Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing


Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012
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by HB1110 | October 06 2015

by MonsoonMally | February 02 2015

Quite a useful tool, when it's fully functional.

But it seems many small changes - anywhere in the test-environment - can lead to failures.

And it's never good when you spend more time ensuring the test-environment itslef is stable, than you do testing the item you are intending to test.

by Chandrasekhar Kothamsu | January 27 2015

Every time facing issue with the Chrome latest browser. i feel Microsoft should update its cross browser dll's up to date with the Chrome version.

All our tests were blocked , no proper response from the Moderators when we put our query.

by uykryuk | November 14 2014

by BKK9 | October 21 2014

Latest browsers should be supported, this is making hard for cross browser testing.

by Mike Kaufmann | October 06 2014

Mozilla stopped working with latest update (v32.0.3)
Can you please provide an update?

by Ahsan Mumtaz | September 30 2014

I think you need you give the official support once in a quarter or at-least once in a half yearly. Last update was on January 2014. Browsers are upgrading rapidly, and I want to use the CodedUI to the cross browser test, i need some confidence that it should support on current available cross browsers.

by Srikar Garrepally | September 02 2014

complete information not provided regarding pre-requisites and after installing .msi file already chrome driver exists in the specified folder

by Jian_H | December 23 2013

by tiny apps | October 31 2013

Hi this seems to be a nice replacement for the Feature pack2 back in Vs2010 which just support Firefox 3.6 but this is great start to playback CUIT stuff against WebDrive whihc i think eliminates the burning issues open Desktop session

by Oleg Pantsjoha | May 24 2013

Great add on to Coded UI Testing framework, but unfortunately it seems there are still a lot of issues surrounding it, and lack of support is not helping. Some issue and confusion I've spotted from other users while browsing for solutions with my own issues is with simple installation of the product. Additionally, the version support for different browser is all over the place. I understand that it is also down to individual browser suppliers but i believe issue like those should be dealt prior to release of any product. Overall still a great add on, just requires attention to above issue in order to get 5 stars from users. Looking forward to next update.

by JoeH250 | April 30 2013

You really might want to point folks to a sample or two about making use of this functionality. Without some kind of working example that customers can work with, it's really not going to gain any traction.

For those curious about being able to swap between browsers at will, it turns out you need to set an environment variable in order to do that. I found some now out-of-date material at that has a bit of detail on that.

Overall, this is an improvement over being able to run only on IE, but the amount of work that is needed to do so can be time consuming. For example - if you have anything dynamic on your pages (say, part of the window title changes based on a previous action), you're not going to have a great deal of luck using this.

Also, having to code your own "WaitForAjax" solution is a big hurdle to clear.

Based on what I see so far, my team will be staying with our current Selenium WebDriver framework. We have more control over flow, control detection and selection, and dynamic content handling than CUI has.

Fantastic tool!!!

by Marc Velasco | January 10 2013

Have this working with IE, FireFox, and Chrome browsers on a product using a javascript framework. Depending on your application you might need to spend some time creating a good set of search criteria that gives good performance and reliably finds objects across browsers, in my case many of my properties were dynamic across different builds, sessions, and browser because of the javascript framework being used, but we got it working with some experimentation.

by Nathan.Grant | November 30 2012

Install wouldn't work on my Machine - claimed I didn't have Visual Studio 2012 installed but I have legit Ultimate 2012 + the update running. Had to use manual steps.

