Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing


Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing

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2013, 2012
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by MonsoonMally | February 02 2015

Quite a useful tool, when it's fully functional.

But it seems many small changes - anywhere in the test-environment - can lead to failures.

And it's never good when you spend more time ensuring the test-environment itslef is stable, than you do testing the item you are intending to test.

by Chandrasekhar Kothamsu | January 27 2015

Every time facing issue with the Chrome latest browser. i feel Microsoft should update its cross browser dll's up to date with the Chrome version.

All our tests were blocked , no proper response from the Moderators when we put our query.

by uykryuk | November 14 2014

by BKK9 | October 21 2014

Latest browsers should be supported, this is making hard for cross browser testing.

by Mike Kaufmann | October 06 2014

Mozilla stopped working with latest update (v32.0.3)
Can you please provide an update?

by Ahsan Mumtaz | September 30 2014

I think you need you give the official support once in a quarter or at-least once in a half yearly. Last update was on January 2014. Browsers are upgrading rapidly, and I want to use the CodedUI to the cross browser test, i need some confidence that it should support on current available cross browsers.

by Srikar Garrepally | September 02 2014

complete information not provided regarding pre-requisites and after installing .msi file already chrome driver exists in the specified folder

by Jian_H | December 23 2013

by tiny apps | October 31 2013

Hi this seems to be a nice replacement for the Feature pack2 back in Vs2010 which just support Firefox 3.6 but this is great start to playback CUIT stuff against WebDrive whihc i think eliminates the burning issues open Desktop session

by Oleg Pantsjoha | May 24 2013

Great add on to Coded UI Testing framework, but unfortunately it seems there are still a lot of issues surrounding it, and lack of support is not helping. Some issue and confusion I've spotted from other users while browsing for solutions with my own issues is with simple installation of the product. Additionally, the version support for different browser is all over the place. I understand that it is also down to individual browser suppliers but i believe issue like those should be dealt prior to release of any product. Overall still a great add on, just requires attention to above issue in order to get 5 stars from users. Looking forward to next update.

by JoeH250 | April 30 2013

You really might want to point folks to a sample or two about making use of this functionality. Without some kind of working example that customers can work with, it's really not going to gain any traction.

For those curious about being able to swap between browsers at will, it turns out you need to set an environment variable in order to do that. I found some now out-of-date material at that has a bit of detail on that.

Overall, this is an improvement over being able to run only on IE, but the amount of work that is needed to do so can be time consuming. For example - if you have anything dynamic on your pages (say, part of the window title changes based on a previous action), you're not going to have a great deal of luck using this.

Also, having to code your own "WaitForAjax" solution is a big hurdle to clear.

Based on what I see so far, my team will be staying with our current Selenium WebDriver framework. We have more control over flow, control detection and selection, and dynamic content handling than CUI has.

Fantastic tool!!!

by Marc Velasco | January 10 2013

Have this working with IE, FireFox, and Chrome browsers on a product using a javascript framework. Depending on your application you might need to spend some time creating a good set of search criteria that gives good performance and reliably finds objects across browsers, in my case many of my properties were dynamic across different builds, sessions, and browser because of the javascript framework being used, but we got it working with some experimentation.

by Nathan.Grant | November 30 2012

Install wouldn't work on my Machine - claimed I didn't have Visual Studio 2012 installed but I have legit Ultimate 2012 + the update running. Had to use manual steps.

