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Community TFS Build Manager VS2010


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2 Star
by Vaccanoll | November 12 2012

Installed extension and restarted Visual Studio.

Once I did this there is a new option under "Tools" called "Community TFS Build Manager".

But all three combo boxes are empty. The two buttons do nothing.

It seems as if I am Missing some step, but if there are docs on how to use this I can't find them.

NOTE: I can connect to my TFS Server just fine via Team Explorer.

Community TFS Build Extensions December 09 2012
| Edit |

Make sure that you are connected to TFS when opening TFS Build Manager. If you connect to TFS after you have started TFSBM, Close the window and restart it


5 Star
by Nitell | October 01 2012

5 Star
by JogOn | September 12 2012

Very helpful addition of missing features.

4 Star
by Lesio666 | July 19 2012

I'm really happy with this extension, but if could suggest something...
Working with logs containing diagnostics is real pain - loading and refreshing them in vs in some cases is impossible. Currently the only workaround I know is using web frontend. I think it would be great enhancement if similar functionality - downloading logs into standalone/new instance of the browser - would be available as item in context menu on completed builds.

5 Star
by Ani1728 | June 19 2012

Super cool extension. Very helpful.Thanks

4 Star
by G Howlett - Dealogic | June 15 2012

I Would also really like to see the clone to branch feature working for child branches. Overall a very useful tool.

5 Star
by Tarun__Arora | May 15 2012

Used it at various clients now, get's a 5+ response everytime.

1 Star
by Shaun-C | April 25 2012

Clone to build feature brings up an error box "InvalidOperationException" - with no ability to report error/copy the call stack.

5 Star
by Mattias Sköld | April 14 2012

Great tool that saves a lot of time. A most have if you running multiple builds in your projects

5 Star
by OsirisTerje | March 29 2012

5 Star
by Mike Fourie [MVP] | March 29 2012

I'm now using this daily and it's saving me a lot of time. Keep up the good work team.


5 Star
by MrO2You | January 17 2012

Took it for a spin and looks good! Have recommended to several customers already. Its a little thing, but I do like to be able to see the build process template used by the build definition without having to open it up.

Community TFS Build Extensions January 18 2012
| Edit |

Thanks for the feedback. In the Build Definitions view, you have column called "Process", that shows you which build process template that is used. Is that what you are looking for?

5 Star
by ThorstenRuf | January 11 2012

Like the main view which gives most relevant information on first sight.
Great time saver!