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  • Cross browser testing is not supported
    1 Posts | Last post Tue 3:13 PM
    • Hi,
      Im trying to run CUITtests in Chrome 46 (latest) and Firefox 33 (reverted) on VS 2012 Ultimate RTMREL.And everytime I get an exception :
      "Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.Technology NotSupportedException: The Browser Firefox is currently not supported."
       The standard command fails in firefox/chrome: BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = "firefox";
      But can be successfully run in IE.
      All the selenium components have been installed.
      Could you help me to resolve this issue?
  • Playback in Chrome - Mouse.Hover()
    1 Posts | Last post November 06, 2015
    • Hi,
      I am facing the following issue on Mouse.Hover() event when I played back the script which I recorded in IE:
      Mouse hover happens on the control but the hover menu vanish immediately. But in IE, I can see the hover menu available for further action.
      Could you let me know if there is solution for this issue?
  • GetProperty of NativeElement is not supported
    1 Posts | Last post November 02, 2015
    • How do I get the Html style of an HTMLControl while using the selenium components plug-ins with VS2013 Update5?
      With IE I am able to call HtmlControl.GetCurrentStyle().display. But when I run my automations on Chrome I get the error: "GetProperty of NativeElement is not supported"
      Is there a way to make this work while running tests on Chrome?
      Note this is using the HtmlExtensions class in: Miscrosoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITesting
  • Error Message while trying to run CodedUITestCrossBrowserSetup.msi
    1 Posts | Last post October 05, 2015
    • I have VS 2013 ultimate installed on my machine, however when i try to download the CodedUITestCrossBrowserSetup.msi and run it, it throws an error
      "To install Microsoft Visual Studio Cross Browser Testing Setup for Selenium Components, you must have one of the following Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013 SKUs installed on your computer: Ultimate, Premium, Test Professional, Test Agent, Test Controller, Team Foundation Server."
      Any pointers to this will be greatly appreciated! thanks
  • Cross-Browser testing on Chrome failing for Ordered Tests, runs for single methods
    1 Posts | Last post September 24, 2015
    • Hi,
      I have an ordered test that I want to run on Chrome. I have installed all the required Cross-Browser components and have also successfully run a single test method on Chrome. But i'm not able to run an ordered test because after the first method gets executed, the browser closes dues to which the second method never executes. (This ordered test ran sucessfully in IE)
      Ive tried using "CloseOnPlaybackCleanup" and it doesn't work for this.
      Can someone tell me how to run an ordered test in chrome using cross browser testing.
      Has anyone implemented running an ordered using cross browser testing on chrome from vs before ? 
      Is there anyway to prevent the browser from closing in-between tests ?
      Worst case, please let me know if there is a workaround for this.
  • element is not attached to the page document error when I debug, but when I run the test work fine
    2 Posts | Last post September 08, 2015
    • I am trying to find an element of the page to make click:
      HtmlDiv area = new HtmlDiv(this.htmlDoc);
      area.SearchProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.Id] = areaName;
      area.SearchProperties[HtmlDiv.PropertyNames.Class] = "span1 level1Item";
      I can uncomment the playback to wait for the element get ready but even don't work, but when I run the test everything work fine, the problem is that I can't debug this step. I am using chromedriver 2.19 with Visual Studio Premium 2013 update 3, the most strange is that was working the last week, but I change the PC.
    • I answer to my self, this solved my problem:
  • How to run Coded UI Data Driven Tests in multiple browsers sequentially
    1 Posts | Last post September 08, 2015
    • I have requirement in coded UI Automation where I want to run my tests on all supported browsers (Chrome, IE and Firefox) in addition to using data sources for getting data from DB (SQL Server)
      Is there any attribute that I can set for the same?
      Any help is much appreciated..
  • Mouse.StartDraggin in Firefox causes PlaybackFailureException
    7 Posts | Last post September 04, 2015
    • I'm using the latest version of the Selenium components for Coded UI, v1.5 released on 11/14/2014. Problem occurs in both Firefox 35 and 33.
      I'm having an issue with dragging in Firefox. The web application under test uses the JavaScript-heavy ExtJS framework. The control itself seems to have the correct search properties and parent control defined - calling control.DrawHighlight() highlights the correct control, and Mouse.Click(control) works. However, any of the following attempts to drag cause a Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.PlaybackFailureException to be thrown:
      1. Mouse.StartDragging(control);
      2. Mouse.StartDragging(control, new Point(45, 9));
      3. Mouse.Click(control);
      Calling Mouse.Move(control) or Mouse.Move(control, new Point(45, 9)) to  "forcefully" move the cursor over the control strangely sends the cursor to the top-left corner of the screen, rather than to the specified control, so that won't work.
      The post by rDevakumar on Feb 3, 2015 also mentions problems dragging and dropping - are these issues related?
    • Hi,
      I am also facing the issue, i.e. controls is searched correctly but I get error "Cannot perform drag on the control". For me its not working on both chrome & Firefox.
      I also tries Mouse.startDragging(control.boundingrectangle.location) but its didn't worked. 
      Let me know if you find the solution
    • Can anyone please help us on this issue, as I am still struggling with this it and its getting critical day by day