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  • What versions of Firefox are supported?
    9 Posts | Last post Fri 9:08 AM
    • Hi, do you still only support firefox 33, or will these tests run on newer versions? We are having issues as firefox keeps updating (even though we have removed the auto-update option), with the result that the tests stops running on firefox. (nothing happens, the test-runner keeps running for a long while giving no error messages, until timing out.  Can you guys tell me what version of firefox you have the tests running in?
    • Please read the description and update your binaries as mentioned in those steps. 
      If latest Selenium binaries support Firefox latest, then it should work. 
    • Hi, 
      I have read the description and have the latest binaries.  Can anyone tell me what versions of firefox you have working with your Coded UI's?
    • Hi Kjerstir,
      I've just tried a very simple launch and navigate with the latest selenium binaries (2.45) and latest firefox(37.0.1) which works. What is failing for you?
      - Abhitej
    • Hi Abhitej, and thanks for the response.  I found the latest selenium binaries (from here: ) .  I am now running the latest selenium binaries (2.45) and latest firefox(37.0.1).  Chrome and IE runs ok, but when I get to firefox, I get this error:
      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowserProxy.ProxyFirefoxDriver+<>c__DisplayClass54.<.ctor>b__52()
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowserProxy.FuncInvoker.InvokeMethod(Func`1 function)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowserProxy.ProxyFirefoxDriver..ctor(ProxyFirefoxProfile profile)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowser.BrowserServices.FirefoxBrowserService.InitializeWebDriver(String[] args)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowser.CrossBrowserService.<.cctor>b__1(String[] args)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowser.CrossBrowserService.Launch(Uri uri)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.CrossBrowser.CrossBrowserFactory.Launch(Uri uri)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.BrowserWindow.LaunchPrivate(Uri uri)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.BrowserWindow+<>c__DisplayClass3d.<Launch>b__3c()
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.CodedUITestMethodInvoker.InvokeMethod(Func`1 function, UITestControl control, Boolean firePlaybackErrorEvent, Boolean logAsAction)
      at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.BrowserWindow.Launch(Uri uri)
      at Systemtest1.UIMap.OpenBrowser()
      - Kjersti
    • Did you make sure that there are no instances of Firefox open before the run? This also sometimes has to do with issues in setting up a profile. Can you please reinstall firefox and try? 
      - Abhitej
    • Good morning Abhitej,
      No instances of firefox was running.  I tried reinstalling firefox and ran the tests, got the same error message as above.
      Kind regards,
    • From where to download  The link has only which throwing error like "System.IO.FileLoadException: A strongly-named assembly is required...."
    • Hi, you can get it here:
  • Frames support in Chrome
    4 Posts | Last post April 10, 2015
    • We have a coded ui test that can be played in IE with out problems. Now we  want to play it in Chrome as well.
      Cross browser test execution is set up and test can be executed in Chrome. Although as soon as any action on a frame has to be done (e.g. clicking on a hyperlink located inside the frame) test is failing with an error message:
      An exception of type 'OpenQA.Selenium.StaleElementReferenceException' occurred in WebDriver.dll but was not handled in user code
      Additional information: stale element reference: element is not attached to the page document
        (Session info: chrome=41.0.2272.118)
        (Driver info: chromedriver=2.8.241075,platform=Windows NT 6.1 SP1 x86_64)
      It looks like cross browser execution does not support accessing frames from the test. Is it a known issue? Is there a work around for this?
    • Guys, is anyone running Coded UI in Chrome on UI build with the help of frames?
    • Olena,
      We do support playback on frames. What VS version are you on? Can you also point us to a repro page?
      - Abhitej.
    • Hi Abhitej,
      Thank you for your reply. I have tried one more time from scratch. Recorded a simple test in IE and executed it in Chrome. No problems with accessing frames were encountered. 
      Still not clear what exactly has helped :) 
      Anyway thanks!
  • Getting error with EI when executing coded UI test with team city.
    2 Posts | Last post April 10, 2015
    • Hi All,
      I have create a simple test to browse on simple google URL. I have executed this code in debug mode, run mode and also through command prompt with MStest.exe . In all it working fine.
