SQLite for Windows Runtime (Windows 8.1)


SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

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Visual Studio
2013, 14
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by BatRocchia | January 29 2015

Unable to find the extension in the reference list for a windows 8.1 project

by HaimingXu | November 17 2014

Hope it will work fine

by Darrell Norton | February 06 2014

Please update the Supports to include Visual Studio 2013. This plugin does not show up from within Visual Studio since the project does not explicitly say it supports Visual Studio 2013.

by PeterSmith-Shipwreck | January 04 2014

An OK database (I mean -- how interesting is a database? It's some tables, and I can do SQL with them). However, they've spoiled all of the work they did (making a nice VSIX package, making it work with runtime, getting into this site, etc) by the appalling documentation.

Seriously. I've been looking and looking at the sqlite.org site (the "get more information!" link), and there's seemingly no windows documentation at all. What I expected was at least a "five minute into" that would explain little things like: what is a VSIX file? where do I find the thing it's installed? How do I use it from C#?.

At this point, even though I've used Sqlite in the past, and I've set up my project to use an existing Sqlite database file which I've already created and filled with data, I'm seriously wondering if creating my own binary formated file would be faster to create than trying to figure out how to use this package. And that's just plain sad.

A few hours of work creating a how to, and making that how-to findable, would turn this package into something I could recommend.

by Aerinai | December 28 2013

This... is... simply... amazing. With only minimal tweaks (very easy to do!) this is by far the most comprehensive and simplest way to hook up a SQLite DB to a Windows 8 App EVER... Great job guys!

by TNJMAN | September 03 2013

Thanks for this pre-release. I have been toying with this. I look forward to the final stable release. Please keep us posted!

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  • Enable FTS4 unicode61 Tokenizer
    2 Posts | Last post February 19, 2015
    • Is it possible to get a winrt 8.1 build with unicode61 tokenizer for FTS4. That  is compiling with option SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS4_UNICODE61. I am not confident enough to build sqlite to distribute with an app.
      Sony Arouje
    • Hi Sony. I have the same request. As i understand FTS4 is not enabled at all at this version? I wonder if you managed it to work.
  • Enable FTS4
    1 Posts | Last post February 19, 2015
    • Is it possible to have another version with SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS4 option?
  • No SDK in extension list
    1 Posts | Last post January 29, 2015
    • I was using an old version of the SDK. After downloading & installing the new version, I can't find the new SDK in the extension list for a windows 8.1 project.
      I'm using visual studio 2013 update 4.
  • SQLite - Failed Windows App Certification Kits (wack)
    2 Posts | Last post January 18, 2015
    • Hi,
      I developed my app using SQLite for Windows Runtime (Windows 8.1). However, when try to get it verify using wack, it failed. 
      Any other ways to resolve this issue? 
      Thanks in advance...
    • see this url:
  • Where do I find older versions of this extension
    1 Posts | Last post October 04, 2014
    • I have other nugget packages that are looking for 3.8.5.  Where can I find the older extension that is linked to that?
  • x86 support
    1 Posts | Last post September 21, 2014
    • When I run App in x86 It crases with BadImageFormatExceptio, The ext. Is only working in x64 mode.
      How can I fix it?
  • Can i apply this extension to Windows phone 8.1?
    3 Posts | Last post June 24, 2014
    • No SQLite for windows phone 8.1?
    • As a temporary solution you can download a "work on his machine" Vsix installer for "SQLite for Windows Runtime (Windows Phone 8.1)" made by Tim Heuer.
      See his post: http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2014/04/17/universal-windows-apps-nuget-sdk-references-sqlite.aspx
      I've tried it and it works also on my machine :-)
    • Windows Phone version is out - http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/5d97faf6-39e3-4048-a0bc-adde2af75d1b
  • Visual Studio 2013 support?
    1 Posts | Last post March 26, 2014
    • Would you like to support VS2013?
  • Can't find namespace?
    2 Posts | Last post December 26, 2013
    • Do I need to install anything else? After installing it, adding the reference on my project, it doesn't recognize the namespace SQLite...
    • Después de agregar estas referencias, puede ser que el proyecto de tu aplicación no se compile o no se ejecute. Para corregirlo, en Visual Studio, en el menú Compilar, haz clic en Administrador de configuración. En el cuadro Plataforma de soluciones activas, haz clic en tu plataforma de destino específica, como ARM, x64 o x86. A continuación, haz clic en Cerrar.
      Ya que la arquitectura del procesador del proyecto que se va a compilar "Any CPU" no es compatible con el SDK "SQLite.WinRT81, Version=3.8.2"