5 Star
by jehan33 | December 30 2011

5 Star
by Ed Blankenship | December 23 2011

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  • Error while cloning build definitions
    2 Posts | Last post June 21, 2013
    • VS Verion: 2010 Ultimate
      TFS Version: 2012
      Issue: I was able to install the plugin for my build machine which shows the list of all the build definition for my team project. But, when I try to clone a build definition I see an error message saying "System.Xaml.XamlObjectWriterException: Cannot create unknown type...... "
    • Does this require power tools to be installed on my build machine?
  • Error when startup Community TFS Build Manager 2010
    1 Posts | Last post January 16, 2013
    • I am running VS2010 Premium..which may be the problem since the install of your pluggin says use with Ultimate.  We use VS2010, but TFS Server 2008.
      The error I get when running Standalone or Pluggin:
      "TF50316: The following name is not valid: *, Verify that the name does not exceed the maximum character limit, only contains valid characters, and is not a reserved name"
      The Server and file name layout has not changed in 3 years, when we started using TFS.
      Thanks for your time.
  • Not able to see the xmal build files of build defination of do text based modifications
    1 Posts | Last post September 26, 2012
    • Hi, 
      When i try to change the build defination template under Chnage submenu it dont open or show up any file to modigy the build defination. as shown in this home page screenshot. please guide how do i go about modifying it through xaml?
  • System.InvalidOperationException
    3 Posts | Last post April 20, 2012
    • I get the following error message ( when trying to use the tool, which the window is docked.
      "System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot set Owner property to a Windows that has been closed. 
           at System.Windows.Windows.set_Owner(Window value)
           at TfsBuildManager.Views.BuildManagerViewModel.OnCloneBuilds()"
      If I undock the Build manager window, then restart VS2010, restart the tool, but leave it undocked, I'm able to do the cloning of definitions.
      The standalone tool also works fine, the problem I'm having (on multiple machines) is when the window is docked.  
      Any suggestions on things to try?
    • Never mind --- i just tried the version from CodePlex (, and installed the extension from the ZIP file, and I don't get the error anymore.
    • Installed from the gallery appears to have the same problem after docked. It only works if the window is never docked after VS is started.
  • Clone to Branch Issues
    2 Posts | Last post April 13, 2012
    • I have Multiple Team Projects in my Source control. There is one for each year. We branched from last years Team Project to this years. If I go into this years Branch in Source control and Properties > Releationships it shows this branching 
      Main (2010)
        >Production (2011)
          > Production (2012)
            > Dev
            > Release
      I made all my TFS Build definitions on the $/2012/Dev Branch and I now want to copy them to the Release branch the only changes needed would be the changing the paths in Workspace and Process to the new Branch (Changing $/2012/DEV/ to $/2012/Release/. Production is at $/2012/Production) The Clone to Branch option seems perfect for this as I have 35 defined Definitions for Dev Branch. 
      When I try to Clone to Branch one of the definitions for Dev I get the following Error 
      "Could not Locate branch Object for $/2012/Dev/project.sln"
      I thought the error might be because I was at the bottom level Branch so I made a Definition at the Production (2012). I recieve the same error
      "Could not Locate branch Object for $/2012/Production/project.sln"
      Can the clone operation only work from the top branch in my case "Main"? If so this is an issue as we dont merge up the code from the current year to last year and some of the projects do not exist in main so I could not make a definition of them. And while i have the entire 2012 branch on my local machine do I need to get locally the other branches (Main, Production 2011)?
    • Hi Chris!
      Make sure that the branches are "branch objects", e.g. TFS 2010 branches that supports visualization etc. 
      In addition, there is currently a limit that it only works for the "root" branches. E.g if you have branched from Main to Dev that will work fine, but if you branch from Dev to Dev2, the Clone to Branch functionality currently doesn't support cloning from the Dev to Dev2 branch. There is an issue logged for this and will be release shortly
  • Enhancement
    2 Posts | Last post February 28, 2012
    • Hi,
      Excellent tool and its helps a lot.
      Could I submit an enhancement request? it would be very nice if tool also support more features like, disk usage, remote restart of the build service and restart of build controller /agents.
      It would definitely be useful to monitor the build environment .
      Best regards,
    • Hi Chethan, thanks for the feedback and the enhancement request. Enabling functionality for managing build controllers and agents is definitely on the radar. I created a feature request at the CodePlex site with your information in it:
      Thanks for usinng the tool!
  • TFSBuild 2010 Gated Checkin Workspace Modification
    2 Posts | Last post February 04, 2012
    • Hi,
      I have to change the Worksapce on which the Gated checkin configured for dynamically
      Build should trigger on the the directory I have configured, How to do this?
      Thanks in advance.
    • Hi Chandra, this question is not related to the Community TFS Build Manager. You should post the question on the MSDN forums instead:
  • Display of Team Build Agent on Queued Tab
    2 Posts | Last post February 04, 2012
    • Hello,
      Could I submit an enhancement request?  On the Queued tab could the Team Build server and agent be displayed for each currently executing build?  It would definitely be useful to help quickly determine which builds are hanging on which team build server and agent.
    • The reason for not including this feature in v1 is that the information about which build agent a build is running on is not readily available in the API. This might sound strange, but a build can actually be distributed on several build agents in TFS 2010. The only way to get some information regarding the build agent is traverse the build log (this is the only place in Team Explorer where you can see information about build agent), but this would require us to include the log information when retreiving running builds which unfortunately is very slow.