      Now when I try to build and execute this code through teamcity where test agent is configure on test VM i m getting error as follow:
       at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.UITestControl.GetPropertyValuePrivate(String propertyName)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.UITestControl.GetPropertyPrivate(String propertyName)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.UITestControl.GetPropertyOfType[T](String propertyName)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.UITestControl.get_WindowHandle()
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.BrowserWindow.LaunchPrivate()
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.BrowserWindow.<Launch>b__12()
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.CodedUITestMethodInvoker.InvokeMethod[T](Func`1 function, UITestControl control, Boolean firePlaybackErrorEvent, Boolean logAsAction)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting.BrowserWindow.Launch()
      I am not sure why this happening .
      Because i have make sure that code is executing properly on Test VM through VSTS IDE but if open the solution build by teamcity its giving same error not sure what happening?
    • deepakP86,
      Can you please help us with the exact exception you are seeing? What browser are you running this test on?
  • Issues with Chrome
    3 Posts | Last post April 10, 2015
    • Hello, 
      I am trying to use this plugin to start my tests on chrome, in process i encountered several issues:
      - The agent process was stopped while the test was running. - this one appear randomly  sometimes same test can throw it twice then pass or other way around is there any way to have these tests more stable ?
      - StaleElementReferenceException - appears especially in debug mode, when i run my tests not in debug they work fine. Is there any way to get rid of this ? I tried:
    • .searchConfigurations.Add(SearchConfiguration.AlwaysSearch)
      adding different waits for controls or just plain Playback.wait
      (chrome v41)
    • KrzysiekQ1,
      For "the agent process was stopped" error it most probably is an exception being thrown on a separate thread. Are you spawning other threads as part of your test run?
      As you said, the AlwaysSearch configuration is the way to go to resolve the StaleElementReferenceException.
  • Firefox Webdriver not running
    2 Posts | Last post April 09, 2015
    • HI,
      I am running behat with selenium browser controller.
      With headless browser it is working.But with selenium is giving the following error:
      Failed to connect to localhost port 4444:Connection refused
      Firefox version :37.0.1
      Selenium server: 2.45.0
      Kindly help.
      Thanks in advance.
    • I got it resolved.I forgot to run my selenium jar file.
      Thanks All :)
  • Consider space in inner text of Assert in cross browser playback
    7 Posts | Last post April 04, 2015
    • Hi 
      I use MTM 2013, and I have a problem with Assert in cross browser playback.
      Inner text of assert in  IE save without any space, while in chrome or Firefox consider all space in inner text. because of this , all of test in cross browser playback has failed.
      could you please help me to solve this issue ?
    • Hi Farinaz
      You can update your code to try a .Contains assertion instead of a .Equals.
    • Hi Srishti 
      thanks for you're replay 
      .Contains does not work too, because this method say: string A contains String B,but string A does not have  exactly string B 
      forexample: A[9]= "a b c d e" , B[2]="ab"
      A dose not have B , "a b" is different from "ab"
    • Hi Farinaz,
      Values of "InnerText" are not really controlled by CodedUITest. This can vary from browser to browser - depending upon how those browsers handle those controls. 
      Also, "innerText" is not a W3C compliant property. Mozilla supports W3C compatible properties only. Use "textContext" or "innerHTML" (you can use CUIT's JavaScript execution API to fetch these properties - if required). 
      InnerText exists as property in CUIT because IE supports it primarily.
      Use "textContent" or "innerHTML" and compare those values between IE and other browsers as they are W3C compliant properties.
    • Hi Sai
      thanks for you're help
      do you have any sample of "CUIT's JavaScript execution API" ?
    • Farinaz,
      Does this help: ? 
    • thanks 
  • Browser closing
    2 Posts | Last post April 02, 2015
    • Would it be possible for this product to honor the CloseOnPlaybackCleanup property of the BrowserWindow object and not close the browser after each test is completed?
    • Selenium Web driver doesn't support attaching to an existing instance and this property is of no significance in cross browser testing
