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Script# lets you author your HTML5 apps in C# and compile them into JavaScript.

4.8 Star
Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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4 Star
by vijay kharatmol | June 07 2015

It is not working with VS 2013. Please ,when can we have a updated version for 2013.
Thank you.

4 Star
by Teja510 | March 02 2015

would it install on VS2013?

5 Star
by Twinsen3d | January 21 2015

This is an amazing way to write javascript and keep all your source in C#. We're using it in dozens of our projects and I highly recommend it.

5 Star
by Kris Mackintosh | January 13 2013

5 Star
by Lucidvizion | January 04 2013

It makes large JavaScript projects a heck of a lot easier to maintain.

5 Star
by Marco Medrano Garay | December 04 2012


5 Star
by Ed Kaim | October 23 2012

5 Star
by Scott Durow (MVP) | September 13 2012

5 Star
by Josh_Allen | September 04 2012

5 Star
by Murali Srinivasan | August 16 2012

5 Star
by keydet | August 11 2012

5 Star
by Perpetuum Software | August 10 2012

It’s a very good tool to write JavaScript applications using habitual OOP paradigm. We in Perpetuum Software use this framework in several products and it solves lots of problems with JavaScript such as weak types, awful inheritance implementation and so on.

Script# allows us to highly increase development speed and use the same team to work on .NET and JavaScript products.