    • I have tried many options but Mouse hover, mouse move, mouse drag are not working in Chrome (but working in IE).  For now we kept these as out of scope for automation in Chrome :(
    • @mperlman & @rDevaKumar,
      After all the struggle and R&D i have concluded that HTML5 is causing the problem and our application use it extensively.Please let me know if this is the case with you guys as well, also please share your findings
      For firefox we still have a workaround using selenium webdriver for performing dragdrop, but this require lot changes in your automation framework code.
    • Hi Preeti, our application also uses HTML5, but i doubt whether that is the reason for having this issue.
      Also, i am not clear about your second point on using selenium webdriver as 'workaround' and changes needed in automation code.  We are using Selenium and chromium drivers, but haven't tested this drag/drop in Firefox so far (I have a problem with Firefox now, selenium driver stopped working after the latest version of Firefox is updated).
    • Is there any update on this thread?
      I'm running my test cases over Firefox, and everything looks fine except Drag/Drop action. I would appreciate any help on it.
      Many thanks!
  • Firefox and Chrome Issue
    4 Posts | Last post August 20, 2015
    • Hi,
      I am trying to run a test with Selenium 2.45 components on Firefox(FF) 38 and Chrome 43. I am having the below issue for authentication popup
      Result Message:	The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL http://localhost:23339/session/233291d13ffebd9e760d8b56a6d8acd4/window_handle timed out after 60 seconds.
      I have tried with 180 sec of delay by loading new FF profiles but have same issue.
      Can someone please help on issue?
      I am not able to run my scripts on these browsers. They are working fine in IE.
    • Hi,
      I have the same problem. Did you find an answer?
    • Hi, 
      Is the issue resolved, Even i am having the same issue
    • Hi,
      Its been a bit of a problem running coded ui tests with the latest versions of chrome/firefox browsers.
      Just wanted to check if anyone got their coded UI tests successfully running on latest version of the chrome and firefox. If so which combination of:
      1. Chrome/Firefox browser.
      2. Selenium dotnet.
      3. chrome driver.
      Appreciate any response on this.
  • Best Way to Launch the Driver
    4 Posts | Last post July 16, 2015
    • I have recently started using the Selenium WebDriver and ChromeDriver to run my C# CodedUI tests on FireFox and Chrome.  While reviewing examples/videos online I noticed that people seem to launch the browser in 1 of 2 different way.  I am curious which is considered the correct way of launching the browsers (I have questions about each approach).
      Option 1:  When I use this option the chromedriver.exe launches and my tests are able to click on the Search button.  If I continue with this method how will I use ChromeOptions?  For example I need to be able to maximize the window.  Additionally how can I force the chrome driver to quit?
      BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = "chrome"
      Option 2:  When I use this method the chromedriver.exe launches, but the test fails to click on the Search button (which is strange because that code did not change).  It appears that the test cannot find the window.
      ChromeDriver chromeDriver = new ChromeDriver(@"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\VSTT\Cross Browser Selenium Components\");
      So what is different about launching the driver in Option 1 and Option 2?  Does anyone currently use either option, or do they have an alternate way of launching the driver?
      Visual Studio 2013
      Automation Framework written in C#
      Selenium Web Driver 2.45.0
      Chrome Driver 2.10
    • Hello Team,
      I am running coded ui test in Chrome...But i am launching browser using selenium webdriver in chrome in then for detecting one of the html table written code as below but it is returning result as null ans sometime giving exception as ...can not locate browser winodw ...window name is not specified
                      BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = "chrome";
                      BrowserWindow browser = new BrowserWindow();
                      UITestControl uiChgUrl = new UITestControl(browser);
                      uiChgUrl.TechnologyName = "MSAA";
                      uiChgUrl.SearchProperties.Add("ControlType", "Client");
                      uiChgUrl.SearchProperties.Add("Id", "ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder_ContentPlaceHolder_ReturnGridView_DXMainTable");
                      HtmlTable table = new HtmlTable(browser);
                      table.SearchProperties.Add("Id", "ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder_ContentPlaceHolder_ReturnGridView_DXMainTable");
                      UITestControlCollection col1 = uiChgUrl.FindMatchingControls();
                      UITestControlCollection col = table.FindMatchingControls();
      Again my question is ...when we identify the control using assertion i.e. coded ui builder chrome is not identifying anyhow....
      is there any difference in search property in chrome and IE ....because for same table IE it is giving control type htmltable and technology name Web but in chrome is not detecting that table and only identifying whole chrome frame and ..showing technology name as 'MSAA' and control type as 'Client'
      Please help me ...
    • I have already installed selenium component msi ...and moved all binaries to VSTT and chromedriver as well but no luck 
    • I m not using Coded UI MAP. Used below hand Code to Search window and Chrome.
        BrowserWindow bw = new BrowserWindow();
        bw.SearchProperties[UITestControl.PropertyNames.ClassName] = "IEFrame";
          HtmlImage img = new HtmlImage(bw);
      Please let me know how to search current Chrome and Mozilla window or Browser.
      Also, how to use Crossbrowser testing for non UI Map Controls.
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