  • Keyboard.SendKeys vs Control.Text = "Value"
    2 Posts | Last post March 30, 2015
    • Out of the two
      1. Keyboard.SendKeys 
      2. Control.Text = "Value"
      Which is better for entering value in a simple HTML text filed.  In most of the case both are working, but i came across few times where Control.Text = "Value" fails with error message like below.
      "... threw exception:  
      Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.PlaybackFailureException: Cannot perform 'SetProperty of Text with value "A..." on the control. Additional Details: 
      TechnologyName:  'Web'
      ControlType:  'Edit'
      TagName:  'INPUT'
      Id:  'xxxxx'
      Name:  'xxxxx'
    • Depends on the control.
      Keyboard.SendKeys emulates actual low-level keyboard typing. This might be required when the text control has some javascript events linked to it - which can only be invoked when someone types the letters. 
      On the other hand, .Text is programmatic setting of value and it depends on the control. Some controls might be defined in such a way that they do not support "setting" of value. 
  • Multiple UI Maps and cross browser testing
    5 Posts | Last post March 30, 2015
    • Hi, 
      I get the exception 'stale element reference: element is not attached to the page document
        (Session info: chrome=39.0.2171.71)
        (Driver info: chromedriver=2.8.241075,platform=Windows NT 6.3 x86_64)'
      I feel this is due to the usage of multiple UIMaps. Each time I use a method which is in a different UIMap, I get this exception.
      I have tried the following - 
      1) Adding wait.
      2) Browser refresh. Is browser refresh supported on non-IE browsers? 
      Please suggest a solution for this. 
      Thank you.
    • This usually happens when the control cached by the test is stale. Try adding this to the "Control" object that is throwing above error:
      This ensures that CodedUITest will always search for the control instead of using the one in cache.
    • Hi,
      I have this problem too and I can not solve it.
      Do you have an alternate solution?
      Why is this happening?
    • I tried to understand what's going on. And what I saw was that the problem probably it's :
      when changed the title to the browser after logging and it seems that he can not access the browser but he find it (its properties was updated the url )
      It seems that when he changed the title is not recognizing that it's the same process
      Direct access to the browser object of bringing null reference exception
      Approach that does not directly - bringing fall above stale element
      I have tried the following - 
      1) Adding wait.
      2) Browser refresh. 
      3) Browser.SearchConfigurations.Add(SearchConfiguration.AlwaysSearch);
      4) Browser.locate..
      and nothing!!
      could you please help me to solve this issue ?
    • Can you try getting the element using "JavaScript execution" i.e. BrowserWindow.ExecuteScript and fetching the element?
  • XML Data driven test - why two entries for a single test?
    3 Posts | Last post March 30, 2015
    • I am using the below XML, and Test attribute.  When I run the test using IDE, I am seeing two results in the test explorer window.  When I create an Order test I am seeing the result count is doubled.  My test data is such that only one data per test case will come from XML.
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      [DataSource("Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.DataSource.XML", "|DataDirectory|\\TestData01.xml", "acc1", DataAccessMethod.Sequential),
                DeploymentItem("TestData01.xml"), TestMethod]
      In the code, I am using the below to get the login id for the given test case: TestContext.DataRow["loginID"]
    • This is how the result output in the test explorer window:
      Test Name:	CodedUITestMethod_XML
      Test FullName:	DataDrivenTestingSample.CodedUITest1.CodedUITestMethod_XML
      Test Source:	d:\MyMedia\eLearning\DotNet\CodeExamples\DataDrivenTestingSample\DataDrivenTestingSample\CodedUITest1.cs : line 28
      Test Outcome:	Passed
      Test Duration:	0:00:17.7147012
      Result1 Name:	CodedUITestMethod_XML
      Result1 Outcome:	Passed
      Result1 Duration:	0:00:08.9318932
      Result1 Message:
      Result1 StackTrace:
      Result2 Name:	CodedUITestMethod_XML (Data Row 0)
      Result2 Outcome:	Passed
      Result2 Duration:	0:00:08.782808
      Result2 Message:
      Result2 StackTrace:
    • Hi, 
      This is by design. First Row shows the overall status of the Ordered tests. if there is more than one test in the Ordered test list, then the first entry shows the overall information of all the tests. 
      From second entry onwards, it shows the data of each individual tests.
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