Having to Check the "Results to Grid" EVERY TIME I run a query is quite distracting.

ErikEJ November 27 2015
| Edit |

You dont have to, just use Tools/Options to set the default value for all new windows

5 Star
by | November 24 2015

Outstanding tool!!

Thank you.

5 Star
by cemremengu | November 23 2015

Great, great work thanks so much.

5 Star
by Sapan Ghafuri | November 05 2015

I just come here to tell you thanks. Your tool helped us too much.

5 Star
by pehu71 | November 04 2015

Very nice update!

4 Star
by bobthecoder1 | November 03 2015

You can't scroll with mouse wheel when the mouse is positioned over table names. However scroll works when ur mouse is positioned near the scrollbar! Otherwise pretty nifty little tool.

ErikEJ November 04 2015
| Edit |

Hi, thanks for your feedback. could you post an issue here: with a screenshot, thenI will look into it

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